Fresh Ways To Style Your Favorite Oversized Sweater

Oversized sweaters are popular for a number of reasons. They're a winter staple that we don't mind lovingly carrying into spring — and maybe even fall — because there's a comfort to the clothing that is truly unparalleled. 

Whether your favorite pullover is a warm and wonderful sweater from Target or a beloved keepsake from an old flame, you know what we're talking about. Worn the right way, an oversized cardigan can go from being warm and casual to dressy and stylish within a matter of minutes. While styling an oversized sweater for winter can seem straightforward enough (you're thinking sweater over jeans maybe?), there are fresh ways to wear this wardrobe essential too.

As digital creator, fashion enthusiast, and fellow oversized sweater-lover Lauren Imbriaco shared on her blog Fit Mommy In Heels, "One of the best things about oversized sweaters is that they're extremely versatile. So whether you prefer an edgy or eclectic style or a girly/flirty style, you can definitely make an oversized sweater work for you." Intrigued? Read on to find out 13 different ways to bring out the beauty of baggy cardigans — while remaining fashion-conscious and comfy.

Try the classic jeans and sweater look with a twist

You can start by straying just a few inches away from your go-to pairing of an oversized sweater and your favorite pair of jeans. Just bring some form to the look by finding unique ways to tuck the shrug in. Ideas are aplenty and this sweater hack that's taking over TikTok is all about using hair ties or rubber bands to fasten both sides of the fabric before you style it around your waist. 

Show off your midriff

When you've passed the biting cold of winter and made it to spring, you can start to show some skin without worrying about frostbite. That's when this fresh sweater styling method can come in handy. Simply pull on your favorite pair of jeans or a skirt, and (once you have your sweater on) fold the front bottom edges of the clothing into your sports bra. This gives a seamless yet messy tuck that is both effortless and fresh. If your cardigan is pastel-toned, combine a darker-hued handbag to finish the look. 

Play with a monochrome esthetic

Going monochrome is one of the easiest and fastest ways to elevate an oversized sweater look, provided you have the right hues all set and ready to go in your wardrobe. For a more feminine feel, try pairing a bright-colored pullover with a form-fitting midi-length skirt. Finish the look off with a pair of heels and a tote of neutral shades. This is undoubtedly one of the most simple and stylish ways to dress up a sweater.  

Combine with a maxi skirt

Maxi skirts have a way of hiding in your wardrobe till the perfect season comes along — so perhaps it's time to give them another look. Wearing a long skirt and a bulky sweater over it can feel daunting, but the finished product is truly one of understated elegance. You can choose to dress up the look with heels or sneakers depending on the occasion. If skirts aren't your thing, opt for wide-legged pants instead. As stylist Heather Newberger told Marie Claire, "You want to balance your tops and bottoms in such a way that they're in conversation, not competition!"

Oversized sweater over collared shirts

Collared shirts — whether they're crisp white or dark red — are timeless articles of clothing that have a way of bringing professionalism instantly to any look. Wearing an oversized sweater over them doesn't take away from this — in fact, it softens the work-mode outfit and adds a touch of playfulness to the style. Pull on your favorite button-down shirt and straight-leg jeans and throw the sweater on top. Finish off with ballet pumps or chunky loafers. Can't be bothered with the jeans? Opt to layer with a shirt dress instead. 

Pair with a mini skirt

For those times when your bulky sweater is just the right length to be worn as a dress but perhaps you still think it's too short, try pairing it with your favorite leather or denim mini skirt for a cute look. Adding knee-high boots to this ensemble is a great style tip, especially if you want go from casual to dressy within a matter of minutes. This fresh take on an oversized sweater is perfect for a night out with friends. You'll feel comfortable and stylish all in one go. 

Go floral with a midi-length skirt

A slight deviation from the monochromatic look we described above, this midi-skirt adds a different element with its thigh-high slit. The colorful print of the skirt offset by the simple white baggy sweater is an interesting contrast. A definite lesson on how to style a baggy sweater while still looking chic, you can dress up this ensemble even further with heels or loafers — depending on your destination. To bring more form to the silhouette, try either the hair tie method or tuck-into-bra method. 

Calf-length voluminous skirts combined with a bulky cardigan offer something "chic and effortless" according to Newberger (via Marie Claire). "You can pair with Chelsea boots or sneakers, depending on your point of view." 

Wear your sweater as a dress

Sometimes, a baggy cardigan works well all on its own. It's the perfect texture and it's got great length. If you're feeling uncomfortable about not wearing anything underneath, pull on your favorite biker shorts or boy shorts and your'e good to go. This ensemble is perfect for those times when the weather is just warm enough to visit the beach but the cool breeze still has a way of showing up to surprise you. 

Tucked into denim shorts

Denim has a way of offering freedom when it comes to the hues you can play around with on top — and this is an opportunity to do just that. Got a baggy sweater with floral prints that you don't know what to do with when the winter months wear off? Or perhaps you're dealing with red and white stripes that don't seem to go with anything else. Throw on a pair of your comfortable jean shorts and tuck just a little of the front of your sweater into the waistband. You've essentially opened up a new way to dress up your most comfy clothes for any occasion. 

Worn over a long dress

Floor-length maxi dresses or even the more figure-hugging silhouettes tend to stay in closets during winter — especially when the top is strappy or too bare. This is when oversized sweaters can come in handy. You'll not only be getting some much-needed layering on top, but you'd be perfecting the sweat-over-dress look. Clothing designer and stylist Merrick White of Merrick's Art shared, "Wearing a sweater over a dress is one of my favorite hacks to make my summer dresses last through the fall." Although you could simply throw a sweater over the dress and be done with it, White suggests tucking the cardigan in with some simple hacks. "Tie a ponytail" in either the front or the back of the clothing and tuck it in. 

A belt worn higher up in your waist can provide tucking-in support too. Petite fashion TikToker jendeolive shared a hack that involved wearing your bra over your dress and using that to tuck the baggy sweater in. Quite the trick. 

Blazers can add a fresh spin

Wearing a baggy sweater doesn't mean you can't play with layers — and blazers are one of those items that add an instant look of elegance and professionalism to any outfit. Pull on your favorite cardigan over tights, jeans, or even a short skirt, and combine with your most stylish blazer for the overall finish. Knee-high boots will go perfectly with this ensemble, although sneakers or loafers can work too. You'd be taking two of the most versatile essentials for your winter wardrobe and creating magic of a different kind. 

Belts for a more form-fitting silhouette

Belts have the super power of bringing form to shapeless clothing. As stylist Newberger shared with Marie Claire, "Belts can often be key here when it comes to delineating the space between your bottoms and your sweater, but there's no 'one size fits all' rule." Want to clinch your garment at your waist? Reach for your trusty belt. If you're pairing it with a monochromatic theme, stick with a neutral shade. If not, the world is your oyster really. You can incorporate belts into a classic sweater and jeans look, or even when you're sporting the cardigan as a dress. 

Off-the-shoulder baggy sweater look

Some oversized pullovers are made of lighter fabric. This makes them great as somewhat sheer layering over strappy t-shirts, or even as off-the-shoulder cardigans. Even if the material is bulkier, this look can add a casual feel to your comfy winter wardrobe staple. Again, this can be incorporated into sweater + jeans combos or even when wearing the oversized sweater as a dress. Sweater-over-dress pairings can look cute with this fresh style hack too.