An Older Interview Of Meghan Markle Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

As the royal family, and fans all over the world, continue to grapple with the heartbreaking death of Queen Elizabeth II, social media has turned their ire once again towards the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan Markle's trending hashtag on Twitter is anything but flattering, following confirmation the Sussexes would be staying in the UK throughout the official royal mourning period (per Express). Among other things, critics are telling Markle to go back to America immediately. 

As one commentator argued, "I'm finding it hard to understand why she is over here due to her criticism of The Firm in the Oprah interview she should have gone back to the US and left Harry here." However, amid harsh backlash towards the Duchess of Sussex, an older interview she conducted prior to hooking up with Harry is doing the rounds. A Twitter user shared a clip from an AOL interview with Markle, pointing out, "She is real and authentic! She has not changed."

The former "Suits" star has come under intense criticism due to her perceived indiscretions surrounding the queen's death. There was an awkward moment caught between Markle and a royal fan, which showcased how certain mourners gathered at Windsor Castle actively resisted shaking the Duchess's hand or even acknowledging her presence while, elsewhere, royal fans claimed Markle got scolded by aides over a simple issue. Suffice to say, she's under the microscope right now.