Styling Your Favorite Halter Top This Summer

With the summer months comes a whole new range of silhouettes, fabrics, and clothing items ready to be worn for the season. Halter tops are one of the cutest fashion pieces suited to summer styling, as the triangular neckline and typically cropped hem make them perfect for warmer weather. 

The halter top was a pretty common element of 2000s fashion, rocked by figures such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Rihanna. Nowadays, the halter has come back into style, being modernized by trendsetters like Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner, while infiltrating social media feeds and fashion hashtags along the way.

If you're anything like us, then you've fallen in love with the halter top's summery silhouette and are eagerly awaiting the perfect opportunity to pull it from your closet. Luckily, there are so many ways to wear this fashion piece. We've compiled some of our favorite methods to provide you with the perfect summer outfit inspiration.

Classic denim

Taking inspiration from fashion icon Bella Hadid, halter tops and jeans are a simple, but classic, combination that is super stylish. With each item offering so many different styles to choose from, you can mix and match your favorite jeans and tops to find the combination you like best. For an example, check out the look from @miss.moxey, which combines an upcycled empire seam halter with a pair of wide-legged jeans. Chunky, oval sunglasses and open-toe sandal heels put the finishing touches on the outfit, resulting in an effortlessly cool vibe.

Trousers after hours

Combining traditionally formal clothing to create a contrasting but cohesive look is one of our favorite styling methods. While it might not be your initial fashion instinct, halter tops can create a really dynamic vibe when paired with more professional bottoms. As an example, @jaynjangle combines a bandeau-style top with beige trousers. The outfit is kept simple with cat-eye, tortoiseshell-patterned sunglasses, and white sneakers. For your own outfit, don't be afraid to pair your halter top with more formal-looking items, which can be unexpectedly stylish.

Leather lovers

Leather bottoms may not be the most practical choice for those that live in hot environments, but for fashionistas in more temperate climates, or who don't mind a little bit of excess sweating, halter tops can be styled with leather to create a really fun outfit. This combination is nothing new, as it's been seen on both Kylie and Kendall Jenner, but it's cool and chic, making it a great styling option. We love how this pairing looks in the inspo pic from @hey.quinkaay, who combines a colorful halter top with vintage leather bell bottoms and hot pink platform heels

Crisp white pants

There's nothing quite as crisp and summery as a pair of white pants. While not the most convenient option for those prone to stains, white pants can work really well when styled with the right halter top. For example, we love the look from @divyaboppana_, which features white jeans with a deep green, high-neck top. Gold jewelry and a black handbag bring the outfit together, keeping it simple but super chic. When planning your own halter top fit, try pairing richly-colored shirts with your favorite pair of white pants for a classy, clean look. 

Vivid summer colors

For summery halter top outfits, don't be afraid to play around with bright, vibrant colors for a bold effect. Yellows, bright blues, and vivid greens are all great options for the warmer months, but really you can experiment with whichever colors feel most like summer to you. As an example of this, we think @thekrystalhall nails this bright pink and lime green fit, combining a patterned, scoop-neck halter top with solid-colored pants. Matching green heels, hoop earrings, and a fierce ponytail finish out this bold look.

Cargo pants green

For something a little more street-style inspired, we recommend pairing your halter top with some loose-fitting cargo pants. While this combo won't work with all styles of tops, we think it typically goes well with casual, high-neck renditions, wrap tops, and solid-colored strappy halters. A celebrity example of this comes from Hailey Bieber, who paired a white halter top with cargo pants and sneakers back in 2022. For more inspiration, check out the look from @laminee.99, who sports a green-colored top with acid-wash bottoms and platform boots.


To style your halter top, you can also take inspiration from some Y2K fashion. While there are many ways you could apply this early 2000s influence, we love how @evelyn_lifestyles wears this Juicy Couture halter top with green velour pants. The pink platform UGGs, baguette handbag, and '90s-inspired dark lip liner really bring the entire outfit together. If you want to incorporate some of your own Y2K vibes into your halter top looks, try bringing in iconic brands from this period, experimenting with staple shapes and silhouettes worn by celebrities, or adding fun accessories seen in revived early 2000s trends.

'60s summer look

Another nostalgia-based styling method is to incorporate patterns, colors, and accessories associated with the '60s and '70s for a really fun, groovy vibe. If you're looking for an example, check out the Instagram photo from @bethandthebeat, who wears a paisley-inspired mandala print halter with corduroy pants. The hair bandana and layered accessories really add to the retro boho vibe of the entire outfit, channeling all of our '60s and '70s nostalgia. For more halter top ensembles with retro inspiration, take a look at the posts from @fatherandsonraleigh and @fashionista__nepal.

Cool and casual

When it comes to hot weather, outfits that can keep you both cute and cool are must-haves. In this way, sporty biker shorts pair great with halter necklines to keep things brisk. We are big fans of this combination in the look from @stylebybrimarie, who styles a pink, checkered halter top with white biker shorts. White converse sneakers, a slouchy, peach button-up, and an effortless half-up hairstyle put the finishing touches on the outfit. When planning your own halter top summer looks, make sure to consider fashion pieces that will keep you cool all day long.

Workout ready

Another casual but cute styling method includes pairing sporty halter tops with leggings. While such a combo is great for working out, it also creates a cute and laid-back outfit perfect for errands or on-the-go days. The versatility of such a look can be seen in the inspo pic from @samstartshere, who combines black leggings and a halter top with an oval cut-out to create a ready-to-wear, sporty — and sexy — look. The white tennis shoes and grey jacket add a little dimension to the outfit while keeping things simple, which is a great way to style your own halter tops.

Shorts for the summer

For all the summery inspiration, this list wouldn't be complete without an entry centering around jean shorts. As versatile as their pants counterpart, but much more suited to hot weather, jean shorts look great when paired with halter tops. We particularly love how this duo looks in the Instagram post from @ootd.diana, which features grey-washed denim shorts with a bandeau-style top. An animal print handbag, white kitten heels, and dainty accessories make up the rest of the outfit. When styling your own halter tops, feel free to put your own spin on this classic combo.

Cabana chic

If you're wanting a coastal or tropical vibe, we recommend experimenting with halter wrap tops. This rendition of the halter top is stylish and breezy, sure to keep you cool during your summer getaway. Not to mention, you can actually DIY this style of shirt with just a piece of fabric. For some style inspiration, we love the look from @jaiagpangan, who wears a bright blue and orange top with a mini skirt. The simplicity of this outfit is part of what makes it great for a warm vacation, as you can look cute while dressing for the climate.

Tennis skirt girly

Halter tops can pair really nicely with tennis skirts, creating a look that will be especially appreciated by those into the tenniscore aesthetic. Typically pleated and made of lightweight fabric, these sporty clothing items lend themselves well to a preppy, affluent vibe that's perfect for summer weather. We particularly like the combo as it's worn by @curvesbyzo_, who pairs a light blue skirt with a collared halter top and yellow fanny pack. For more tennis skirt inspiration, check out the looks from @vivianeaudi and @bricklanevintage.

Crochet set

Crochet clothing has been pretty popular in the last few years, with halter tops being no stranger to the trend. Not only are these knitted items super cute, but they're often made of breathable fabric that can keep you cool. In this way, crochet sets featuring a halter top are great outfit options for the summer months. The Instagram photo from @supertriniwoman provides some great halter top inspiration, featuring a black set with a flower pattern. We love how the gold jewelry rounds out the entire look.

Free-flowing skirt

Taking inspiration from Camila Cabello's Instagram, we also recommend styling your halter top with a free-flowing skirt. This combo is especially suited to the summer months, as long skirts can keep your outfit both breezy and cute. We're big fans of how @jovlzqz pulls it off, as they pair a black, V-neck halter top with an off-white skirt. Platform sandals, a flat-brim hat, and a Gucci purse bring the look together. For your own outfit, try pairing your favorite flowy skirt with a matching halter top.