The 'Slob' Is The Perfect Cool Girl Cut For Spring

The bob is always getting a fresh iteration. It's what happens with classics, like the French manicure. Those tips have their reverse and invisible twist, among many others, and we love them all. For this stylish haircut, a few of its alter egos are trending. While the asymmetrical bob is making a comeback, and the shaggy bob is a fan favorite, we're talking about the slob.

It might sound like bedhead hair, but the slob haircut is quite the opposite. It is a portmanteau for "sleek" and "bob." It is a blunt bob that is smooth and glossy with pristine ends. It is definitely not the look of an actual slob. Although, there is no shame in rocking a messy bun all week. The slob is the perfect look for spring. You don't need the extra length to keep warm, and summer's humidity is not here to threaten you with frizz. We've grabbed the chicest looks of the slob haircut so you can prepare for your next salon visit.

A timeless classic

The classic slob is a look that complements every face shape and hair type. Its sleek persona makes it suitable for every occasion. A casual picnic outfit or comfy loungewear ensemble gets a sprinkle of elegance with this hairstyle. The middle part and straight strands are the slob's truest form. This way, you will keep the haircut symmetrical and pristine. It is a simple cut perfect for low-maintenance styling. A hair gloss or glaze can complete the look and nail the shiny finish.

Add a twist with the curly slob

The slob is a one-layered hairstyle, so save the face-framing sections for the summer. However, despite the minimal volume look, you can still rock a slob cut with curly or coily strands. The key to pulling off this style is keeping your curls uniform. You want each spiral to end at the same point. For curly hair, a shorter slob will speak best to the sleek, minimalist vibe. You can hide extra short pieces with a bobby pin tucked behind your ear or a slick side part.

Subtle waves add dimension

Opt for styling your hair in waves to add more dimension to this haircut. This look is perfect for those with fine or thin hair who feel the one-layered cut falls a little flat for their taste. The waves add movement while still embracing the sleek attitude of the slob. Better yet, the light will catch on the wavy strands differently than straight locks, enhancing the glossy finish. Waves are also a fun way to switch up the style without going overboard.

Embrace an extra few inches

Despite the low-maintenance styling, you still have to get your scheduled trims to keep the slob's optimal shoulder length. Hair extensions specialist Louise Bailey tells Glamour, "A regular cut every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain the shape and blunt edges is what will keep the bob in its best blunt shapely cut." However, we support breaking the hair rules and embracing those extra inches. A long slob passes shoulder-length yet remains polished and silky. Plus, you can always go under the shears when you're ready.

The short slob is perfect for spring

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the long slob is the short slob. This mini version has a high fashion aesthetic and lets your face be the star. You can keep it chin length or dare to go shorter, but not too short. You don't want to fall into the pixie territory. Just remember one layer and keep it sleek. It is the perfect haircut to start the season, and as it grows out, it will become a classic slob.

Spring colors? Yes, please!

What better time to color your hair than after a haircut? Plus, spring is your chance to embrace bright, vibrant colors. Dip-dyed hair is an electrifying spring trend, but since the slob is shorter, you can dye the whole thing. Hair colors with the same undertone as your complexion will complement you best. Dyes with a contrasting undertone to your skin will create more of a pop. Colorful hair with a glossy shine is definitely a cool girl cut.

You can never go wrong with highlights

Going full color can be intimidating. Luckily, highlights are a thing. These streaks of softer, lighter color add depth to your slob. Highlights also give your hair a kiss of richness. This boost goes hand in hand with the slob's glistening coat. For subtle color, you can go for partial highlights that are typically centered around the front of your hair. It is also a way to achieve face-framing pieces while sticking to one layer. Or go for full highlights that decorate your entire mane.

Let your forehead join the fun

We know the slob is just one layer, but you can cheat it a little with wispy bangs. Wispy bangs are great because they are soft and minimal. It is a barely-there look that complements every face. Like the Korean air bang, this style features just a few strands, so your forehead is still on display. They draw attention to your face instead of covering it up. If you break the rules with wispy bangs, keep the foundation traditional with blunt ends and a glossy finish so your slob is still a slob.