All Of Kate Roberts' Many Children On Days Of Our Lives

Kate Roberts is one of the most beloved and complicated characters on "Days of Our Lives." Played by Lauren Koslow, Kate switches back and forth from having a heart of gold to scheming and lying to get her way, keeping fans entertained and on their toes. Kate first came to Salem in 1993 when Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) hired her to work at Titan Industries, per Soaps in Depth. Through the years, "Days" viewers have watched Kate in all of her ups and downs, such as going through four husbands, including Victor, Curtis Reed, Roman Brady, and Stefano DiMera. She's also been engaged in a decades-long feud with Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel).

Kate's most shocking moments have included her involvement with sex work, framing Sami Brady for murder, hiring a hitman to kill Victor, poisoning Chloe Lane, tampering with hospital records, blackmail, fraud, adultery, and corporate espionage (via Soap Central). However, through it all, Kate has remained dedicated to her family, which includes six children. Sadly, all of Kate's kids have suffered some trauma in their life due to their mother's past.

Kate's oldest children are Austin and Billie Reed

Many "Days of Our Lives" fans may remember that Kate Roberts' first husband was Curtis Reed (Nick Benedict). Curtis was a highly abusive man who tormented Kate over the years, per Soap Central. Eventually, unhappy in her marriage Kate turned to Bill Horton for comfort and support. The pair began to have feelings for one another and had an affair. Bill was married to Laura Horton at the time, but their marriage was severely strained due to Laura's mental health issues. Kate eventually found herself pregnant, and Curtis was furious about the affair. He beat her and then took their two children, Austin and Billie Reed, later making her believe they were dead.

Austin and Billie eventually broke free of their abusive father and found themselves in Salem. Curtis later followed, and Kate was shocked to see him again. When Curtis turned up dead, Kate learned that Austin and Billie were the two children she shared with him, per Soaps in Depth. Kate then worked hard to build a relationship with both Austin and Billie.

Austin later became a part of a "Days" supercouple when he met and married Carrie Brady. Meanwhile, Billie was briefly married to Bo Brady. Eventually, both Austin and Billie left Salem but still remain close to their mother.

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Kate is the mother of sons Lucas Horton and Philip Kiriakis

Over the years, it's been clear that Kate Roberts shares a strong bond with her son, Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo). Lucas is the son that Kate was pregnant with when Curtis Reed took Austin and Billie from her and left. Upon coming to Salem as an adult, Lucas had a lot of questions about his biological father, which Kate didn't want to answer. He eventually discovered that Bill Horton was his father and that Mike and Jennifer Horton were his siblings (via Soap Central). Lucas later embraced his Horton family members while also remaining close to Kate. Over the years, Lucas has delighted "Days of Our Lives" fans through his romance with Sami Brady and special bond with his son Will Horton.

After arriving in Salem and falling for Victor Kiriakis, Kate wanted to have another child. Kate and Victor had problems conceiving naturally, so they used the help of a fertility specialist to create an embryo (via Soaps in Depth). However, because of Kate's bad blood with Victor's former lover, Vivian Alamain, things went terribly wrong. Vivian stole the couple's embryo and had it implanted into her own body in hopes of making Victor love her again. Vivian ended up giving birth to Kate's son, Philip Kiriakis, who grew up to follow in his father's footsteps by becoming a ruthless businessman.

Both Lucas and Philip have been close with Kate in the past, and she's been known to go to great lengths to protect them.

Kate was shocked to learn about her twins Rex and Cassie

Kate Roberts and Roman Brady have an interesting history. The couple has been married and divorced and has gotten back together several times over the years. Their love for one another is strong, but there is one event that rocked the couple to their core. 

In 2002, two mysterious strangers seemingly fell from the sky one night and were found by Belle Black and Shawn Brady, who believed them to be alien beings. Later dubbed the Gemini Twins, the true parentage of the "aliens" came into question. At first, it was believed that the twins, who called themselves Rex and Cassie, were the genetically engineered children of Tony DiMera and Marlena Evans. However, further research revealed that the DiMeras had manufactured the twins in a lab using specimens from Kate and Roman and used then-imprisoned Marlena as the surrogate mother (via Soaps). Once Rex (then Eric Winter) and Cassie (Alexis Thorpe) knew their history, they began to build relationships with their biological parents. 

Rex began dating Mimi Lockhart (then Farah Fath) and later left Salem. He returned years later as a doctor, played by Kyle Lowder, engaged to Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey), per Monsters and Critics. Meanwhile, Cassie also left town after she was presumed dead and held hostage on Melaswen Island (via Soap Central). Rex often returns to Salem to visit his parents, but Cassie hasn't been seen on the canvas in years.

Although Kate's family tree is complicated, "Days of Our Lives" fans have thoroughly enjoyed watching her parent her six children over the years.