The Touching Moment Between Meghan Markle And Princess Charlotte At The Queen's Funeral

History is playing out in real-time on people's television screens as Queen Elizabeth II is being laid to rest at Windsor Castle. After dying on September 8 at the age of 96, the U.K. entered a 12-day mourning period, with Her Majesty's funeral on September 19 marking the final day.

Notable officials like President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were in attendance, as all current heads of state were invited to attend, but it comes as no surprise that all eyes were on the royal family. With tens of thousands of people attempting to catch a glimpse on the streets of London during the once-in-a-lifetime event, Yahoo reports that the queen's live-televised funeral is predicted to draw in a whopping 4.1 billion viewers, putting her in competition with Princess Diana's 1997 funeral.ย 

During the coverage of the queen's state funeral, the press captured a sweet moment shared between Princess Charlotte of Wales and Meghan Markle while the two were alongside other royal family members outside of Westminster Abbey, according to People. In the video, you see that as Princess Charlotte and the Duchess of Sussex are surrounded by Queen Camilla, Kate Middleton, and Prince George of Wales, Princess Charlotte looks back for a brief moment at Markle, she offers a kind, reassuring smile.

Twitter, of course, had polarizing thoughts. Some insist that Markle "bullied" the 7-year-old in the past. "Not Meghan having to walk behind the child she bullรฎed," one user tweeted. "Makes sense why she is Jealous of Princess Charlotte and tried to bรปlly her." Another user defended Markle, tweeting, "So sick of hearing people s*** on Meghan. She is Harry's wife and is there to support him. Who in their right mind wouldn't support their partner at a family funeral?"