Warm Up Your Winter Days With The Sweater-Inspired Nail Art Trend

Nail art is the ultimate accessory, and it's nail polish's versatility that makes it an enduring favorite among beauty enthusiasts. You can tone it all the way down with one layer of clear polish and have a simple, clean aesthetic that adds sophistication to your outfit. Or, you can have three-inch stiletto nails that turn a little black dress into an edgy and sensual look. Your preferred nail shape and nail polish color can say a lot about you. The blank canvas of your nail beds allows them to be transformed into a true display of art that expresses your unique personality. Plus, there are always trends that are waiting to be tried.

Beauty expert Lia Smith says nail art is all the rage all year around, but it's especially popular in winter. "Whether it's one accent nail or a design on all 10 fingers, fun and festive nails are showing up, like negative-space looks, French tips, and colorful swirls," Cosmopolitan. The sweater nail trend lets you do all of the above while bringing an added layer of warmth to winter. Luckily, we have the sweater nail looks that'll make you want to book your next manicure today.

Simple accent sweater designs

You only need the cable knit art on one finger to officially be a part of the sweater-inspired nails trend. An accent nail is an easy way to dip your toes into a new look. Plus, you won't have to shell out loads of cash or spend lots of time on intricate artwork (no offense, maximalists). Its simplicity makes for a fun DIY manicure. A neutral color polish keeps the design minimalistic while adding a touch of warmth. Celebrity nail stylist Elle Gerstein tells Allure that with the right tools, line designs are some of the easiest DIY art to create. All you need for these sweater stripes are a thin brush or a toothpick.

Half-and-half nail art for double the fun

This textural design is perfect for mixing and matching with other nail styles. In our inspiration photo, the pink cable knit pattern contrasts the deep white french tips. The glitter accent creates a smooth transition between the two elements. If pink and glitter are too barbiecore for your taste, feel free to personalize this style with your favorite colors. For a cozy winter set, stick with the classic white tips on one half, and for the other side, highlight warm shades through the sweater details.

Stand out with two-tone sweater nails

Traditional sweater nails use one color polish for the knitting decal. The monochrome look mimics a pullover with a single-color yarn. However, who needs to follow tradition? Two-tone sweater nails pop. The base coat provides a smooth backdrop for the detailing polish to stand out. As Japanese nail artist Mei Kawajiri says, "For a vibrant and more-is-more design, lean into complementary color" (via Who What Wear). The celebrity manicurist, who has worked with fashionistas like Gigi Hadid, loves the blush pink and chocolate brown combination.

The more the merrier with multi-stitch sweater designs

The best thing about trends is the opportunity to personalize them. You're not actually knitting a sweater onto your nails, so if the stitching is not true to real yarn work, it's not a problem. Nail artists throw hearts, dots, and swirls into their sweater designs for a truly unique look. As long as you have parallel lines between your patterns that mimic crochet rows, the sweater feature will shine through. For this cozy trend, fit together your favorite figures or let your nail technician do it for you.

A cozy twist on French tips

French manicures are never going out of style. They are forever on trend and are the perfect pairing for any nail art. For this sweater detail, you can stick to the classic white strip or go wild. French tips don't have to mean straight across your nail's edge. Inverted, angled, and swirly tips are generation X's twist on the timeless design. Selena Gomez's black and white flipside french manicure is all the proof we needed. 

Winter wonderland meets soft sweaters

What's a better way to highlight the cold season in your nails than with snow? The sweater trend adds a hint of warmth and contrast to that winter fairycore aesthetic. A touch of the cable knit pattern is all you need, like in our inspiration photo. The white sweater details are sealed in the French tip, bundled with snowflakes and glitter. Its clear backdrop for the knitting details also creates a glass nail effect. This look emphasizes the cold, wintery feel.

Mix and match patterns with flannel

You don't have to be a lumberjack to rock flannel. Although the pattern has a homey vibe, fashion features editor Laura Hawkins says it can easily be elevated. The style expert tells British Vogue, "A plaid shirt can be given immediate polish if worn with a tuxedo suit and crystal jewelry." The stripe pattern can also be highlighted as a companion to sweater nails. The flannel look goes hand-in-hand with the cable knit design. The duo fashion statement will bring extra coziness to your winter nails.

Colorful gradient nails for a rainbow of creativity

Ten nails mean the opportunity for 10 different colors — or at least five if you like your hands to be twins. The subtle design of the sweater nails lets you play with color without the art becoming overwhelming. However, if you're like creative director Ruth Mottershead, who believes that "statement, standout colors" are always in style but that "coordinated tones" add something extra special, you might go for neutral shades (via Stylist). Whether earthy greens or bright oranges, gradient sweater nails are our favorite.

Unique rib sweater nails

The cable knit style dominates the sweater nail designs, but it is not the only stitch that represents warm winter wear. Rib patterns are a popular knitting stitch that fits perfectly into the sweater nails trend. The rib design resembles zigzags, offering a sophisticated rather than whimsical look (much like Y2K zigzag hair parts). Rib nail art is easy to DIY and sets you apart from the rope style of cable knit. Our inspiration photo added a gem nail accessory to mimic a brooch you might wear on a sweater or cardigan. It doesn't get more cozy than that.

Cross stitch just got trendy

When you think of cross stitching, ugly Christmas sweaters might come to mind, or grandmas knitting away with tiny needles. However, now you'll be thinking about your next manicure. This is another sweater style that breaks free from the traditional cable knit pattern. This cross-stitch sweater nail art lends itself to any design. From dinosaurs to hearts, you can bring fun prints to your nails while honing in on the sweatery vibe. Stick to the winter theme with white snowflakes, or celebrate spring with bright colors.

Argyle is in style with sweater nails

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. However, we're not talking about sticking rhinestones on your nails, we're talking about argyle. The rhombus pattern is a popular sweater print. It fits into the rom-comcore aesthetic, golfer vibe, and now your nail designs. You can combine the argyle print with your cable or rib knit nail art or have the color-block diamonds stand on their own. The multiple colors of argyle let you mix and match earthy tones for added warmth. You might choose to keep it neutral for a simple look, or go with contrasting shades for bold color theory.

Abstract designs for the artist in all of us

Abstract nails are creativity at its max. The example above mixes the sweater nail trend with the hot chocolate nail trend for extra winter glee. The play with negative space highlights the intricate sweater detail while offering a natural look. It's a twist on the French manicure, too. Nail technician Sophy Phok is a fan of this look, telling The Zoe Report, "It's trending because of its simplicity, euphoric lines, and the ability to mix and match colors." That's why our nail appointment is booked.