The Sussexes' Body Language As They Walked Beside William And Kate Has Twitter Talking

In perhaps the most shocking development since the Queen tragically died on Thursday, and no, we don't speak of how Archie and Lilibet are now a prince and princess, Kate Middleton and Prince William and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have reunited in public, greeting mourners at Windsor Castle as a foursome on Saturday (via People).

The last time fans saw the two royal couples together was all the way back in March of 2020, before the pandemic put a pause on, well, pretty much everything (via E! News). The new Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke of Sussex were together in April of the following year for Prince Philip's funeral, but a very-pregnant Duchess of Sussex stayed behind in California (via Us Weekly). Of course, we saw the group at the Platinum Jubilee, but that was strained to say the least.

Now, it seems the long-ruling late monarch's passing is reuniting the reportedly-estranged brothers and their wives, with Distractify stating that the princes hadn't even been talking as of late. And while everyone is buzzing about the sheer fact that the four royals are in the same place at the same time so publicly, there's another aspect of the seeming reconciliation that has Twitter going crazy.

One royal couple seemed touchy-feely while the other did not

Looking at images and video of the two royal couples walking outside the Windsor Castle this weekend among mourners, there's a notable difference between the body language of the Sussexes and the new Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge.

Yes, they're all wearing black to signify mourning for the late Queen, but the heir to the throne and his wife and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex showed very different levels of affection toward one another as they walked to greet the crowds gathered outside. 

For the most part, the Prince and Princess of Wales stayed far apart, not touching one another at all. It did not even seem as though they were making eye contact.

Meanwhile, fans could see that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle remained close together, holding hands and with the duke placing his hand on Meghan's back at one point while the couple observed the tokens of tribute left for the Queen.

And Twitter definitely had thoughts.

Twitter users have very different takes on the couples' body language

While many people on Twitter remarked about the space between Prince William and Kate Middleton, someone else shared a moment when the future king touched his wife's back as well, noting that the appearance could be spun to fit any narrative. Indeed, at various moments throughout the 40-minute appearance, the Prince and Princess of Wales do show affection toward one another, with William touching Kate's back. To be fair, the eventual king and queen consort are not big on PDA. Consider that a recent kiss they shared in public made international headlines.

Meanwhile, someone else complimented the more senior royals on the way they conducted themselves, opining, "The Prince and Princess of Wales are doing it perfectly. Not a proper conduct holding hands, show emotions, and be extremely close, specially in a mourn moment."

Others saw that perhaps Meghan Markle felt uncomfortable in the moment and therefore needed to stay more connected to her husband. And who could blame her given the instances in which she and Prince Harry have been booed in the UK? The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are also known to be more open with their PDA (via People).

No matter each individual's take on the foursome's appearance, there's not doubt that every move each couple makes over the coming days — with the announcement that the Queen's funeral will take place on September 19 — will be dissected online.