The Trick To Hide Greasy Hair That Kim Kardashian's Stylist Swears By

Kim Kardashian has rocked many different hairdos over the years, from long to short, jet black to ice blonde and everything in between. Her signature look — cascading, curly, chocolate brown locks — has been seen in many a "Keeping up with the Kardashians" confessional moment over the years. 

It takes a lot of work to keep Kardashian's tresses in tip-top shape, as her go-to stylists Jen Atkin and Justine Marjan detailed in a chat with Marie Claire, from hair masks to supplements and even silk pillowcases.

Although the reality star has to be camera ready on a daily basis for her job, when the mother of four has down time, she spends it repairing the damage done to her hair. However, as readers with long hair will already be aware, it's tough to care for your locks without wrecking them. Over-washing can be a big hindrance to maintaining the balance of oils, which is obviously hugely important for long-lasting shine. So, what does the "KUWTK" star do to ensure her tresses don't look greasy on camera, without washing them constantly? 

Here's the quick, easy, (and free) way Kim keeps her hair shiny

Celebrity hairdresser Chris Appleton – who's also worked extensively with the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez - explained to Harpers Bazaar UK that when it comes to hiding Kim Kardashian's greasy hair, he doesn't reach for styling tools or even any products.

According to Appleton, if you're looking to get a couple more days out of your locks, simply slick them back in a bun with a "low, middle part," utilizing the natural oils in your hair rather than anything extra, which could potentially create a greasier look overall. If that doesn't work, a good texturizing spray should soak up some of those pesky oils.

Appleton detailed how he makes Kardashian's hair shine like the sun in an interview with Byrdie, noting sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are essential for maintaining shine and color while preventing product buildup. Also, a boar-bristle brush is the optimum tool for a salon-quality blow dry. Meanwhile, Color Wow Dream Coat Anti-Humidity Hair Treatment, which retails for around $30, provides essential moisture while simultaneously sealing cuticles. As Appleton enthused, it's "like an umbrella for your hair, protecting against humidity — and it will give you the most glossy finish."