The 2023 Sculptured Heel Shoe Trend Turns Footwear Into An Art Form

At the end of a long day, taking off a pair of heels is a wave of relief. These dressy shoes are notorious for being stylish but painful. Banner Health warns that wearing heels every day can distort your feet. A hammer toe, bunion, or corn can be in your near future if you don't give your feet a break. However, heels don't have to be detrimental. Believe it or not, there are ways to break in your new heels and wear them comfortably.

A closet is not complete without a pair of stellar heels. Something about the height just elevates any outfit. Despite rumors of heels going out of style because of declining sales in 2020, heels aren't going anywhere, per Glossy. They transcend every style of shoes. You can find boots, sandals, loafers, sneakers, and even flip-flops with heels. Crocs couldn't resist the urge to slap on extra inches, either, but heels are getting a new look.

Why are sculpted heels trending?

Whether they're a kitten heel or sky-high stilettos, you can't go wrong with a pair of heels. Sculpted heels are the wearable art form you never knew you needed. According to L' Officiel Baltic, Jacquemus brought the specially designed heels to market in his fall 2017 collection. Since then, heels are coming in all different shapes and sizes. The French designer is known for his killer fashion sense. He brought to life mini handbags and trends alike. Now with the abstract heel, he put a spin on a closet staple.

The love for sculptured heels has always been around. Cake stand heels became a micro trend in 2020, per InStyle. The design gave a flared bottom to traditional stilettos, resembling a cake stand, hence the name. However, with sculpted heels, the artistic envelope was ripped open. What you balance on became just as much of an eye-grabber as your favorite statement jewelry. And our favorite celebs agree.

Celebrities rocking sculptured heels

When we think of heels, eggs don't usually come to mind. However, with sculpted heels, nothing is off the table. Elle Fanning took to Instagram to show off her white sandals, accenting an egg. The stiletto appears to crack through an egg's shell and has its spilling yoke on display. Of course, this was all a part of Jonathan Anderson's design for his "ready-made" heels, W Magazine explains. The actress and her stylist, Samantha McMillen, embraced the sculpted heel with an eggcellent statement piece.

Lady Gaga got her custom sculptured heels from furniture and fashion designer Omar Perez, Designboom reports. His collection featured shoes that are true pieces of art. Taking up to three months to create, the heels are super high platforms designed with metals. Lady Gaga is known for her extraordinary fashion sense, so these abstract heels fit her aesthetic perfectly. And with the right pair, you can rock sculptured heels too.

How to wear sculpted heels

There is no need to wait for a gala invitation to wear your sculpted heels. If you are running errands or having a lazy day, why not break out these prized possessions? You can pair them with any casual outfit to turn lounge sweatpants into a comfy chic outfit. Who What Wear notes even a T-shirt and track pants style well with heels. The artistic bottoms will easily elevate your outfit. You will look like a fashionista without putting in any effort.

We all know black goes with everything: On the other end of the spectrum is color galore. Stylecraze recommends color blocking and contrasting colors for matching your outfit and shoes. You can highlight the design of your sculpted heels by wearing the same color in a different shade or going for a hue on the opposite side of the color wheel. If all else fails, that little black dress will do.