35 Dip Powder Nail Designs And Ideas For Your Next Manicure

Dip powder nails seem to fuse the best aspects of other manicure options, combining the acrylic's endurance with the gel nail's lightweight quality. While there are some things you should know before scheduling your dip powder appointment, the durability of this manicure method provides a strong foundation for a variety of nail art looks.

If you're unfamiliar, dip powder is a nail technique that uses primer, acrylic powder, and activator polish. To create a nail design, either colored powder is used or polish is applied on top of the activated dip powder. This process can be applied to natural or extended nails, making it a versatile salon option.

For a visual demonstration, check out the TikToks from @boujieesalon and @borablueprint. Whether you've decided on a set of dip powder nails or are still teetering on the edge of indecision, we've compiled all sorts of nail art looks to provide you with just the inspiration you need.

Half-and-half hearts

Whether you're searching for Valentine's Day nail inspiration or just want something cute and girly, heart-shaped nail designs are an undeniable classic that you're bound to fall in love with. Coming in all shapes and sizes, such nail art is typically achieved using gel products over a dip powder base, which gives you lots of room to experiment.

This swoon-worthy pic from @queennailsccs demonstrates the customizability of the heart-centered nail look. Using negative space with the traditional pink and red creates an adorable but trendy half-and-half nail design.

Cartoon details

Using cartoon details to create a comic-book-inspired look is a super trendy option for dip powder nails. This 2D-looking style comes out of a wave of pop-art nail designs on TikTok, with the hashtag having over 70 million views on the platform. While the resulting look is definitely impactful, all it takes is a black outline and some white detail work to achieve it. We love how the dip powder design from @keyshanailz looks, working really well on this berry shade.

Groovy orange and yellow

Trends inspired by the '70s have really taken off in recent years, with fringes, flared jeans, and psychedelic prints coming back into fashion (per Culture Whisper). You can bring this nostalgia to your nails, creating groovy designs in a 1970s color palette for a fun, standout look.

For example, @glamournailsnorco uses five-petaled flowers and psychedelic waves in orange and yellow for their dip powder design. Topped with a smiley-face flower in white, this pattern looks great against a nude color and natural nails.

Sunflower yellow

If you're wanting a standout look but don't necessarily want the fuss of a design, then dip powder nails in sunflower yellow are definitely a great option for you. Not only is this a great nail color for Enneagram fours, but 99 Designs explains that the color represents happiness and hope, making it a great choice all around.

The above set from @nailsbyrah proves that you don't necessarily need an elaborate nail design to turn heads. Solid color looks are definitely a timeless, chic option.

Peaches and cream

Taking inspiration from the delicious dessert, an orange and cream color scheme makes for a sweet and playful nail look. When using dip powder, you also have the opportunity to play around with glitter to easily customize your design in a really fun way.

Instagrammer @allie_nailsit brings the peaches and cream concept to life with a combination of oranges, pinks, and glitters. We particularly love how the middle nail in this look uses chunkier glitter to simultaneously contrast the texture and complement the colors of the rest of the set.

Accent nails

Accent nails have long existed in the world of nail art, but they continue to offer a simple, fun way to customize your manicure. While the most common accent nail is the ring finger, you can truly play around with where and how you incorporate this design element.

An example of this customizability can be seen in the look from @longhairprettynails, who adds an accent to their bright orange set by highlighting different fingers on each hand. While one hand goes the traditional ring finger route, the other has accent nails on the middle and pinky fingers.

Orange tips with a wavy twist

The classic French manicure has recently seen all kinds of innovations, giving rise to trends like reverse French tips and double Frenches (per New Beauty). Dip powder nails provide the perfect opportunity to similarly play around with this traditional nail style, allowing you to put your own spin on the look.

For some inspiration, we love how @lottie.nailss adds wavy white lines across a set of orange French tips, providing an artistic twist that maintains the simplicity of the original design.

Glittery ombre

Incorporating glitter into your nail art is a surefire way to achieve a glamorous, fun look. Ombre and gradient designs using glitter have been particularly popular in recent years, having been seen on celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Lily Allen. As You Can Do Nails mentions, glitter ombre is actually one of the most popular designs for dip powder nails, too.

If you're looking for a twist on the classic ombre look, consider going for a horizontal effect as seen in the set from @shei.doesdip_nails.

Minimalist rhinestones

For those wanting a minimalist design, adding subtle jeweled details is a great option for your dip powder nail look. Worn by stars like Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Bieber, and Jameela Jamil, polish adorned with simple rhinestones create a sleek, elegant design that works for any occasion.

Jewel details look great with all colors, but we love how stylish and girly these pink bejeweled nails are from @saintaugustinenails. Just like in this set, you can play around with the placement and number of your rhinestones, customizing the look to suit your own personal taste.

Ice cream drip

Drip nail art designs have been around for quite a while, growing especially popular after they were seen on trendsetter Kylie Jenner (per Allure). From bloody Halloween looks to paint-inspired splatters, there are many directions you can take this style, but we're big fans of the look from @audrey.do.nail.like.that.

This set features pink ice cream drips with colorful sprinkles as accent nails, creating a sweet and fun dip powder design. For your own look, consider playing around with ice cream color and toppings to really get creative.

Nude ombre

If you like the idea of ombre nails but don't want the glitz of a glitter design, consider going for a nude gradient. Nude nail polishes are always a solid, chic choice, and adding the ombre element will really elevate your selected polish. This pink-nude gradient set from @jo_and_her_nails basically transforms the French manicure into an ombre while showing just how sleek and professional this nail design is. However, if you need more inspiration, you can also turn to Nicola Peltz Beckham and Kylie Jenner.

Iridescent shine

Holographic nail glitter has really shined in the last few years, but its sister shades of the iridescent variety also deserve lots of love. As explained by Style Craze, iridescent nail polishes contain luminous shimmer that changes color depending on how the lights hit them.

As can be seen with the nail set from @hello_hi_nail_lounge_bar, the resulting look is super eye-catching and polished. With an almost futuristic quality, this design in dip powder nails is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

All the purple glitter

Dip powder nails lend themselves really well to glitter looks, so try incorporating different types of shimmer into your next set of nails for a truly glamorous look. From chunky and shaped glitter to the finely milled and combination variety, there are lots of twinkly products to choose from.

For inspiration, check out how @cj_loves_dipdnails uses a fine, shimmery purple with chunkier combination glitter for a really sparkling look. This is definitely a style for those who are looking for something eye-catching.

Pastel purple flowers

When it comes to floral nail art, there are so many designs to choose from. Cutesy flower looks inspired by patterns of the '70s and '90s have been particularly popular lately, seen on Gigi Hadid, Lana Condor, and Kourtney Kardashian, and are a great choice for dip powder nails.

We really like the pastel purple color scheme of this set from @vogue.nail.spa, which gives a fun, dainty vibe to the floral pattern. For your own nails, don't be afraid to play around with color schemes and styles to really customize your look.

Cow-printed purple

In recent years, cow print seems to be everywhere, gaining popularity in fashion, home decor, and, of course, nail art (per The Cut). Other animal prints, like the familiar zebra and cheetah, have also reemerged in the mainstream, but cow print seems to be the true star of the show.

For an example of how you can incorporate cow print into your dip powder nail designs, check out the look from @lvt_nails_spa, who plays around with nail shape in addition to pattern. If you need more inspiration, celebrity nail artists @betina_goldstein and @nailsbymei also have super cute sets.

Blue butterflies

While some detailed nail designs can be hard to recreate on your own, nail stickers eliminate the need for steady hands and artistic abilities. Providing a stylish, polished look, there are many nail decals out there to choose from. However, we particularly like the look of butterfly designs, as seen on the Instagram pages of celebrity nail artists like @sacciadidthat and @sreyninpeng.

For a dip powder-specific look, we love the blue hues of this nail set from @anyelica_colinac, which incorporates glitter and rhinestones in addition to butterfly stickers.

Psychedelic smiley

As mentioned, '70s designs have seen a recent resurgence in the fashion world, bringing back modernized versions of psychedelic patterns of the decade (per Refinery29). Distorted smileys, which give an acutely psychedelic vibe, are one nostalgic design element that works really well in nail art.

These designs don't have to be overtly '70s, as seen in the look from @nailsby__tessa. Instead, you can play around with incorporating non-traditional colors and patterns into your distorted smiley designs, creating a look that is completely yours.

Just a hint of wavy glitter

If you love the look of glitter but aren't ready to commit to an entirely twinkly look, consider incorporating glitter in a more subtle way. For example, @greys.nailspa creates a wavy design that is accented by lines drawn with glitter. While the bright blue of this set is definitely the standout element, the additional sparkly lines add some more interest to the entire look. For more glittery inspiration, check out designs from @ava_naiils and @fadadasposticaas.

Blue chrome claws

Chrome nails have been super trendy lately, spotted on the hands of celebrities like Zendaya, Doja Cat, and Olivia Rodrigo. With this in mind, chrome polish is definitely worth considering when deciding on your next dip powder look.

While there are lots of chrome colors to choose from, you can also play around with nail shapes, taking inspiration from the stiletto shape of this set from @nailzkill. The resulting claw-like look is super fierce and works really well with the chrome texture.

Tie-dye tips

For a fun, colorful nail look, try incorporating a tie-dye pattern into your next set of dip powder nails. Per HYPEBAE, the tie-dye nail art trend is part of the surge of '70s-inspired patterns and prints, giving rise to lots of interesting designs.

We particularly like how this set from @nailsbygibby puts a twist on the classic French manicure by using a tie-dye pattern for the tips. Similarly, you can experiment with where and how you incorporate this print into your nails. Try playing around with color and hues, too.

Groovy mint green

If you're looking for a bright, exciting color for your manicure, then a mint green look might be just the thing for you. Stylist explains the popularity of this shade on TikTok, mentioning that it especially took off after the launch of Gucci Beauty's Miriam Mint nail polish.

Besides being a trendy, cute color, mint green leaves lots of room for design experimentation. For example, @ivy_nails_it puts a groovy spin on the color by incorporating smiley faces and flower motifs into their minty French look.

Malachite green

For another green-inspired look, choose a malachite-like shade of green for a darker, bold color. One of the nail polish colors associated with abundance manifestations, green also invokes earthy and adventurous vibes (per Kiara Sky). This makes it a great shade choice for nail art, lending itself to many creative looks.

While we love this solid green set from @soulstarstyle, you can also take inspiration from content creators like @overglowedit and @sadiejnails by incorporating this hue into a sleek, daring design.

Jade marble

Speaking of designs that use green, this nail art from @jo_and_her_nails provides the perfect inspiration for marble-based looks. Influenced by nail iterations of Kintsugi pottery, marble nail art takes its look from the veiny slabs we're used to seeing as countertops and flooring (per PopSugar).

Worn by the iconic Lizzo, this nail look is not only on trend but is timelessly elegant and chic. While we're partial to the featured green design, you can play around with the color of your marble dip powder nails.

Squared French tips

While it can be fun to play around with different nail colors and designs, you can also use different shapes to customize your dip powder nails. From almond and coffin to stiletto and square, there are many nail shapes to choose from.

Personally, we love how the square shape of this set from @zennailslashes is accentuated by the squared French tips. The neutral brown shade also allows the lines of the nail body to stand out, creating a super sleek design. For your own nails, try playing around with new nail shapes and experimenting with classic designs.

Crocodile-skin tips

Crocodile nail art has been super trendy lately, seen on the Instagram pages of notable nail artists like @chaunlegend and @juniebeenails. Allowing you to customize polish colors and nail shapes, this animal-print design can work really well for your dip powder nails, especially if you like daring looks.

For inspiration, check out the crocodile tips from @by_zoehwin, who styles various shades of brown on almond-shaped nails. Not only is this a super fierce look, but it's also pretty chic.

Simply dotted

Dotted nails are another minimalist design style that would work great for your next dip powder nails. While such looks are similar to simple rhinestone designs, you can customize the placement, size, and color of dotted art a lot more. Overall, the resulting vibe is super cool and artsy, as seen in the set from @nailsby_justinaa.

We're also big fans of the dotted nail art from celebrity manicurists @aliciatnails and @betina_goldstein, who each put their own spin on the trend.

Matte burgundy

Red is a classic nail color, known for expressing confidence and looking bold. The dark burgundy color with a matte finish, shown in the nail set from @nailsbypangg, captures all the vibes of the classic red while looking especially sleek. The matte finish, specifically, adds a really interesting element to the entire look.

With similar nail polish colors seen on stars like Margot Robbie and Keke Palmer, you'll be among some notable names if you choose this look for your next dip powder manicure.

Tortoiseshell patterned

Tortoiseshell nails have been super trendy lately, worn by stars such as Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian. According to Glamour, the popularity of this pattern is largely due to its versatility, as its caramel color generally pairs well with many outfits, especially fall ones. In this way, tortoiseshell nails are definitely worth considering for a dip powder design.

While there are many ways to customize this look, such as adding additional design elements to the print, we love the classic vibes of this nail set from @melissasmanis.

Color-blocking designs

Color-blocking is a nail art technique that places solid colors together, typically separated by sharp angles and lines (per All Women's Talk). With this nail trend, you have a lot of room to experiment with color and shape, so the resulting design always has a unique and artsy effect.

We particularly love how these nails from @pureartistrystudio use color, shimmer, and curves to create a truly dynamic set. The designs from @nicapolish and @nailsbycanishiea are also inspiration-worthy.

Leaf designs and gold details

Leaf-centered patterns are another great option for dip powder nail designs, offering a laid-back but put-together look. While we love a fall moment, you can also keep your nails timeless with a more simplistic, elegant leaf design as seen in this set from @fashioncover_ve. The black leaf motif makes for a simple, sleek accent nail, while the gold foil detail really accentuates it with a touch of glam.

For more inspiration, check out designs from @nailsalonshe and @paiwaloves. When planning your nails, don't be afraid to incorporate your own golden accent, too.

Golden leaf foils

Speaking of accents, golden foil details are a really cute, glamorous accessory to include in your dip powder nails. While there a nail foils made to transfer designs onto your nails, the technique we're referring to involves applying pieces of foil to the nail. As seen in this dip powder look from @deeplydipped, this results in beautiful, textured nails.

For more ideas for incorporating golden leaves into your dip powder manicure, check out looks from well-known nail artists @sadiejnails, @juniebeenails, and @stephstonenails.

Galaxy glitter

While galaxy prints were a staple pattern of the 2010s, you can still produce really fun, interesting glittery nail designs inspired by space without looking dated. An example of this comes from @ketajackson, who creates an ombre effect on black nails using fine, colorful glitter. More subtle in its galaxy inspiration, this results in a really fun, eye-catching design.

If you want to create your own sparkly space look, then take a look at the sets from @buffbarbristol and @wikkidpolish for more ideas.

Bejeweled black stars

While rhinestones lend themselves to really chic, minimalist designs, they can also be used to accentuate more dynamic nail art. This can be seen in the set from @kellyphan2013, who bejewels a black, starry design on almond-shaped nails. We particularly love the use of negative space in this look, as it really lets the shine of the rhinestones stand out.

For your own dip powder nails, consider adding studded details to other design elements such as diamonds, hearts, and flowers.

Fiery black accent nails

Flame-inspired nails are nothing new, but they're an avenue worth exploring when considering your next dip powder set. You can really take such designs in any direction you want, playing around with the shape and color of your flame motifs. Additionally, fiery details make for really great accent nails.

While we love this black, fiery design from @nailsbylona_pampered, especially how it uses negative space, we also like the more colorful take on the design seen in this neon set from nail artist @kimkimnails.

Black and white checkers

Worn by Dua Lipa and Gwen Stefani, checkered nail art is another trendy design to think about when deciding on a nail look. While the pattern first gained popularity on cool-girl clothing, Glamour explains that it absolutely exploded as a nail design on Instagram. Now, there are lots of nail sets just waiting to inspire your next dip powder nail look. We particularly love this distorted black-and-white version of the look from @nailsbyjennie92, which demonstrates how creative you can get with the print.