All The Men Elizabeth Has Loved On General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst has spent the last 25 years on "General Hospital," playing the iconic Elizabeth Webber. Not only is Liz "GH" royalty – she's the granddaughter of one of the soap's original characters, Dr. Steve Harvey – but she's connected to nearly every major character in some way. In addition to her job as a nurse and raising her three sons, Elizabeth has been romantically tied to several prominent Port Charles men over the years. In fact, the popular nurse has often been involved with the same man multiple times, though it never seems to work out for her.

With a clear penchant for bad boys – reformed or not – Liz's love life has often put her and her sons in danger. Though, after so many years on the show, it's no shock that the character has had such a chaotic romantic history. From her first love to her latest drama, let's take a walk down memory lane as we remember all the men Elizabeth Webber has given her heart to.

Lucky Spencer was Elizabeth's first love

Elizabeth Webber first came to Port Charles as a teenager in 1997, and it wasn't long before she fell for Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson), per Soap Central. The two were so in love that they even had a wedding ceremony, though they were still underage and it wasn't legally binding. Liz was devastated when Lucky was presumed dead in a fire soon after. Thankfully, he was later discovered alive, and the happy couple was reunited.

The two had an on-again, off-again relationship over the years and were married on two separate occasions and even engaged a third time. Though Elizabeth had two sons fathered by other men, Lucky claimed the boys as his own, and eventually, the pair had a son of their own. However, after dealing with financial issues, infidelity, and addiction, Liz and Lucky called it quits for good in 2010.

Lucky has been living overseas for many years and is only occasionally mentioned by his family. He last appeared on-screen in 2015 when he helped rescue Elizabeth's middle son Jake from Cassadine Island, where the boy had been held captive for several years.

Bad boy Zander Smith gave Elizabeth her first son

In 2002, Elizabeth Webber started to act out and found herself bonding with bad boy Zander Smith (Chan Brannon), who had recently had a falling out with his bosses – mob enforcers Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), per Soaps in Depth. Their connection turned romantic after Zander rescued Liz from a kidnapping, and the two found themselves in bed together. However, Elizabeth soon decided her true feelings were for Jason and ended things between them.

Later, after failed relationships with both Jason and Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst), Liz ran into Zander, and they spent the night together. Not long afterward, Elizabeth discovered that she was pregnant. Ric agreed to claim the child as his own when the two reconciled, but her conscience got the best of her, and Elizabeth told Zander he was the father of her son Cameron. The troubled man agreed to let Ric raise the boy to protect him from his dangerous lifestyle. However, Zander soon found himself in trouble with the law once again and was killed after an altercation with the police in 2004.

Elizabeth had another son with mobster Jason Morgan

In the late 1990s, Elizabeth Webber formed a close friendship with Jason Morgan while she was grieving for a presumed-dead Lucky Spencer (via Soap Central). She helped take care of him after he was shot, and he supported her love of painting. However, when a bomb was put in Liz's art studio, Jason realized that he didn't want his job to put her in danger and distanced himself.

A few years later, Elizabeth left Zander Smith for Jason, and this time he agreed to give a relationship a go. Things were going well until she realized that Jason was lying to her about his mob business, and she decided she couldn't deal with the secrecy. Despite never being able to make a real relationship work, the two briefly found their way back to each other several times over the years. In 2006, they sought comfort with each other after their respective relationships ended, and one night together resulted in a pregnancy and the birth of their son Jake. In order to protect his child from his mob lifestyle, Jason agreed to give up his parental rights to Lucky, who Liz had reconciled with again.

Elizabeth couldn't make things work with Ric Lansing

When Ric Lansing came to Port Charles in 2002 to get revenge against his half-brother, mobster Sonny Corinthos, he quickly became smitten with Elizabeth Webber, per Soaps in Depth. The two began a relationship, and it wasn't long before Elizabeth got pregnant and the couple was married. However, Faith Roscoe (Cynthia Preston) wanted Ric for herself and pushed Liz down a flight of stairs, which resulted in a miscarriage. In an effort to give his wife a child, Ric kidnapped his brother's pregnant wife, Carly Corinthos (then Tamara Braun), and planned to take her baby. When Elizabeth realized what he had done, she quickly divorced him. The two later reconciled, though Liz soon realized that Ric had yet to give up his vendetta against Sonny and left him a second time.

In 2014, the two dated again, but trouble arose when Ric was falsely accused of being the secret head of the Jerome crime family, and Liz was devastated when he was killed while trying to escape from police custody. However, she later learned that Ric had faked his own death with the help of the police in order to lure out the real criminal. They reconnected and tried to make a go of things, but Elizabeth soon ended the relationship because she had developed feelings for another man.

Elizabeth had a salacious affair with Nikolas Cassadine

As a teenager, Elizabeth Webber was part of a tight foursome that included Emily Quartermaine, Lucky Spencer, and Lucky's half-brother Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher). The group remained close over the years, especially after they paired up with each other romantically.

In 2009, when Liz was divorced from Lucky and Nik was grieving Emily's death, the two began sleeping together in secret (via Soaps). Eventually, Elizabeth and Lucky reconciled, and Nikolas dated and got engaged to Emily's long-lost twin Rebecca Shaw. However, Liz and Nik couldn't deny their chemistry and continued having an affair. When Nikolas broke down after discovering that Rebecca was only using him to get to his fortune and admitting that he was using her to replace Emily, he and Elizabeth slept together one final time. Unfortunately, Lucky happened to walk in on them, and the betrayal was enough to end his relationship with Liz for good. 

Soon after, Elizabeth discovered she was pregnant with her third son, Aiden, but didn't know whether Lucky or Nikolas was the father. Eventually, a DNA test showed Nik was the baby daddy, and he helped raise the boy for a year before Aiden's resemblance to Lucky urged Elizabeth to run another test. This time, it proved that Lucky was the biological father, and the family later learned that Helena Cassadine had tampered with the original results.

Elizabeth fell for secret criminal Ewen Keenan

In 2011, Elizabeth Webber was going through a difficult time after the presumed death of her middle son Jake and began making mistakes at work. Dr. Matt Hunter (Jason Cook) offered her support, and the two became friendly, according to Soap Central. Matt invited Elizabeth as his date to a party on a chartered boat, where the pair kissed. However, Liz was soon attacked by Lisa Niles (Brianna Brown) and thrown overboard. After being rescued by a mysterious man, Elizabeth recovered from her physical injuries but checked herself into a psychiatric facility to address her mental health concerns.

At Shadybrook, a psychiatrist named Ewen Keenan (Nathin Butler) treated Elizabeth and was later revealed to be her rescuer. After being released from the facility, Liz and Ewen began dating, despite Matt's warnings that Ewen wasn't trustworthy. Unfortunately, his concerns were proven valid when Elizabeth discovered that Ewen was an accomplice of international supercriminal Jerry Jacks (Sebastian Roché). Ewen revealed that he had helped Jerry poison the Port Charles water supply with a deadly biotoxin, and when he was publicly exposed, he kidnapped Liz. Eventually, Jason Morgan came to her rescue, and both men were shot during an altercation. Jason recovered, but Ewen succumbed to his injuries and died.

Elizabeth decided to give AJ Quartermaine a chance

In late 2012, AJ Quartermaine (Sean Kanan) returned to Port Charles after being presumed dead for several years. His desire to become a better person and turn his life around endeared him to Elizabeth Webber, and the two developed a friendship (via Soap Opera Digest). After a few months, AJ's persistence won Liz over, and the two began dating. However, when Nikolas Cassadine was shot, Elizabeth began taking care of him, and AJ accused her of falling back into bed with her ex-lover. Offended, she ended things with AJ. Though when Nikolas expressed that he did have the desire to reconcile with her, Elizabeth realized that her feelings were for AJ and agreed to give things with him another try.

However, the relationship between Elizabeth and AJ was short-lived. Not long after they got together, AJ lost control of his family's company, ELQ. The professional blunder caused AJ to go into a downward spiral, and he relapsed into alcoholism, and things only worsened when he was falsely accused of murdering Connie Falconeri (Kelly Sullivan). After Liz's attempts to help AJ fell on deaf ears, she decided she could no longer be with him and ended things between them. A few months later, AJ was shot and killed by Sonny Corinthos.

Elizabeth tried to hide Jake Doe's identity

In 2014, Elizabeth Webber grew close with one of her patients at the hospital, a man who had become amnesiac after being hit by a car and was being called Jake Doe (Billy Miller), per Soaps in Depth. She took him into her home to help him recover, and it wasn't long before the two developed romantic feelings for one another. Eventually, a woman named Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) showed up in town, claiming to be Jake's wife. He made an effort to return to his old life but was pushed back toward Liz when Hayden was exposed as a con woman who made up the whole story. In an ironic twist, Hayden was later revealed to be Elizabeth's half-sister.

Liz eventually learned that Jake Doe was really the presumed-dead Jason Morgan (per Soaps). She decided to keep the information to herself so she could have a second chance with the father of her middle son and keep him away from the dangers of his old life. Unfortunately, Carly Corinthos also realized the truth and exposed Liz's lies. Jake left Elizabeth after learning of her betrayal and reunited with his longtime love Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). Although Jake began to regain some of his memories as Jason, things grew more complicated when the real Jason returned to Port Charles. It turned out that Jake Doe was really Drew Cain, Jason's previously-unknown twin who had been forced to undergo a clandestine memory transfer experiment that made him believe he was his brother.

Elizabeth finally found happiness with Franco Baldwin

After Elizabeth Webber's secret about Jake Doe was revealed, she became somewhat of a town pariah (via Soap Central). Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) was in a similar position as he had recently undergone surgery to remove a brain tumor that was the cause of violent tendencies that had made him a murderer. Despite being cured of his dangerous urges, very few people in Port Charles trusted that he was miraculously better. Liz and Franco found common ground with each other and grew closer, eventually entering into a romantic relationship. Though it was challenging for Elizabeth's sons to accept Franco into their life, especially with the public's scorn, they eventually grew to love him, too. The couple was then married, turning Franco from a serial killer into a family man who was a loving husband and a supportive stepfather.

It seemed as if Elizabeth had found happiness after much heartbreak and finally had a stable father figure for her boys. Unfortunately, after several years together, Liz and Franco's marriage ended when he was murdered, per Soaps in Depth. Franco had confronted Peter August (Wes Ramsey) after discovering he was involved in a nefarious scheme that involved himself, Drew Cain, and Jason Morgan. The altercation ended with Peter shooting Franco and leaving him for dead. Elizabeth and her sons were devastated by Franco's loss, as were "General Hospital" fans who had grown attached to the character and were upset that Liz's happy ending was ruined once again.

Elizabeth's relationship with Hamilton Finn has been full of drama

At the time of her husband's death, Elizabeth Webber was already close with Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton), who shared a daughter with her sister Hayden Barnes. The pair grew closer as they worked together at the hospital to save Finn's brother Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) from a deadly poisoning at the hands of Franco's murderer, Peter August (via Celebrating the Soaps). Eventually, Liz and Finn were bonded together forever when he accidentally killed Peter — or so he thought – and she helped him hide the body, per Soap Opera Spy. After many months of supporting each other through extremely difficult times, the pair confessed their feelings for each other. Elizabeth decided to take things slowly as she was still grieving Franco's loss, but eventually, they made their relationship official.

However, things haven't been smooth sailing for the pair. Soon after getting together, Elizabeth began experiencing sleepwalking, memory blackouts, and other emotional distress. Finn was extremely adamant about wanting Liz to get professional help, but she felt his concern was overbearing, leading to much tension between the two (via Daytime Confidential). Eventually, after some psychiatric care, Liz admitted that she had a repressed childhood memory that was causing her symptoms, and she reconciled with Finn. Now, as "General Hospital" has cast Elizabeth's parents, who haven't been seen on the soap in decades, it seems like fans are finally going to get some answers about her past – and it might just be connected to Finn. Viewers will have to turn in to see how Liz's latest romance pans out.