Ballerina Slipper Nails Is The Minimalist Trend That's Anything But Basic

Hardly a week goes by without TikTok influencing all of our beauty, fashion, or self care habits. In the past few months alone, the app has introduced the habit of frothing foundation and the snow bunny blush trend into our beauty repertoire.

While makeup and hair hacks have come in droves from TikTok, in more recent times, users on the app have introduced trends and hacks for our nails, too. One notable popular nail trend was Hailey Bieber's glazed donut nails, a French manicure with a silvery, iridescent top coat.

The newest nail trend that's sure to take the app by storm is the ballerina slipper nail. The nails are almost like a cross between a coffin shape and a French nail tip. Although both the coffin shape and French manicure have been around for a while, the ballerina slipper nail is like the clean girl aesthetic meshing with balletcore, according to PopSugar.

What are ballerina slipper nails?

According to Beauty Stack, ballerina slipper nails are extremely similar to coffin nails, with one key difference. While coffin nails have a straight, sharp edge, ballerina slipper nails are rounded, to mirror the shape of the pointe shoes that ballet dancers wear. The ballet slipper nails can also bring in elements of the French manicure with the tip being a different shade than the rest of the nail to mirror the pointe shoe being separate from the foot.

While coffin nails come in numerous colors and designs, ballerina slipper nails are quite minimalist, with light, sheer pinks and nudes being used to mirror the delicateness of ballet slippers. A sheer pink color is typically used on the base with ombre or sheer white or pink on the tips of the nails.

While the shape can be achieved in a salon using gel, acrylic, or BIAB nails, with some practice, you can do ballerina slipper nails at home with press-ons. With nails such as the KISS Salon Acrylic Nails, you can use a nail file to file down the nail to your preferred length and round out the edges to get the slipper look. To get the perfect French nail tip, Byrdie recommends applying nail tape to avoid mistakes.