The 'Air Cut' Is The Haircut You Need If You Love Volume

Younger social media users have discovered what it meant to have good hair in the '90s. With at-home blowouts becoming hugely popular on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, it's clear that '90s hairstyles will make a comeback in 2023. Even the weirdest trends have become increasingly popular with the advent of social media. Between viral heatless stylist hacks and effortless cuts, fans told The List which TikTok hair trends they most want to try

Alicia Silverstone's fluffy "Clueless" locks are making their way back into style and honestly, we're wondering why they ever fell out of popularity. But you don't have to be a '90s celebrity to pull off this timeless, voluminous cut. "The airy hairstyle is fast becoming the new trend on TikTok," as hairstylist Stephen Buller told Refinery29. And airy equals volume. The new "air cut" is a surefire way to maximize your hair's volume with fewer products and less effort.

What is the 'air cut'?

The "air cut" is a favorite among influencers and hairstylists alike. Suffice it to say, this will definitely be one of the haircuts you'll be asking for in 2023. As celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh told Byrdie, "The cut is all about creating volume and movement by using face-framing layers and wispy bangs." Likewise, "The cut should look airy and a little messy, like you just ran your fingers through it," which is where the name comes from. 

According to HypeBae, the "air cut" originally gained popularity in Korea before taking the world by storm thanks to TikTok. With dramatic layers and curtain bangs, the "air cut" frames your face well. But the volume lies in the bounce. By combining rollers from the bombshell blowout with "The Rachel," hairstylists created what we know as the "air cut," according to Joseph Maine, a celebrity hairstylist and Art Director of Color Wow. 

As he explained to Byrdie, "If you combine all of these trending styles, you're left with a bouncy, heavily layered air cut." If you're thinking of getting this haircut, here's what you need to ask your stylist for.

How to get the 'air cut'

Before we get too deep into the details, let's just say that this isn't the hairstyle for those who prefer not to frequent the salon too often. The "air cut" requires constant upkeep and salon maintenance, but those quick trips to a stylist will definitely pay off in keeping your hair full of volume in-between visits. With its popularity online, you're sure to find a good reference image for your stylist when asking for this cut. 

"Try to find someone who has a similar face shape and hair texture to your own," Joseph Maine advised Byrdie. "Work with your stylist to customize it based on your styling and maintenance plan." Be sure to ask for layers and bangs around the cheeks. To style at home, rollers will assist you in creating that everyday blowout look. "If you have some velcro rollers [on] hand, they're a great way to achieve volume at the root," Stephen Buller told Refinery29.

He continued, "Get the hair 99% dry, roller up and spritz with [salt spray]. Dry the hair with a diffuser on a low heat to finish, and then softly brush out your hair once you remove the rollers. This will provide effortless volume." It may sound like a lot of work, but the results speak for themselves.