Heather Webber's Litany Of Crimes On General Hospital

One of the scariest villains to ever appear on "General Hospital" is Heather Webber, a psychotic serial killer who has been tormenting the citizens of Port Charles for decades. Originally played by Georganne LaPiere and then Mary O'Brien, the role was taken over by Robin Mattson in 1980. Mattson played Heather with vicious glee as she terrorized the city until she left the show in 2016. In 2022, soap vet Alley Mills took over as Heather, raising the bar by cutting a violent and bloody path through Port Charles like something out of an Italian horror film.

In the late 1970s, Heather was obsessed with Dr. Jeff Webber (then Richard Dean Anderson), whom she seduced and eventually got to marry her. She got pregnant, told Jeff that she miscarried, and sold their baby on the black market to Diana Taylor (Brooke Bundy). After getting pregnant again and having a real miscarriage, Heather decided she wanted her child back from Diana. She attempted to dose the woman with LSD but accidentally injected herself, suffering a psychotic break as a result. Jeff divorced Heather and had her committed to a sanitarium, then left with the baby — Steven Lars Webber.

After being released, Heather pretended to be even more unstable than she really was so she'd end up back in the sanitarium and could use it as an alibi in her plot to murder Diana. Jeff had gotten involved with Anne Logan (Susan Pratt) by then, and Heather framed her for Diana's death, though Heather's mother, Alice Grant (Lieux Dressler), was the real killer. Heather then hooked up with Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner), and they planned a scheme to use Heather's cousin Susan Moore (Gail Ramsey) to steal the Quartermaine fortune.

Heather is a master manipulator -- and kidnapper

When Heather Webber and Scott Baldwin's plans failed, and Susan Moore was murdered, Heather left Port Charles to be closer to her son. She later returned in 2004 to cozy up to Edward Quartermaine (John Ingle) after the death of his wife, Lila Quartermaine (Anna Lee). Taking advantage of his grief, she conned Edward into marrying her in another attempt to get her hands on the Q fortune. However, when Edward's daughter-in-law Monica Quartermaine (Lesley Charleson) learned of their marriage, she kicked them both out of her mansion — which her husband Alan Quartermaine had given her.

Unfortunately for Heather, Edward gave away all his money, leading her to assume he was having a mental breakdown. She and his daughter Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) had him committed. However, Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) figured out Heather's scheme and got her to confess to killing Officer Ross Duncan, whose death she had pinned on Skye Chandler-Quartermaine (Robin Christopher). To evade capture, she told Luke that she knew where his catatonic ex-wife Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) was — because she had kidnapped her.

After Heather also kidnapped Skye at knifepoint, Luke pretended to want to marry Heather so she would reveal Skye and Laura's location. While preparing for their wedding at the Quartermaine mansion, Luke tricked her into telling him where the women were by convincing her that Skye should attend the ceremony. Luke secretly called the police, and Heather was shipped off to Ferncliff Asylum.

Heather has a sordid history with babies

In 2012, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) visited Heather Webber to get information about a killer named Franco (then James Franco), who was obsessed with her husband, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Heather revealed that Franco and Jason were fraternal twins, and their mother was Susan Moore. When an unconscious Susan unexpectedly gave birth to twins, Heather sold the second baby — Franco — to a nurse. Heather wanted Sam to pass along a letter from her to her son Steven Lars Webber (Scott Reeves), who was now a doctor. But when Sam refused, Heather threatened to tell Jason that she'd overheard Sam asking for a paternity test for the child she was carrying. Sam countered by saying she'd tell Steve about Heather selling Franco, so the two ended up in a stalemate.

Eventually, Heather convinced Steve to help her get released and was furious when he was arrested for murder because he let one of his patients die so that a patient of his former lover, Maggie Wurth (Kodi Kitchen), could live. In retaliation, Heather poisoned Maggie's tea, killing her and making it look like a suicide. She then forged a note in which Maggie confessed to killing Steve's patient so that he would be exonerated.

Later, Heather stumbled across the body of mobster Anthony Zacchara (Bruce Weitz), whom she believed had been killed by Luke Spencer. Because she was obsessed with Luke, Heather buried the body, thinking she was protecting him. While doing so, she encountered Todd Manning (Roger Howarth), who was carrying Téa Delgado's (Florencia Lozano) dying newborn. Coincidentally, they discovered Sam, who had just given birth, and when Téa's child died, Heather talked Todd into swapping the babies.

Heather tried to steal Sam's son multiple times

Luke Spencer later told Heather Webber that he not only didn't kill Anthony Zacchara, but he was also in a relationship with police commissioner Anna Devane (Finola Hughes). Heather knocked him unconscious and tied him up in a cabin, claiming he'd stay there until he fell in love with her. Anna tracked Luke to the cabin, which had accidentally caught fire. Anna and Luke were escaping when Heather fired a gun at her. Luke jumped in between them, taking the bullet for Anna.

After being sent back to Ferncliff, Heather escaped again and visited Téa Delgado in Llanview, pretending she was Susan Moore and offering to babysit the child that actually belonged to Sam McCall. Instead, she took the little boy and headed back to Port Charles because he required medicine. There, Sam and Jason confronted Heather on the hospital roof, where she jumped off with the baby. Fortunately, Jason grabbed the kid, saving him just as Heather plummeted. Heather survived but wound up in a coma. The baby swap was revealed, and Téa was devastated, though Sam was grateful to have her son back.

Later, Heather awoke and escaped to the Quartermaine mansion. She tried taking Skye Chandler-Quartermaine hostage at knifepoint, but the maid, Alice Gunderson (Laura Lynn "Bergen" Williams), hit her with a baseball bat. Heather was again sent back to Ferncliff. There, fellow inmates Todd Manning and Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) joined Heather in an escape, and the trio headed to Wyndemere mansion. Heather soon slipped away, but not before stealing Sam's baby again.

Heather tried to kill Olivia and Carly

When Heather Webber tried to run away with Danny Morgan again, Todd Manning witnessd her get intercepted on the docks by vampire Caleb Morely (Michael Easton), who choked her and threw her into the harbor. The police arrived after Caleb vanished, securing the baby and taking Todd into custody. Although presumed dead, Heather was very much alive and later tried to stab Steven's fiancee Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero). Steve intervened and was accidentally stabbed by his mother. Not long afterward, Heather decided the jig was up and turned herself in.

Before Heather was remanded to a maximum security prison called Miscavige, she made a deal with Todd, who promised to call Steve and apologize for her. In return, she confessed to switching Sam's baby with Teá Delgado's and masterminding the escape from Ferncliff so Todd and Lucy Coe would be cleared.

Heather later reconnected with her son Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth), who visited her and explained that he learned Scotty Baldwin was his father and Heather, not Susan Moore, was his mother. After escaping yet again, Heather tried to stab Franco's girlfriend, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright). Franco saved Carly, stabbed his mother, and then buried her. Heather, of course, wasn't dead and dug her way out of the shallow grave. She then kidnapped Carly, intending to murder her and frame Franco for the crime. Franco was arrested for Carly's disappearance but managed to escape and track them down. Heather shot him when he confronted her but was swiftly arrested by Anna Devane.

Heather was The Hook killer

Heather Webber escaped custody yet again, shooting Sonny Corinthos' bodyguard Max Giambetti (Derk Cheetwood), before holding Carly Corinthos, Shawn Butler (Sean Blakemore), and Jordan Ashford (then Vinessa Antoine) at gunpoint for wronging Franco. Heather and Franco had agreed to work together to get revenge, but he ultimately switched sides and saved the hostages, and she was sent to D'Archam Asylum.

In October 2022, Heather (now Alley Mills) was brought to General Hospital to treat an illness. After recovering, she was transferred to the minimum security facility called Spring Ridge because she brokered a deal with police to try and get insight from serial killer Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) about "The Hook" killings that had been plaguing Port Charles. Ryan was faking locked-in syndrome, and it was revealed that the evil Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) was his and Heather's daughter. It turned out that Heather was The Hook and had been slipping out of custody and murdering people she thought wronged Esme.

Esme was pregnant and amnesiac and ended up in Spring Ridge with her parents for crimes she couldn't remember committing. Eventually, Heather and Ryan hatched a scheme to escape with a reluctant Esme in tow. The trio went to Wyndemere mansion so Ryan could convince the object of his obsession, Ava Jerome (Maura West), to hit the road with them. Luckily, Mac Scorpio (John J. York) showed up and killed Ryan with a single gunshot. Heather was recaptured and sent back to D'Archam, and whether or not the diabolical woman will return to wreak more havoc remains to be seen.