The Most Important Place To Use Conditioner And You're Probably Missing It

Everyone wants vibrant, shiny hair that looks healthy and nourished. That's why we spend so much money on conditioners, hot oil treatments, and hair masks. Split ends and dry strands that stick out as a result of chemical bleaching and repeated dying not only make your hair look unkempt full of fly aways, but they damage natural hair follicles (via Healthline). The truth is anytime you have dry hair, you have hair damage. The drier the hair becomes, the higher likelihood of your hair becoming brittle. When it does, it will start to break off and your hair may appear thinner.

Dry hair can be caused by many different things, including health issues like eating disorders and thyroid problems, as well as aging and having a dry scalp (via WebMD). Sometimes, lifestyle habits can be the source of the problem. You may be over washing or using too much heat and chemicals on your delicate strands. Conditioner can help immensely in your regular hair care regimen, but surprisingly, many of us may be applying it incorrectly.

Put conditioner here first

Consider this: You're in the shower and finishing up shampooing your hair, so you rinse and then add a healthy dollop of conditioner to your hand. Where do you first put it? Odds are you smack it right into the top of your scalp and then proceed to rub it into the top of your head and let it fall down the sides of your hair. Yet when you do that, you are missing the most important parts.

Hairdresser and founder of My Hair Doctor, Guy Parsons, says putting conditioner at the top of your head first may be "making your scalp and roots oily." Celebrity hairstylist Michelle Cleveland agrees, "When you shampoo your hair, the objective is to cleanse the scalp of any oils or product buildup — and when you apply conditioner to the scalp area after washing it, you are putting those same oils back to the area you just cleaned" (via Well + Good).

Instead, you should put conditioner on your hair ends first. Not only will this prevent the scalp from becoming excessively oily, but the ends are where the conditioner is most needed.

More conditioning mistakes you may be making

While not putting conditioner on the ends first is the number one mistake, there are other signs you're using conditioner all wrong. First of all, make sure to use conditioner every time you wash your hair.

"Since the ends lack the same kind of natural hydration the rest of the hair strand does, it's important to condition them regularly," says celebrity hairstylist Marcus Francis (via Byrdie). When you shampoo and stop using conditioner, the strands can become extremely dry and even begin to break. 

Rinsing out conditioner also plays a big part in hair care. You want to use just the right amount for your hair texture. If you have thin, fine hair, use a moderate amount and rinse as much as you possibly can (via Bustle). However, if you have a thick, wavy, and curly head of hair, use a good amount of conditioner and then do a light rinse. Try to keep some conditioner in your hair to maximize moisture protection.