The List's Exclusive Survey Shows Which Hair Accessory Women Keep Handy

Let's face it — not every day is a good hair day. Some days the weather turns your new blowout into a ball of frizz, or your bangs just decide to be stubborn and curl the wrong way. Whether it's too hot, too cold, or you just didn't feel like styling it, sometimes your hair needs to be up and out of the way. When we're having a bad hair day, hair accessories come to the rescue every time. From the reliable scrunchies at the bottom of the bathroom drawer to the trendy hair pins that have gone viral on TikTok, hair accessories are the perfect way to keep loose strands out of your face without sacrificing your cute style.

With the holidays right around the corner, consider giving the gift of style and convenience: hair accessories make great stocking stuffers for family, friends, and colleagues alike. If you know they have hair, you know they'll probably use a hair accessory. But which hair accessories are totally trending this season? To find out which hair accessories to put on your holiday shopping list this year, The List conducted a survey that asked 600 people, "Which hair accessory do you always have on hand?"

This popular hair accessory has been our go-to for years

According to The List's survey, the most popular hair accessory that women have on hand is a hair tie. With 38.67% of the vote, women rely on hair ties to wrap their hair up in every style from a high bun to a long braid. Per The Strategist, most hair ties are made of elastic or some sort of plastic coil style that keeps your hair secure all day long. You never know when you or a friend in need might need to throw their hair up in a pony.

Headbands followed close behind with 17.17% of the vote. For those days that you need to get your fly aways in control, headbands are a helpful hair accessory worn just above the forehead that secures the hair underneath, while looking sleek and stylish.

According to the survey, scrunchies are back in style once again, because 16.67% of voters said that the fabric-covered elastic is their go-to hair accessory. Scrunchies come in a ton of different styles and materials that add a little extra flair to any outfit.

Just over 13% of voters prefer claw clips to secure their hair up without having to tie it. These fashionable accessories have been trending for the past few years, but we heard a rumor that people can't wait to ditch claw clips in 2022. Bobby pins (9.67%) and banana clips (4%) are less popular, but still a great option if your hairstyle needs a little extra security.

Be prepared for whatever the day throws at you with these purse-sized essentials

No matter which hair accessory you prefer, they are just one of the many essential items a woman should carry in her purse. When you're on the go, it's good to be prepared for all types of accidents, from a wardrobe malfunction to a scrape on the knee.

According to Business Insider, every person carrying a purse should have certain items on hand in case of an emergency. Create a mini first aid kit with band-aids, hand sanitizer, and your preferred pain medicine: You never know when a nasty fall or an unwanted headache will try to ruin your day. Wardrobe savers like safety pins and stain remover pens can easily fix any spill, rip, or tear that might happen to your outfit. And when your makeup is melting, blotting papers are great to have on hand to fix the excess oil your skin produces throughout the day.

Other good travel-sized items to have handy are things like tissues, a charger, and a few extra feminine products. With these essentials in your purse, you'll be ready no matter what life throws at you. Your friends will start calling you Mary Poppins because of all the on-the-go life savers you have in your magic carpet bag.