Meghan Markle Just Pulled Out Of A Huge Event Featuring A Former First Lady

In a very on-brand move for Meghan Markle, the outspoken feminist was planning to appear at a high-profile event in Los Angeles later this month alongside other very strong women. But the death of the Queen has caused the Duchess of Sussex to have to re-evaluate her participation.

First, royal fans will recall how the mom of two has recently used her podcast "Archetypes" to spread her message about the importance of looking at how certain terms are used against women. In the duchess' debut episode, she claimed that the word "ambition" always had a positive connotation in her worldview, until she found herself being absorbed into the royal family, that is.

On her second episode, Meghan then discussed the word "diva" with perhaps the best example of using that label for good, Mariah Carey. Incidentally, the Duchess of Sussex balked when the singer suggested that she herself also exhibited diva behavior at times.

Meghan was poised to speak about how stereotypes adversely affect women at a gala celebrating Variety's "Power of Women" issue (via Daily Mail).

But she has a very good reason to take a step back from the commitment.

Meghan will postpone another honor for herself to honor the Queen

With the eyes of the world scrutinizing every move Meghan Markle makes in the wake of the nation and world mourning the Queen's death, it seems like a bad time to try and turn the attention back toward herself. Not that the Duchess of Sussex isn't being accused of doing so, with Twitter recently erupting over a perceived smirk Meghan exhibited during a service for the Queen being held at Westminster Hall Wednesday.

But as a source told the Daily Mail about the Variety party, set to take place in LA at the end of the month, "Meghan has gracefully declined to take part after the death of Queen Elizabeth."

However, many other impressive women will still be on hand for the event, including Hillary Clinton and the royal's neighbor and friend, Oprah Winfrey, who recently opined that perhaps the death of the long-serving monarch will add up to the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex reconciling after a rumored estrangement.

Meanwhile, People reports that the Duchess of Sussex was also set to appear on the cover of the Variety issue, but the decision has been made to postpone the honor.