The Most Stylish Fashion Looks For Women In Their 40s

Style is ageless. The older you get, the more empowered you should feel to wear what you want, when you want. There's a certain level of confidence that comes with being in your 40s, partly because you spent the better half of your 20s and 30s experimenting with the most flattering styles for your age at the time. Over the years, you've become a fashion chameleon and have tried and tested every look — and possibly held on to trends that weren't worth the money. Now that you're in your 40s, you're ready to live your best life.


You've decided: high-quality and well-fitted are the running themes for your current wardrobe. Any clothing piece that doesn't serve you or make you look and feel great, no matter how long you've had it, should be placed on the back burner Marie Kondo style. Fashion site Women's Wear Daily had a point when they declared that "comfort is king in fashion." Leverage your personal style as a way to showcase your personality and also highlight your best features. These styles will do exactly that.

Before you revamp your closet, take a closer look at the bras you're wearing

The right bra size can change everything. By addressing the most common bra problems, including wearing one that is too tight or with prodding underwire, you can elevate your look in seconds. If you have a fuller bust, Prime Women stressed the importance of selecting bras with centered straps to prevent sagging and offer better support.


Bras don't run cheap, so taking the time to invest in one that fits properly will make a huge difference. Get fitted and find the perfect one for you. It will make a huge difference in the way your clothes fit as well (via Self).

Invest in a jacket that will make a statement

Don't underestimate the power of a great jacket. Bonus points if it is tailored made to elongate the lines of your shoulders, while also leaving in some wiggle room. The Zoe Report recommended choosing a jacket or coat with a unique detail that makes it stand out.


If you really want your jacket to make a statement, there are many options to choose from. As velvet has proven itself timeless, a gem-colored blazer would elevate your look almost effortlessly, per Country & Townhouse.

Don't shy away from volume

As you redefine your style, let volume take center stage. Lifestyle site Viva suggests incorporating more pieces that put a spin on traditional silhouettes. Trade your straight-leg trousers for pants with a more exaggerated fit at the bottom. 


Not only can you rock high-waist, wide-leg pants at any age, but they are also the best way to tastefully add volume to your closet. A top with an embellished collar and balloon sleeves can also do the trick, as styled by fashion and beauty blog The Harper Girls.

The length of your pieces is equally important

Volume isn't limited to the pants department. According to the fashion blog 40+Style, long cardigans are slimming and instantly increase your height. There is no greater feeling than snagging a cardigan that hits you in the right place. H&M's long cardigan snagged a 4.6 rating because of its soft texture, how it frames your shoulders and sides, and its overall quality.


The classic LBD is forever

The little black dress, aka the LBD, is the perfect blank canvas to style. It goes with everything in your wardrobe and can instantly transform a look from casual to elegant. You can dress up the LBD in multiple ways, including an oversized blazer and jewelry, per Who What Wear


Style blog Fabulous After 40 is a firm believer in picking out a dress that complements your body type. The key is to decide what feature you want to accentuate. If you feel like your shoulders are your best asset, try rocking a classy one-shoulder dress.

Pick pieces that strike the perfect balance

Don't be afraid to play around with different cuts, fits, and lengths in one outfit. Subvert the knee-high boot trend by styling your favorite pair with sleek trousers, Who What Wear advised. You can tuck the legs in if you want to show your boots off, or wear them covered.


Relaxed pants warrant a more fitted top. Balancing a stylish tank top with the right boyfriend jeans is an art form, per Vogue.

Midi skirts are a staple year round

Midi skirts are universal and will complement anyone's style regardless of your age. Part of their magic is the fact that they hit your leg at the perfect length. They are also ridiculously easy to style and will fit in with whatever vibe you are going for that day. 


Vogue championed leather midi skirts for the fashion-conscious and deemed them a fall essential, but there is a style for every season. Cosmopolitan UK pointed out that pleated skirts are generally flattering because they are more forgiving and flowy.

Take your white blouse from closet staple to statement piece

A white blouse will always come in handy. To take the look from the office to a weekend hang, From Luxe With Love recommends pairing your shirt with jeans for an outfit that feels casual yet composed. 


Who What Wear pointed out that the versatility of a white blouse makes it an excellent layering piece. You can wear it under a blazer, wear an open button-down over a white t-shirt, or even layer it over a dress and turn it into a skirt. If you're feeling extra bold, consider adding a bow tie or other statement around your neck. 

Everyone should have a pantsuit in their arsenal

Pantsuits are generally linked to the office, but they deserve to live beyond corporate walls. While they mark a smart choice for business meetings, the right pantsuit can jazz up your closet. Self-proclaimed "anti-aging" lifestyle blog Fountain of 30 pointed out that it's better to splurge on suits in classic blues and black, and stick to a budget with bolder colors and prints since they stand out more.


Yes, you can wear leather pants

Whether you're a style expert or novice, leather pants will instantly transform your wardrobe. Vegan leather is having a moment, so pick up a pair of trousers and live out your fashion icon dreams. 

Style blog Busbee proposed going for a minimalist vibe when you're rocking leather pants so your outfit doesn't overpower them. Fabulous After 40 highlighted oversized sweaters and leather leggings as one of the hottest pairings.


White loafers will become your go-to

Loafers have the unique ability to make your outfit look sharp and sleek. There's a reason why this footwear dominated the '90s. They're a great alternative to flats, versatile and come in many styles, per Vogue. Their coziness when paired with socks, or even if you buy a faux fur pair, is a welcome plus. Put a twist on this timeless piece by rocking a pair of white loafers.


Channel winter and become a vision in cream

For years, the old adage "don't wear white after Labor Day" has played on repeat. But according to Harper's Bazaar, that fashion don't is now very clearly a fashion do. 

In fact, consider this your endorsement to incorporate different shades of white and materials for an outfit that is bound to stand out. A cream knit sweater, leather knee-high boots, and a small handbag are winter fresh.


Mix up fabrics and textures

When winter rolls around, stocking up your closet with warm and cozy pieces is second nature. Shake things up by matching pieces in various cuts, styles, and materials that are still winter-friendly, but lend a bit more creativity to your overall aesthetic, per Stylecaster.


French lifestyle blog Go French Yourself encourages pairing contrasting fabrics together to breathe life into older pieces and streamline your look at the same time. As someone who has spent a long time defining your style, you're the expert at what materials flatter you. Exhibit A: A sleek satin top tucked into paper bag trousers (pictured above) is revolutionary.

Monochrome will never go out of style

Fashion lovers know that monochrome isn't synonymous with boring. When you're in a hurry, channeling a specific color scheme for your look makes it easier to get dressed and go. You can pull off the monochrome trend with something as simple as a matching top and bottoms, or take it a step further by rocking multiple tones of your base color.


This trend takes the guesswork out of finding a flawless outfit and simplifies your routine, especially if you decide to stick with the same exact shade from head to toe, per Harper's Bazaar. Elle suggested showing up to your holiday party with complementary accessories in a similar shade.

Pair your monochrome outfit with matching makeup

On top of a minimalist, monochrome outfit, you can also base your look on your makeup. Per InStyle, the goal of monochromatic makeup is to use the exact shade of beauty products on your face. In her YouTube tutorial, beauty vlogger Laura Rae showed how to pull off cool and warm tone monochromatic looks for older women using affordable drugstore makeup products. 


Rae's go-to was Lady Gaga's Haus Labs rose makeup kit which comes complete with liquid eyeshadow, lip gloss, lip liner pencil, and a cute makeup bag for under $20, which proves that you don't have to drop serious cash to look great.

Tailor your clothes for a more polished look

Who What Wear recommends tailoring your clothes for maximum comfort and style. The fashion outlet also warned that certain pieces lend themselves better to tailoring, including custom items and your work clothes. 


Anything that doesn't fit you properly or complement you should be put out of rotation from your closet. Per Real Simple, tailors can perform a variety of services. Not a fan of your dress' neckline? A tailor can alter it so it better fits your vision.

Structured handbags should take up real estate in your closet

The perfect bag does exist. Structured handbags are a staple accessory for every season or event. Chances are, your favorite style icon also owns one. Who What Wear pointed out that many celebrities swear by the structured handbag, including Amal Clooney and Kate Bosworth. Part of the structured bag's allure is that it is versatile and can take your outfit from day to night (via Glamour).


Be intentional with your jewelry

PureWow lists a tennis bracelet and organic pearls as two types of jewelry you should own when you're in your 40s because they are timeless, go with everything, and are great investment pieces. If you're looking for everyday jewelry, Fountain of 30 says to wear whatever items spark confidence and nostalgia, including birthstone necklaces or charms you spotted at your latest travel destination.


But beware. One of the accessory mistakes that makes you look older is gravitating towards heavier jewelry that stretches and pulls your skin, or exact matches for your earrings, necklace, and bracelets. Variety really is the spice of life.

Push the envelope without compromising your style boundaries

You're never too old to take style risks. Bold prints belong in the office as much as they do on a girls' night. Loved by Lizzi advocated for incorporating patterns into your everyday style by selecting pieces that you would normally wear. This will lessen your initial culture shock.


Lifestyle magazine YOU pointed to stripes, animal prints, and geometric as the ultimate print stylebook. Elle even penned an ode to gingham everything. Whatever pattern you choose, wear it loud and proud.