All The Torture Sasha's Endured Since Liam Died On General Hospital

Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) has been the victim of one of the worst chain of events in recent memory on "General Hospital." It's difficult to recall any other character who has experienced quite the level of pain and heartache that Sasha has endured. However, one event, in particular, seems to be the root cause of the negative domino effect she's gone through to date.

The tragic loss of baby Liam, Sasha's child with her husband, Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor), changed Sasha in ways viewers had never seen before. While fans once witnessed Sasha struggle with a drug addiction fueled by Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober), there was a different layer of fragility exposed after her baby's death. Sasha understandably became an emotional mess, but her problems spiraled from being depressed to being on the edge of a complete breakdown (via Soaps In Depth).

Unfortunately for Sasha, her demons became too much to manage, and the pain of losing Liam brought her back to a familiar yet horrifying place. Liam was dead, and nothing in the world made sense, so sadly, Sasha turned to drugs to escape the pain (via But for Sasha, the search for solace didn't end with the drugs because they spiraled into even more issues, culminating in a tragedy equally as heartbreaking as the death of baby Liam. 

Sasha relapsed and hit Willow's mother with her car

As the face of Deception, a beauty brand on "General Hospital," Sasha attempted to immerse herself in work to distract from the sadness of losing her son, Liam. But everyone saw through that charade, especially Brando. While out of town, Sasha accepted drugs for the first time, after being clean for quite a while. To make matters worse, one of the next times Sasha purchased drugs, she was photographed doing so (via Soaps Spoilers).

In the midst of hunting down the photographer who snapped the incriminating pics, Sasha encountered Harmony Miller (Inga Cadranel), mowing her down with her vehicle. Sadly, Harmony passed away from injuries sustained in the hit, causing Sasha to continue her downward spiral. Sasha's mother-in-law was able to take care of the photos, ensuring they wouldn't see the light of day, but Sasha still had to live with the weight of Harmony's death on her shoulders (via 

To make matters worse, Harmony was the "mother" of Sasha's once close friend Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen). This wasn't the first time that Willow suffered as a result of Sasha's actions, so in a way, history was repeating itself. To live with that guilt, especially with Willow knowing Sasha was behind the wheel, was too much for Sasha to be burdened with, causing her mental health to suffer an even further decline.  

Sasha's meltdown on live TV left her loved ones concerned

Being the face of Deception has seemingly been more of a negative in Sasha's life than not. There was no better indicator of that reality than during her television appearance on a home shopping channel to promote the line. The job was simple — appear on camera and plug some of their top cosmetic products, driving an increase in sales for the brand. However, neither of Sasha's business partners, Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) and Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms), could've predicted Sasha's eternal misery coming to the surface as a result of her appearance. 

In a cross-brand effort, the channel had one of its top sellers join Sasha on camera for her presentation. However, Sasha wasn't prepared for the products presented by the other seller. In front of everyone on live television, Sasha had to fake a smile and try to avoid a public meltdown after realizing the products were designed for new moms (via Soap Hub).

Liam hadn't been dead for long, so the idea of Sasha having to do this made Lucy and Maxie panic for her, trying to pull the plug before everyone at home saw. Poor, tortured Sasha started seeing visions of baby Liam instead of the fake baby in her arms. Sasha completely lost her composure and had to be taken to General Hospital for observation, with her husband Brando severely worried about her mental health (via 

Sasha's attack on a photographer landed her in jail

Shortly after the incident at the live television taping, Sasha was tempted by drugs again. One of her former contacts reached out, hoping to frame her with the drugs and get photographic evidence in the process. The paparazzo involved in the initial photo scandal wanted revenge for what took place before, too. What the sleazy cameraman didn't account for, though, was Sasha's gut instincts to be in full gear, picking up on the fact that something was off with her "friend" pushing the drugs so hard.

After declining the invitation to participate, given Sasha's history with illegal substance use, she walked away, ruining any chances of him snapping the photograph. However, Sasha's gut feeling was working overdrive that day, because later on, in the parking lot of the Metro Court hotel, she encountered the friend in question sitting in a car with the photographer who had tried to sabotage her (via Soaps Spoilers).

Once Sasha saw them together, she became incensed, verbally eviscerating the pair, but not stopping at just using words to fight her battle. Instead, in a fit of rage, Sasha smashed the windshield and other parts of the cameraman's car, doing massive damage in the process. Naturally, the paparazzo pressed charges, sending Sasha to jail and leading to a legal battle that resulted in Brando being appointed as her guardian (via 

Brando's murder left Sasha as a grieving widow

Sasha wasn't the only Port Charles resident to have a horrifying year in 2022. Ava Jerome (Maura West) was stabbed in the back with a fish hook while attending a charity event (via Soaps In Depth). Everyone in town was worried they'd be the next victims of "The Hook," since it wasn't believed to be an isolated incident. Unfortunately for Sasha, in the typical fashion of her tortured life, she was the next target of the menacing murderer lurking in the shadows. 

Outside of Charlie's Pub, The Hook selected their next victim, much to the terror of Kristina Corinthos David (Lexi Ainsworth), who witnessed the entire bloody encounter. The target of the terrifying attack was Sasha's husband, Brando, who was left a bloody mess, fighting for his life. For Sasha, Liam's death wouldn't be the only one she'd have to contend with, as Brando ultimately passed away (via

However, Brando didn't die directly from being stabbed. Instead, he was poisoned, baffling the doctors who worked to save his life. To make matters worse, Sasha was left as a widow and without Brando as her guardian, leaving her forced to possibly receive a court-appointed stranger instead. If her mental health was spiraling before, Brando's death and the implications of it threatened to be the final straw that destroyed her. 

With Gladys in control of her life, Sasha might unravel again

Unfortunately, Sasha's descent into madness came as no real fault of her own. The majority of situations that led to a full-scale mental breakdown were beyond her control, resulting from other people's actions. Even though she's taking steps to rebuild her life after a series of unfortunate events, there are still a few possible hurdles in Sasha's path — ones that could threaten to derail any progress she's made following Brando's death.

His mother, Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) stepped up to the plate, volunteering herself as the new guardian in charge of Sasha's life, but that comes with its own unique set of challenges. If Gladys doesn't agree with a financial decision Sasha wants to make, she's forced to abide by whatever choices she makes on her behalf (via Not only does this include her personal finances, but it extends to Sasha's role in Deception. 

In fact, Gladys is already making moves to prevent Sasha from saving the company following Lucy's presumed death (via Soap Hub). It remains to be seen if Sasha can pull herself out of the depths of despair she's been in for so long now. Baby Liam's death, accidentally killing Harmony, the drug addiction, her arrest, and Brando's death all compiled into one blanket of never-ending torture for Sasha on "General Hospital." She's still struggling to recover.