The Strange Romance Between Ridge And Quinn On The Bold And The Beautiful

With Rena Sofer's recent departure from "The Bold and the Beautiful" many fans have taken to reminiscing about their favorite Quinn Fuller storylines. Quinn had plenty of romantic drama throughout her nine years on the show, including the time she seduced her son's half-brother Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) when he had amnesia and when she had an affair with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) while married to Eric Forrester. However, Quinn had another brief entanglement that viewers are not keen to forget.

In late 2016, Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) was determined to save his father Eric Forrester (John McCook) from the clutches of his new wife, Quinn. No one in the Forrester family had approved of their relationship — in fact, only one person showed up to their wedding, via Quinn's reputation had suffered immensely after "Adam and Eve" fiasco with Liam and the Forresters felt that Eric should steer clear of her and assumed that she was only after money and clout. Ridge then went in search of evidence against her that he could use to convince his father that she shouldn't be trusted. Unsurprisingly, this landed him in hot water of his own.

Ridge's scheme led to a steamy romance

Ridge Forrester decided to begin spying on his father's manipulative young wife in an effort to break the couple up. His first winning idea was to hide in the bushes at the Forrester mansion and inadvertently caught Quinn using a new outdoor shower she'd purchased, via Soaps in Depth. When he was caught, Ridge tried to explain away his actions while Quinn stood naked and brazenly flirted. So, Ridge decided to use Quinn's obvious attraction to him to his advantage.

He began seducing Quinn as a way to prove to his father what kind of a woman she was and get her kicked out of the Forrester Creations company. The two began to flirt. As Quinn modeled designs for Ridge, he massaged a sore ankle for her, and they enjoyed a visit to the steam room. Tensions escalated when Eric sent Quinn and Ridge away on a business trip to get over their feud, and Ridge orchestrated a single hotel room for them both, via Once there, Quinn called Ridge out for his scheme and he admitted everything.

Quinn went on to explain her troubled history with men. Ridge realized that his father deeply understood Quinn and that their relationship was genuine. However, learning more about Quinn led Ridge to develop his own feelings for her. Relishing in her beauty and strength, Ridge found himself drawn to her and they kissed. After calling it a mistake, they agreed to drop it.

Ridge and Quinn got caught together

Though Ridge Forrester had been very open about his disdain for Quinn Fuller and his desire to get her out of Forrester Creations, his newfound closeness to her made him realize that she was a changed woman. Everyone was shocked when they returned from their business trip and Ridge began defending her and supporting her jewelry designs, via Eric was thrilled that they had made amends, but had no idea what had led to their reconciliation. Meanwhile, Quinn and Ridge were finding it more and more difficult to stay away from each other, despite the fact that she was married to his father and he was engaged to Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) at the time.

The pair shared several more clandestine kisses in the following weeks. One such moment was at Zende Dominguez Forrester and Nicole Avant's wedding reception, and they were unfortunately caught by Ivy Forrester (Ashleigh Brewer), per Soap Opera Spy. Ivy had been the only person to attend Quinn and Eric's wedding and she was enraged at Quinn's betrayal of her uncle. Upon catching her with Ridge, Ivy slapped the older woman.

Security guard Charlie Webber (Dick Christie) also became suspicious of the two after watching them around the office, but when he tried to share his fears with Pamela Douglas (Alley Mills), she dismissed the idea as silly. Ultimately, it would be the Logan sisters to finally make Quinn and Ridge's house of cards fall down.

The Logan sisters got revenge against Ridge and Quinn

Katie Logan (Heather Tom) lived next door to the Forrester mansion and had a longtime affection for Eric. She began noticing his son Ridge Forrester and wife Quinn Fuller together more and more and suspected that something was going on between them, via Soap Central. She warned her sister Brooke Logan, who was engaged to Ridge at the time, but Brooke dismissed her fears — even after Katie caught Ridge and Quinn holding hands on a plane to Australia.

However, the truth couldn't be denied when Brooke caught Ridge and Quinn kissing with her very own eyes, per IBT. The two women got into a heated argument while Ridge tried to sneak off and avoid the confrontation. Brooke was determined to go right to Eric and inform him of the betrayal but Ridge and Quinn were able to halt her. The three had a conversation in which they agreed to keep what happened a secret from Eric as long as Ridge and Quinn promised that it would never happen again, via Blasting News.

Brooke called off her engagement to Ridge and then apologized to her sister Katie for not believing her suspicions. Katie then used what she knew as leverage to boss Quinn around at Forrester Creations and get herself a promotion, via Daytime Confidential.

Ridge comforted Quinn after someone tried to kill her

In the summer of 2017, mysterious gunshots were fired at Quinn Fuller and the immediate suspect was Katie Logan, though she was able to prove her innocence, via Inquisitr. Then, everyone grew concerned when Eric Forrester's dangerous ex-wife Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) returned to town after being released from prison. Sheila became the newest suspect in the attempted murder though she continued to claim she was a changed woman. However, when more shots were fired at Quinn while Sheila was behind bars, it was clear she was telling the truth, per Michael Fairman TV.

It was eventually revealed that Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) was the real shooter and he had been attempting to get revenge on Quinn for refusing to be with him — and that time she pushed him off a cliff. Katie stumbled upon a confrontation between the two where Deacon was holding Quinn at gunpoint. She called in Ridge Forrester for reinforcement and he was able to subdue Deacon and call the police. Ridge comforted Quinn after the ordeal, leading to a particularly intimate moment in which they confessed they were falling in love with each other, via Soap Central.

Ridge and Quinn finally confessed their affair to Eric Forrester

After more heated kissing between them and nearly going to bed together, Ridge Forrester and Quinn Fuller discussed whether or not they should tell Eric Forrester about their affair. However, they didn't get a chance to do so before Sheila Carter caught them together and told Eric herself, via Eric wasn't inclined to believe Sheila at first, but when Ridge and Quinn arrived to confirm her story, he was forced to face the truth. They tried to explain that they had never slept together, but an emotional affair and several passionate kisses were enough to constitute cheating for Eric. Ridge was also forced to confess that Quinn was the reason his engagement to Brooke Logan had ended.

Eric was enraged and immediately kicked Quinn out of the mansion. Eventually, after giving Eric time to cool off, Quinn tried to talk to him about their relationship. She apologized profusely for her indiscretion and promised that it would never happen again. In return, Eric presented her with divorce papers and said if she ever truly loved him, she would sign them, via TV Overmind. A heartbroken Quinn did sign the documents, but just as she was leaving, Eric tore them up. He proclaimed that she had passed his test and agreed to recommit to their marriage. Things went well for the husband and wife for a few more years, until Quinn set her sights on yet another man.