Sharon Osbourne Describes Prince George & Princess Charlotte's Funeral Behavior In One Word

Anyone watching the Queen's funeral this past Monday was likely impressed by the remarkably well-behaved Prince George of Wales and Princess Charlotte of Wales. After all, the two oldest children of the Prince and Princess of Wales are only 9 and 7 years old, respectively.

Prince Louis was not in attendance at the somber affair, likely because his antics at his great-grandmother's Platinum Jubilee celebrations are still a close memory. Besides, the tot, who is fourth in line to the throne, is still only 4, and while his mom Kate Middleton has talked about her youngest taking the death of the Queen rather hard, he would be awfully young to attend a funeral and be expected to sit still — especially since as Twitter noted, the day's events droned on and on.

One famous royal fan was especially moved by how the youngest royal family members conducted themselves during the widely-watched service. Sharon Osbourne, who joined the long line of people waiting to see the Queen's coffin lying in state, but did not make the tight guest list of 2,000 people nearest and dearest to the crown, talked about her impressions of George and Charlotte from the sad day while appearing on "The Talk" (via People and BBC).

Sharon Osbourne feels George and Charlotte are naturals

During a segment of "The Talk," Sharon Osbourne was quick to heap praise on the future king of England and his little sister, calling their behavior at the Queen's funeral service "impeccable" (via Twitter). 

It's worth noting that the Prince and Princess of Wales, along with their two oldest children, were seated in the front row of Westminster Abbey during the roughly 1-hour service, putting their comportment front and center for the world to see (via E! News and The New York Times). Along with Osbourne and Vanessa Feltz, others have come out in support of Princess Charlotte and Prince George's behavior at the queen's funeral, including one attendee and even parenting experts like Gifty Enright.

Sharon Osbourne says the young royals were 'born to do what they're doing'

Sharon Osbourne shared even more insight into what she observed from Prince George of Wales and Princess Charlotte of Wales, telling the audience of "The Talk" that "They were just born to do what they're doing. It's incredible."

She also loved seeing George's little sister encouraging him to bow when the Queen's coffin passed by Wellington Arch at the entrance to Buckingham Palace (via Fox News). Incidentally, the prince listened to his sibling's advice on proper protocol right away. The two royals are certainly racking up an army of fans.