How To Do Your Brows On An Oblong Face

Knowing what your face shape is could be more important than you think. Your facial features should all work together harmoniously rather than in opposition which is why someone with a square-shaped face might not benefit from applying makeup the same way someone with an oval face might.

It's also why not all brow shapes work on everyone, as one shape can look great on one person but appear absolutely wrong on another. Unless you're into the bleached brow trend, your eyebrows are always visible on your face, and they can really make a serious difference — good or bad.

"If you look at a portrait, you can change how you perceive someone entirely based on their brow placement and shape," Anastasia Soare, founder and CEO of Anastasia Beverly Hills, told Glamour. If you have an oblong face, a straight or softly arched brow shape will complement your facial characteristics best, rather than highlighting areas that you might not want to be accentuated.

Work with your oblong face rather than against it

Correctly identifying your face shape is the first step to nailing your perfect eyebrow shape. Oblong faces are characterized by being longer than they are wide and typically having a uniform width over the entire face. The easiest approach to determining your facial shape, according to All About Vision, is to simply measure your face. Start by taking a measurement of the width of your jaw, cheekbones, and forehead. Additionally, you'll need to measure the complete length of your face. You have an oblong face shape if the length of your face is the biggest measurement.

If you don't know where to start, look for someone who has an oblong face to take inspiration from. Celebrities are usually a great reference point, as they almost certainly get their brows done by the best of the best in the industry. Some well-known celebrities with oblong faces to check out are Liv Tyler, Kelly Rowland, and Iman.

On an oblong face, you'll want to add width instead of accentuating its length. According to The Brow Fixx, that can be achieved by doing a soft or a straight arched brow shape. Don't overpluck your eyebrows, as their thickness will add to the broadness of your forehead. Nilam Holmes, brow expert and founder of Eyebrow Queen, explained to Glamour, "If you have a long face, you don't want an arched or high-set brow, as it will make the face look longer."

When to seek professional brow help

If you struggle to map your brows on your own, you might want to schedule a consultation at a brow bar. A skilled brow artist should be able to determine which brow shape best complements your oblong face. Once you're happy with the shape of your new brows, decide whether you can maintain them at home on your own or if you'd prefer a more long-lasting option like brow laminating or microblading. Whatever you decide, don't stray too far from your natural brows. 

"The most important thing is to work with your natural brow shape, rather than against it. Then go in with brow products and treatments to enhance, fill in gaps or add volume," Sherrille Riley, founder of Nails & Brows Mayfair, shared with Glamour. It's also important to mind the shade of your brows, as going too dark can look too harsh and make you look older.