How To Copy Kim Kardashian's Sleek, Slicked-Back Hair

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Kim Kardashian's ever-evolving hair creates trends with every new social media post, paparazzi walk, or public appearance. Kardashian's signature wet hair look at the 2019 Met Gala shut down the red carpet and had everyone rushing to imitate her. Likewise, the reality star's simple ponytail bun was equally iconic, partly because of how minimalist and relatable the hairstyle was for an A-lister such as her — any look that doesn't require more than five minutes to do and will still come off as high fashion counts as a win in our book. 

As Allure pointed out, Kardashian's hair has gone through several transformations during her time in the spotlight, from bangs to a side braid. More recently, Kardashian, who is known for her signature dark brunette locks, has been embracing a blonder look. In December 2022, Kardashian adopted a darker shade of blonde from her new normal of bleached hair, per People. Unsurprisingly, the softer color was breathtaking. Slicked-back hair is quickly becoming the SKIMS founder's go-to, and thankfully it's easy to replicate. 

This minimalist look can be replicated in four simple steps

Whether you're itching to rock a pulled-back ponytail, or simply want to tame any flyaways as you wear your hair down, copying Kim Kardashian's slicked-back look is ridiculously easy. Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton constantly reinvents the wheel and makes every hairstyle look like a masterpiece. He told Us Weekly that when it comes to high ponytails, starting with a good foundation is everything. However, Appleton noted there's no bump that hairspray and a brush can't smooth out.

The celebrity hairstylist created Kardashian's instantly iconic look for the 2022 Oscars and, according to Women's Health, the best part about it is that every single item you need for this style is under $40. For frizz-free tresses, the hair expert started with the Color Wow One Minute Transformation styling cream. He then used a detangling brush to carefully gather her hair into a high ponytail, before going over it with the Color Wow Pop + Lock Frizz Control and Glossing Serum

This anti-frizz serum garnered a 4-star rating on its product page for its ability to add shine to your hair without greasiness. Stapleton set Kardashian's hair with the Color Wow Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray. It's worth noting that Kardashian's stylist's trick to hide greasy hair could also come in handy here. Essentially, Stapleton recommends slicking your hair into a low bun sans any beauty products. 

Kim Kardashian's slicked-back hair can also be laidback

While there's no questioning the extreme lengths that Kim Kardashian will go to for fashion, she also knows how to make a statement with more casual looks and hairstyles. On December 12, 2022, Kardashian showed her support alongside her famous family for TV personality and close friend Lala Anthony's son Kiyan at the Sierra Canyon vs. Christ the King boys' basketball game, as reported by People

The beauty mogul's look was toned down in a stylish camo two-piece set, but her slicked-back hair was once again everything. Sports Center Next's official TikTok posted a closer look at Kardashian's courtside appearance. And, when a Kardashian-based Instagram account reposted the video, fans rushed to the comments section to celebrate the look. One user wrote: "This type of blonde fits her so well." 

Another fan argued that the "Kardashians" star looked younger and fresher too. Sleek, slicked-back hair is steadily becoming Kardashian's go-to. At the 2019 American Influencer Awards, nary a hair was out of place in her sleek ponytail, as the Daily Mail noted. Her contoured cheekbones took center stage, but the hairstyle was everything once again.