Source Makes A Heartbreaking Claim About Where The Queen's Corgis Were In Her Final Hours

The heartbreaking death of Queen Elizabeth II deeply affected people worldwide. Of course, the monarch's death at the age of 96 of September 8, 2022, as per BBC, brought great sadness to her family, including both her human family and her furry family.

A widely known corgi aficionado, Elizabeth II bred 14 generations of corgis and raised over 30 during her life (via Reader's Digest). The queen stopped breeding corgis in 2015 specifically because she did not want to leave them in case she passed away.

Yet the queen still ended up with four dogs at the time of her death. She left behind corgis Muick and Sandy, a cocker spaniel named Lissy, and a dorgi (dachshund and corgi mix) named Candy.

The queen's corgis made quite the show at her funeral as Muick and Sandy were waiting outside Windsor Castle (via Royal Central). Now we are learning where the queen's beloved pups were before she passed.

The queen's corgis were reportedly by her side in her last hours

A source told ET that Queen Elizabeth's corgis were with her in her room at Balmoral as she spent her final hours. Animal psychologist Dr. Roger Mugford said, "It was so lovely that, in her last couple of years, she had two little corgis and other dogs around her because there's no doubt that any of us, at any stage in our life, but particularly when our life feels like it's declining and stressful."

Mugford worked directly with the queen's dogs in the past. He continued, "to be able to reach and stroke and be loved by an uncritical admirer, which is a dog, is a great comfort."

Now with the monarch gone, her corgis may be feeling her absence. A dog expert told the Daily Mail that dogs may not grieve like humans but they do show signs of depression when their owner passes away. 

The New York Times reports that currently, Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson are said to be caring for the corgis.