Royal Biographer Made Troubling Prediction About The Queen's Health

On September 8, Queen Elizabeth II died after being placed under medical care at Balmoral, her residence in Scotland, as doctors were "concerned for Her Majesty's health" (per CNN). While officials at Buckingham Palace kept details under wraps for privacy reasons, the queen's health had been declining over the past year, according to the BBC. With her growing mobility and health issues, the outlet reported that Queen Elizabeth II had been largely unable to attend many royal events aside from appearing at the Platinum Jubilee and meeting with the prime minister.

It has not been made clear exactly how she passed, or what medical care she was receiving, but the news of her death had been anticipated by some people ever since the news broke that she was in ill health.  According to Robert Hardman, author of the biography "Queen Of Our Times," the public announcement of her medical care predicted just how dire the situation was. The royal biographer told Page Six, "We knew that this was extremely serious when the palace released a statement that doctors were 'concerned.'"

Hardman also expressed that the queen herself had always preferred not to share her health concerns with the world, so the fact that her status was made available to the media signals how serious the issue was. "She would previously only authorize statements in response to a specific condition ... to be told, suddenly, that she was 'under medical supervision' followed by family members flying to her bedside, is grave news indeed."

The queen passed away surrounded by family members.