25 Black Ombré Hairstyles You'll Want To Try Out Immediately

Ombré hairstyles have been around for quite a few years, but they don't seem to be going out of fashion anytime soon. If you're unfamiliar, ombré is a hair-coloring technique that gradates one color into another. Typically, a darker color is the starting point, merging into a lighter shade. Because the secondary color is applied to only half the hair, often leaving a person's natural shade at the top, it's usually considered a lower-maintenance or less committed coloring option.


As for the origin of the trend, Jafra Bryant, a celebrity and editorial colorist, tells Byrdie, "Ombré was created when the 2008 recession was here because money was tight everywhere and the one thing people could cut back on was getting their hair colored all the time." If you're not afraid of DIY-ing your hair color, you can save a lot of money by recreating ombré looks at home. Otherwise, salon visits can range anywhere from $80 to $500, depending on your selected color, hair length, and specific salon.

Besides being cost-effective, this method of hair coloring allows you to experiment with style, technique, and color, producing many unique and fun looks. Pairing your selected color with black, in particular, is a great option for naturally dark-haired individuals or people looking for some real contrast. For inspiration, we've gathered tons of black ombré hairstyles that you'll want to take to your next salon visit.


Subtle ash brown ombré

While some black ombré pairings can really stand out, you can take the technique in a more subtle direction by choosing a secondary shade that's close to black. An example of this can be seen in the Instagram photo from @pajarhairart, who combines black and ash brown to create a lowkey ombré look. While it might be subtle, this beautiful two-toned hairdo is anything but forgettable.


For your own ombré coloring, consider going with deep browns or dark grays to achieve a similarly toned-down style.

Reddish-brown ombré

Even if you're not going for a subtle vibe, shades of brown work really well in black ombré dye jobs. We particularly love the color featured by @serenitybyvindya, as its reddish hues really warm up the palette of these tresses. Besides this, it also reminds us of a subtle ombré look from Zendaya, who uses a similar red-toned shade of brown for the ends of her hair.


While we love the effect of bright red ombré, we appreciate how well naturally-toned reddish browns create a dynamic aesthetic.

Brown and black balayage

Ombré dye jobs can use different techniques to create a gradient effect, and the balayage method is a very popular option. Lisa Satorn, senior stylist at LA's Nine Zero One salon, breaks down this practice, explaining, "It's a freehand highlighting technique. By using a sweeping motion, it creates a soft, multidimensional, and natural looking highlight" (per Byrdie).


The balayage method is used to produce the ombré color from @savvyhairdesigns, which results in a natural-looking combination of black and brown. Reminiscent of Selena Gomez's two-toned locks, we can't help but fall in love with this inspo picture.

Caramel browns

Another example of the balayage technique comes from @mertayyildizogl, who showcases beautiful caramel colors blending seamlessly from black. Combining gold and brown hues, caramel brown refers to various warm-toned brown colors that look particularly flattering on warm or neutral skin tones. When paired with black to create a gradient effect, the result is super eye-catching and dynamic.


As it's been fairly popular recently, caramel brown shades have been seen on celebrities like Ciara, Jennifer Lopez, and Hannah Jeter, so you'll be in good company if you decide to incorporate the color into your black ombré look.

Light brown locks

One of the biggest benefits of the ombré style of hair dyeing is its low maintenance. Madison Rae Garret, master colorist at Spoke & Weal salon in New York City, tells Ipsy, "Because you don't have a line of demarcation, ombré requires little to no maintenance."


As seen in the light brown and black ombré dye job from @abohemianexistence, the gradient effect that the style employs is what circumvents the harsh root line that Garret refers to. This results in fewer salon visits or at-home touch-ups compared to all-over color.

From black to blonde

Besides saving money and time, black ombré hairstyles create a really striking contrast depending on the color it's paired with. For example, this inspo photo from @savvyhairdesigns shows how eye-catching black and blonde are together, especially with the brown-ish shading effect that occurs in between the two hues.


Even when using naturally-occurring hair colors, this style of dyeing can create a truly dimensional and interesting look. So, for your own ombré hairdo, don't be afraid to play around with different colors and tones to find what works best for you.

Platinum blonde curls

Platinum blonde is also a great shade for black ombré looks, as can be seen in this eye-catching Instagram post from @denni.beautystudio. We particularly love how the merging colors show off the depth of the curls, accentuating their shape and fullness. 


For those with a curly texture, black ombré aesthetics are definitely something to consider. While you may need a few tricks to go platinum without damaging your hair, you can truly achieve an arresting effect with this particular color combination.

White-blonde ombré

White blonde is one hair color that has been particularly popular among celebs, with figures like Khloe Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, and Teyana Taylor all sporting the shade. Though similar to platinum blonde, this color is known for its icier tones, bringing in a bright whiteness that is both dramatic and stylish.


Though it's a pretty high-maintenance color option, the pic from @xcellent_kevin shows how fabulous it can look in a black ombré design, especially with gradient grays incorporated in.

Sleek and silver

Speaking of grays, you can get sleek and sparkly with your black ombré dye job by pairing the color with silver. Instagram user @frankhairartist shows just how striking this combo can be, showing a silver-black hairdo with the color focused at the ends.


This can also be a great transition for those wanting to go fully silver, as going for such a drastic change can damage the hair, and leveling the lighter color up slowly can prevent your tresses from becoming totally fried.

Plaited pinky peach

Pink is also a great color option for black ombré hairstyles, with the light shade creating an eye-catching contrast in addition to being fun. We particularly love the pinky-peach color featured by @hairstylist_julialind, which is shown off in a pair of braids. This specific hue reminds us of Lana Condor's iconic pink look, but you can truly play around with different pinks to achieve your own unique design.


For more examples of pink-black ombré ideas, check out these stunning photos from @sandesh_hairstylist and @todaysimagesalon.

Black to red ombré

Taking inspiration from Vanessa Hudgens, you can pair red and black together to create a super cool ombré look. An example of this can be seen in the inspo picture from @hairandemma, which features a red ombré design that focuses the color on the ends of the hair. Styled with loose waves, the vibrant red creates an almost flame-like effect.


While red is a more difficult hair color to take care of, this is definitely a hue choice to consider if you're wanting something bold and interesting.

Harley Quinn-inspired ombré

Color is a super easy thing to play around with when creating a black ombré look, but you can also experiment with the placement of your design to really customize it. For example, the photo from @getcutanddye shows a combination of traditional and reverse ombré in red and black. As the Instagram caption mentions, this creates a really cool effect reminiscent of the iconic Harley Quinn. 


For your own black ombré look, don't be afraid to experiment with where and how you arrange your design.

Bright orange braids

As demonstrated by the awe-inspiring Beyoncé, knotless braids are a really stylish way to show off an ombré effect. While the celeb takes a more natural-looking approach by combining blonde and black, we also love how the neon orange ombré design featured by @boxbeautyco looks. As you can see, the braids really emphasize the gradient element of the hair coloring, resulting in a look that would be eye-catching even if it wasn't in a neon shade. 


When styling your own ombré dye job, try playing around with different hairdos to see what best suits your design.

Magenta ombré

If you're looking for a bold and vibrant ombré design, you can always pair magenta and black. On its own, magenta is a super eye-catching shade. As Aura Friedman, a New York City-based colorist, tells Allure, "To paint your hair magenta, you must desire to be noticed. This will definitely [start] conversations."


When combined with black to create a gradient effect, the color is even more striking. This can be seen in the photo from @pulpriothair, which shows the combo on a mid-length hairstyle.

Purple lob

While many ombré designs are featured on longer hairstyles, you don't need super long locks to pull off this coloring effect. As seen in this multi-hued look from @hairartistrybyrachel, gradient color designs can really stand-out on short hairstyles like the lob. If you're unfamiliar, the lob is a slightly longer version of the classic bob, typically falling around the shoulders.


In addition to looking great on this length, we love the multiple tones of purple featured in this style. Overall, the color truly gives purple-haired Katy Perry vibes.

Mermaid-inspired ombré

While mermaid-inspired hair colors really took off in the mid-2010s, the aesthetic is making its way back into the mainstream with "mermaid-core" fashion. Following the lead of this trend, the whimsical colors associated with mermaids really make for great ombré inspiration.


This is obvious in the dye job from @jenthehairmagician, which pairs black with violet hues and aqua blue for a truly stunning look. The beauty of these aquatic-based hair designs is that there is no one way to achieve them. Instead, you can play around with different sea-inspired colors to create a unique style.

Iridescent ombré

Another colorful way to approach ombré designs is by adding colors inspired by the iridescent shades seen in oil slicks. With richly toned greens, blues, and purples, this hair color trend is often called oil-spill hair and works particularly well with a black base. 


As celebrity hairstylist Marcus Francis tells Byrdie, "This trend actually works better for darker hair to help amplify the darkness that it actually has. The shadows the dark hair creates to help the added color make for richness in the hair." For some iridescent inspiration, check out the eye-catching look from @katieelizabeth_hair.

Green with envy ombré

Dark green is another bold color that has been worn among celebs, seen on figures like Kylie Jenner, Skai Jackson, and Sarah Snyder. While it's worn on its own by these stars, the color pairs really well with black to create a dynamic ombré design. This can be seen in the Instagram photo from @latesthair, which features a black-green ombré look that is cool enough to make anyone green with envy.


For more green and black designs, check out the posts from @themaneevent._ and @todyeforofficial.

Curtain bangs and blue

If you're wondering what hairstyle to wear with your ombré design, then consider going for the trendy curtain bangs. If you're unfamiliar, curtain bangs are a type of longer fringe that frames the face. Inspired by styles of the '60s and '70s, the bangs have recently come back into style.


While too many layers can make an ombré design appear choppy, curtain bangs can pair well with long layers to provide a fun, cool-girl look. Plus, you can try out fake curtain bangs before committing to the chop. As an example, @pinkdagger features a vibrantly blue ombré dye job with mid-length hair and curtain bangs.

Unicorn-inspired colors

Similar to the mermaid aesthetic, unicorn-inspired styles really dominated the mid to late 2010s, giving life to everything ranging from rainbow-themed makeup looks to pastel Starbucks drinks. Regardless, taking inspiration from these unicorn looks of the past can create a really fun ombré design, especially when the colors are grounded in a black base. 


We're particularly fond of this colorful gradient from @chris0712, but you can mix and match your rainbow-inspired colors to make a unicorn ombré that is all your own.

Silvery reverse ombré

Another way to approach black ombré hair is by going for a reverse look. Whereas typical ombré designs place a darker color at the roots of the hair, reverse ombré starts with a lighter color and merges into a darker one. The resulting look is super bold, creating a stylish and vibrant effect.


For an example of this, check out the silvery hairdo from @modernsalon. As mentioned in the caption of this Instagram photo, on top of looking cool, such a style can work really well if you're transitioning from having your hair dyed a dark color.

Shot of neon yellow

Another example of a black reverse ombré comes from @aaashleee, who features a stylish look that places blonde at the roots, neon yellow at the merging point, and black at the tips of the hair. 

While not the same color, this neon look reminds us of Billie Eilish's reverse black and green hairdo. For your own ombré design, consider experimenting with your color choice and placement, as you just might end up with something as striking as this neon palette.


Reverse in red

Sported by stars like Lizzo, Bella Thorne, and Rihanna, red is definitely a popular hair color right now. You've already seen how well it pairs with black in a traditional ombré design, so you shouldn't be surprised that it's also a killer color choice for a reverse look. 


If you don't believe us, check out the inspo picture from @hairriloves, which shows off a striking burgundy color on a mid-length hairstyle. If you've been thinking about going red, take this as your sign from the universe.

Short, magenta waves

You don't need super long hair to show off your ombré dye job, and that goes for reverse ombré looks, too. 

Instagram user @tinajestinaa shows just how eye-catching the gradient effect can be with a magenta and black look on finger waves. We simply love how the wavy hair texture shows off the dynamic colors of the ombré. For your own design, don't be afraid to play around with your favorite colors, even if they are as vibrant as this magenta.


Blonde to black ombré

Bright colors aren't your only option for reverse ombré designs. Natural or dyed blondes can play around with dark tips for a startling effect, as seen in the photo from @envymewigcollection. We particularly love the long length of this look, as it definitely adds to the glamorous vibes.


On top of looking fabulous, natural blondes won't have to worry about their roots when playing around with darker hair ends. For more examples of black and blonde reverse ombré designs, check out the posts from @tayatheslayaxo and @blairhairproject.