Fun Fashion Accessories That Will Be All The Rage In 2023

Every fall fashion week, labels across the globe debut their latest and greatest designs, setting the standard for trends in the following spring/summer. But thanks to the pandemic, things haven't been so simple these past few years. 

In 2020, for example, shows adapted to the digital world and withdrew from in-person events (per Vogue). In 2021, the famous fashion extravaganza took the form of mixed digital and in-person events. However, the following fall, fashion week finally returned in its full glory and gave us a look at the styles that will be all the rage in 2023 (via Grazia).

With every top designer taking to the traditional runway in fashion weeks across the globe, we saw all the trends coming our way in 2023. From sheer outfits to metallic ensembles, the year has a wide range of styles in store that will be turning heads.

Arguably the most intricate, exciting element of these trends will be the accessories that go with them. Which accessories will everyone be rocking in 2023?

Pillow bags

The pillow bag is a fun accessory on our radar for 2023. It is a cute, quirky accent to any outfit, and its exterior just looks too cushy and comfy to resist. 

Fashion influencer @leandramedine was ahead of the trend, posing in March 2022 with a bright turquoise pillow bag designed by Mulberry England. Once top designers added this plush accessory to their 2023 lines, it became clear that the tote would become a wardrobe staple for trendsetters everywhere.

Funky heels

When you think of a heel, you probably think of a traditional platform or pump. But that's your 2022 brain thinking. In 2023, a heel will simply mean anything and everything that elevates the sole of your foot. Anything from funky shapes to wild embellishments could be the centerpiece of your footwear. 

Wear Next reports that "the spring/summer 2023 showcased designers expanding beyond the traditional shoe shapes and experimenting with interesting shapes and designs." In 2023, we'll see curves, jewels, and more.

Skinny scarf

Wearing a scarf during the summer is certainly non-traditional, but it can be stylish rather than silly (and it's not as uncomfortable as it sounds). The skinny scarf is light as a feather, and likely won't add much heat to your look as the temperatures get warmer. 

Warm or cold, whatever the weather, Instagram creator and fashion influencer @poppyalmond shows that you can throw a skinny scarf on with any look. Layering on one of these 3-4 inch wide scarves will instantly upgrade your outfit from 2022 to 2023.

Chunky jewlery

In 2023, we can guarantee that chunky jewelry will be around everyone's neck, wrists, fingers, and who knows what else given the Y2k revival (maybe even stomachs or ankles). According to The Daily Front Row, models walking the runway for Saint Laurent, Khaite, and Tom Ford were adorned in chunky jewelry. 

In an interview with Who What Wear, jewelry designer Jenna Katz put the change in tides bluntly, saying, "very dainty pavé stacked jewelry is out for me. Has been for a while. While once a mainstay, I think this trend lacks character and personality." On the other hand, character and personality are precisely what chunky jewelry is all about.

Oversized bags

While mini purses were all the rage in 2022, that's no longer the case. Now we're moving in the opposite direction size-wise. Who What Wear reports that Chloé, Salvatore Ferragamo, Brandon Maxwell, and Bottega Veneta were some of the huge names debuting enormous bags for the 2023 spring/summer fashion week. 

You can get creative with how you style these oversized accessories and, even better, what you put in them. Whatever you need to carry in your purse or want to carry in your purse — laptops, books, snacks — you name it, it'll probably fit.

Knee-high socks

This trend has been brewing for a bit. In the fall, we saw preppy styles having a moment, and according to the runway, they won't be going anywhere this spring (via Style Caster). Designer brands like Dior and Gucci had models strutting down the runway in these school-girl staples, reports Fashion Week Daily

Streetwear trailblazer Bella Hadid was spotted wearing this look all fall long (via Grazia), and it's only a matter of time before the masses start following her. This accessory can be paired with anything that can show them off, like skirts, shorts, and more. 

Opera gloves

If you thought that silk gloves were just for princesses and balls, 2023 is about to prove you wrong. Maybe the costumes of "Bridgerton" inspired this trend, or perhaps Florence Pugh's stunning Instagram post? What we do know is that these gloves were all over the runway for the 2023 summer/spring. 

Glamour suggests you "go for a little more visual texture by adding pearl-studded mesh or Julia Fox–worthy leather to the mix." Opera gloves could be the perfect accent piece if you want to add something upscale to your everyday look.

Shoulder dusters

While some oversized accessories can be practical, like the big bag trend, others are quite the opposite. Not only will we have bigger bags in 2023, but we will also have bigger earrings. 

Who What Wear found that long, dangly earrings that graze the shoulder were all over the 2023 runway. So prep your ears for something a bit heavier and brace yourself for some inconvenient hair tangling because, despite their impracticality, they look fabulous.


So if you haven't heard, '80s fashion trends are making a comeback in 2023. And when you think of '80s accessories, you can't help but think of the iconic fishnet tights. You can go for wider or smaller gaps, black tights, or colored stockings. 

This punk glam accessory can be paired with shorts and skirts or worn under ripped jeans. And, if you want to add texture to your tights without the edgy aesthetic, you can always go for a lacy print to soften the look.

Mary Janes

Since knee-high socks are in style, it's no surprise that Mary Janes are too. These adorable, timeless school shoes are going to be everywhere this year. With socks, without socks, as platform heels, and in classic black; these shoes will be styled with skirts, jeans, and more. 

Think soft, goth aesthetic from Wednesday. In a recent post on Olivia Rodrigo's IG, she paired chunky Mary Janes with sheer knee-highs. So, we give it two or three weeks before everyone we know is wearing them.