Prince Charles's Recent Visits With Queen Elizabeth Might Signify One Thing

As next in line for the British throne, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, has been preparing for his future role as king. And with Queen Elizabeth dealing with ongoing mobility issues, the duke has already filled in for his mother when needed. In May 2022, he gave the queen's speech at the State Opening of Parliament, marking only the third time Her Majesty has missed this important event during her 70-year reign, according to ABC News.

The queen also missed several events during her Platinum Jubilee festivities due to concerns over her ability to walk. And while there have been reports that a wheelchair lift was installed at her Balmoral Estate in Scotland, per The U.S. Sun, sources have revealed that Elizabeth refuses to be seen in a wheelchair in public. Instead, she has been utilizing a cane during her appearances, such as the memorial service for her late husband, Prince Philip. Accommodations were made during that event, including the queen entering through a side door so she didn't have to walk the entire length of the aisle. In addition, the service was cut down to only 40 minutes, and the ruler was able to sit in a more comfortable chair with an extra cushion, per Bloomberg.

And as the queen spends her summer at Balmoral, there is speculation that Charles will be stepping in for his mother at another important event next month. 

Queen Elizabeth may not be able to appoint the new prime minister

Prince Charles has reportedly been making daily visits to Queen Elizabeth, leading some to believe that Her Majesty's health and mobility issues have gotten worse. According to The Sun, the Prince of Wales has been seeing his mother every morning while they are both at her Balmoral estate in Scotland. Sources pointed out that unplanned visits between households is uncommon, leading some to believe that the queen will not be traveling to London in September to appoint the incoming prime minister.

Adding to the speculation is the fact that Elizabeth has not attended church since arriving in Scotland. "It's highly unusual for Prince Charles to make these kinds of impromptu visits to see his mother," Ingrid Seward of Majesty Magazine told The Sun. "But Charles is a very thoughtful person — and who else can she rely on now Prince Philip has gone?"

Time will tell if Elizabeth is able to make the trip to London. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are expected to be in Manchester during the same time, but it is unclear if they will be able to spend any time with the queen, with a source at Buckingham Palace pointing out that she might be too busy to meet with the couple, per the Daily Beast.