Ross Stores Foot Traffic Data Shows The Store Is Remaining Steady

When you're searching for the best place to shop on a budget, look no further than Ross Dress for Less. From designer clothing to home decor, Ross Dress for Less has some of the best deals around. According to Fashion United, Ross is "the third largest off-price retailer in the United States," behind competitors T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. Bargain shoppers love Ross's "no-frills" style of shopping, with different inventory at every location that encourages customers to visit multiple locations and find all the hidden gems they can (via Ross Stores).

Like many stores, Ross saw a serious decrease in customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. As society recovers from the pandemic and learns to live a new normal, some retailers have struggled to regain the popularity they once had. To find out how soon shoppers raced back to Ross Dress for Less, The List created a graph with Data Herald that shows monthly foot traffic data at the bargain retailer over the past two years.

All shoppers love a good deal

Foot traffic data proves that the best day to go shopping at Ross is every day. According to The List's graph, the off-price retailer recovered quickly from their brief in-store closures in April of 2020. Averages fell slightly in the first few months after reopening, but the store quickly began to see approximately 350,000 customers each month starting in 2021. Foot traffic during the holiday season since COVID has not quite reached the previously anticipated spikes of 600,000 customers, but visitor counts have overall remained steady.

The continued success of Ross Dress for Less could be due to changing consumer habits. According to CNBC, the United States is experiencing the highest inflation rates in 40 years. A vast majority of people are now living paycheck to paycheck, forcing shoppers to make difficult choices about how, where, and when they shop, per PYMNTS. These days, shoppers are less likely to indulge on designer items at full-price; thankfully, Ross is designed to offer shoppers luxury clothing and accessories at a discounted rate.

Retailers are also struggling to make a profit with excess inventory amidst changing shopping habits, but Ross doesn't have that problem. The company purchases various surplus merchandise from other warehouses and chains at a fraction of the cost, and sells them to customers at a discount in a "treasure hunt" style shopping experience (via Mental Floss).

As shoppers navigate high prices and low inventory, they continue to take advantage of all that Ross has to offer.