December Capricorn Vs. January Capricorn: What's The Difference?

Zodiac signs can tell you a lot about someone's personality, but they can also be slightly misleading. There are some signs that are well-known for having certain traits. For example, Leos need attention, Tauruses have a stubborn streak, and Scorpios are mysterious — at least according to popular belief. However, there are other signs that are often forgotten and not talked about as much.

Born between December 21 and January 20, Capricorn may be one of those signs. This is because, at first glance, they don't have the type of traits that stand out, per InStyle. That's not to say that Capricorns are not fascinating and special, they aren't flashy or attention-seeking, nor are they generally dark or troublesome.

As a whole, Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by Saturn (via Co-Star Astrology). They are responsible, stoic, and have a great sense of duty and obligation. In other words, they tend to be good-tempered and even-keeled rather than mercurial and unstable. 

However, even within a specific zodiac sign, certain traits may be more prominent than others. For example, there are noticeable differences between Capricorns depending on whether they were born in December or January.

Differences between December and January Capricorns

The most notable difference between December and January Capricorns is that a December Capricorn is more likely to exhibit the traditional Capricorn traits (via HerWay).

As a result, a December Capricorn is the epitome of discipline, according to Bustle. They are mature, patient, fiercely loyal, and determined. They are basically the poster children for Capricorn because they fall into the first decan of the zodiac sign. This means they are ruled solely by Saturn, the planet of maturity.

On the other hand, January Capricorns fall under the second and third decan. As a result, they are also ruled by Venus and Mercury, in addition to Saturn.

With the influence of Venus and Mercury, naturally introverted Capricorns are more social and fun than their December counterparts, who tend to be more private (via Astrozella).

January Capricorns are responsible, of course, but they also tend to be more relaxed and laid back. They have goals they intend to achieve but are less anxious about reaching them, preferring to take a relaxed approach and actually enjoy the journey to success.