Gabi Elnicki: Everything We Know About The Bachelor Contestant Zach Broke His Rule For

Each time a new season of "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" rolls around, fans begin clamoring for all the information they can on the bachelor or bachelorette in question, as well as the people that are vying to be the one chosen for an engagement at the end of the season. As the show moves on and contestants begin to drop, more and more attention is paid to those who remain.

The Zach Shallcross season of "The Bachelor" will end on March 27, 2023 — so fans only have a little while longer to wait until they find out just who Shallcross decided to propose to. At this point, two women remain: Kaity Biggar and Gabi Elnicki.

Born and raised in Vermont, Elnicki has been clear the entire time about what she is looking for in a relationship. She sparked jealousy in her fellow contestants and anger in some fans after it was revealed that Shallcross broke his intimacy rule with her, but Elnicki has continued to soldier on via social media as everyone waits to find out just who he chooses. Until then, here is everything we know about Gabi Elnicki.

Gabi Elnicki works as an account executive

According to her profile on LinkedIn, Gabrielle Elnicki, or Gabi as she is known on social media and on "The Bachelor," currently works as a Senior Account Executive at the consulting and professional services firm Calculated Hire. Elnicki first joined the company in 2019 when she came on board as a Business Recruiter, and she steadily moved up through the ranks in the years that followed.

Elnicki describes her professional role at Calculated Hire on her profile as well. She writes: "Goal-oriented Account Executive with experience building and maintaining trusted relationships with Fortune 500 clients. I work directly with clients to solve complex problems and pursue opportunities for growth."

Calculated Hire prides itself on the company's ability to help a business grow by bringing the right people to the business in the first place. The brand's website also touts its ability to pivot quickly based on the hiring and business trends of the day; as the company explains, the goal of Calculated Hire is to use "a model that infuses tech and business strategies to stay on top of talent, in touch with businesses, and ahead of the curve."

Gabi Elnicki's parents are her role models

When it comes to the kind of relationship and marriage that Gabi Elnicki imagines herself having for the rest of her life, she doesn't have to look too far around her for inspiration. In fact, Elnicki says in her ABC profile that her parents have the type of marriage she hopes to have one day. Her "Bachelor" biography state: "She comes from a very loving family, and her parents' marriage has been the blueprint for the kind of love she hopes to find."

Elnicki took Bachelor Zach Shallcross to meet her parents when the pair went on a hometown date all the way to her home state of Vermont. Unfortunately, viewers still didn't really get to know much about her parents, as they stayed out of the episode. However, the owner of a local farm that Elnicki and Shallcross visited did open up about what Elnicki's parents are like.

Jenna Baird, the owner of the Baird Farm in Chittenden, Vermont, told Mountain Times that the Elnicki family has been coming to her farm for a long time. As Baird said: "We usually see them a couple times a year. They've been loyal customers of ours for a while."

Gabi Elnicki says she's attracted to outdoorsy men

Perhaps it's due to her childhood in Vermont, but Gabi Elnicki makes one thing clear on her ABC profile: she is definitely looking for a man who loves to be outside. As her biography states, Elnicki "wants an honest, outdoorsy man who will always put her first."

Elnicki's Instagram profile makes it clear that she definitely values spending time outside. In an Instagram photo from December 2022, Elnicki is shown lying outside in a park in Houston, Texas; in an older photo from 2019, she's pictured in the snow with her younger brother.

It does seem that "Bachelor" contestant Zach Shallcross fits the bill in terms of loving the outdoors. When Shallcross himself was a romantic hopeful on "The Bachelorette," his biography on ABC explained that he is quite athletic and loves to play beach volleyball and football in particular. The biography also offered insight into who Shallcross is as a boyfriend. As it detailed: "He loves to plan thoughtful surprises, and nothing makes him happier than seeing the look of excitement on his partner's face when his meaningful gifts are appreciated."

Gabi Elnicki grew up in Vermont

As viewers find out on the show, Gabi Elnicki grew up in Vermont and was happy to have the opportunity to take Zach Shallcross to her home state. While Elnicki's family didn't feature too prominently on the show — it seems that privacy is more important to them, and understandably so — a few sources have offered a little insight into what life in Vermont has been like for Elnicki and her family.

Jenna Baird, who owns the farm that Elnicki and Shallcross visited together, told Mountain Times that she's known the Elnicki family for a long time. She's not the only one — Elnicki's former cheerleading coach, Cara Gauvin, also spoke to the outlet about what she was like back in the day. As Gauvin put it: "She's outgoing, she was a great teammate. She had a lot of friends." Gauvin also added that it didn't seem shocking that Elnicki ended up on "The Bachelor." She added: "Gabi is a beautiful, intelligent, young woman. She's pretty worldly."

Elnicki still has two younger siblings who attend Rutland High School, the same high school where she was a cheerleader. In fact, Gauvin also mentioned to the outlet that Elnicki's parents are often on hand to cheer for her younger brother during his football games, but they can't speak about what might happen on the show. As Gauvin said: "They're sworn to secrecy."

Gabi Elnicki wasn't sure if she would finish The Bachelor

Despite the attention that being on a show like "The Bachelor" brings — or perhaps because of that attention — Gabi Elnicki admitted to Zach Shallcross that she wasn't sure if she could finish out the show. In March 2023, Shallcross was set to go on overnight dates with three women: Elnicki, Ariel Frenkel, and Kaity Biggar. Shallcross was upfront with each woman about the fact that he didn't think he should be completely intimate with any of them during the date ... but he changed his mind at some point while out with Elnicki.

The next day, it seemed that Elnicki was okay with pretending that the two hadn't crossed that line for the sake of the other two women, but Shallcross felt that it was important to be honest with Frenkel and Biggar about what happened. In the confessional booth, Elnicki admitted that something didn't sit right with her about Shallcross' need to confess to the other women.

As she put it, Elnicki wasn't even sure she wanted to stay on the show. "In a way, it feels like he's cleared his conscience at the expense of my heart. I can't deny the fact that I am feeling blindsided by it and my trust was broken. I don't know. I don't know if I want this rose right now," she said (via Entertainment Tonight).

Gabi Elnicki is the only woman Zach Shallcross was intimate with

As previously mentioned, Zach Shallcross began the overnight portion of "The Bachelor" by deciding that he did not plan to be intimate with any of the women who were left. The reason was pretty straightforward: Shallcross didn't think that an engagement should be preceded by acts of intimacy with other women he doesn't plan to be in a relationship with. While the move is still a little new for "The Bachelor," it seemed to be met with approval from a lot of viewers.

However, Shallcross broke his rule and ended up having sex with Gabi Elnicki while they were on their date. He explained on the show: "I have zero regrets [about] what I shared with Gabi. That was special. We needed that. That was perfect for us" (via Entertainment Tonight). Despite that, it was clear that Shallcross felt guilty about seeming like he was telling one woman one thing and another woman something different, and he decided to come clean to everyone involved.

The women weren't very happy about the news, despite Shallcross' seeming good intentions. Kaity Biggar even told Shallcross she would have been fine never knowing. "I get that you wanted to tell me and you're saying that because you respect me, but honestly, I could've went without hearing that," Biggar said.

Gabi Elnicki faced backlash from some Bachelor fans

Being the only woman that Zach Shallcross was intimate with ended up causing some viewer backlash against Gabi Elnicki. In fact, things got so intense that fellow contestant Kaity Biggar had to step in and ask fans to stop leaving mean comments on Elnicki's Instagram account. 

Things kicked off after the March 20, 2023, episode of "The Bachelor" in which Biggar and Elnicki are filmed talking about what happened on the overnight dates. Shallcross makes the decision to ask Frankel to leave the show, at which point Biggar told Elnicki: "I know you were the only one." Elnicki replied: "I feel like I'm wearing, like, an 'A' on my chest. F–king scarlet letter over here" (via Yahoo! Entertainment).

While Biggar was quick to make sure Elnicki felt better, fans weren't as receptive to the moment and began leaving negative comments. When people realized Elnicki was deleting negative comments they confronted her about it. She ended up leaving a comment of her own and explained everything. As she put it: "Yes, I am [deleting comments]. Because I don't need negativity and hate on my page. It's so unnecessary and unkind. There is NO reason to put others down, get off my page if you don't like me” (via Yahoo! Entertainment).

Many fans believe Gabi Elnicki and Zach Shallcross are engaged

While this season of "The Bachelor" isn't over just yet, many fans already believe that Gabi Elnicki and Zach Shallcross are engaged — most notably because of a series of photos that Elnicki shared to her own Instagram account. On March 13, 2023, Elnicki shared a series of photos on Instagram of herself and Shallcross embracing, and fans were quick to notice that she appeared to be wearing a diamond ring on her engagement ring finger. 

However, some fans pointed out in the comments that the ring might actually be on her right hand, not the left. As one person commented: "It's her right hand! Photos make it looks swapped! CHILL PPL."

Bustle has also put together its own pile of evidence that Shallcross and Elnicki are engaged. As the outlet noted, two of the biggest spoiler accounts for "The Bachelor" have each reported a different outcome: @bachelorwhatever claimed that Elnicki and Shallcross ended up together, but Reality Steve has said that Shallcross proposes to Kaity Biggar.