Meghan McCain Is Sure That Donald Trump Will Lose The 2024 Election

If anyone is convinced that former president Donald Trump will win his bid for reelection in 2024, it's Trump — and that's precisely why Meghan McCain thinks he'll lose (and why she thinks liberals should be grateful for his behavior rather than appalled). In a piece for the Daily Mail, the writer and television personality held no punches when giving her take on a CNN town hall held on May 10. 

Though the daughter of the late Senator John McCain has famously aligned with the right, she's also been incredibly outspoken about where she's drawn her line in the sand. And that line falls short of supporting neo-conservative social ideology and any politician keen on supporting those ideals. As her agent puts it, McCain is not a great Republican (per the Wall Street Journal), which might be why she could see through the partisan showdown of that CNN Town Hall. 

Trump's performance at the New Hampshire town hall was one the country has seen before — bowling over the moderator, doubling down on proven inaccuracies, etc. And as McCain sees it, the country will see a far more surprising outcome from this town hall than one might think.

Donald Trump was back in his element

Neither Meghan McCain nor Donald Trump has ever been known to bite their tongue when sharing their opinions about each other. Trump once released a statement calling McCain "a bully and basically a low-life" (via The Wrap). McCain once referred to the former president as "the devil" in a piece for the Daily Mail that had Twitter going off. In her piece for the Daily Mail regarding the CNN Town Hall, McCain settled on "the bad orange man" as her opener. 

McCain gave a synopsis of the chaotic town hall, citing several instances where Trump's behavior helped the Town Hall to veer off-course. She mentioned CNN's moderator, Kaitlan Collins, unsuccessfully trying to thwart Trump's attempts to spread lies of election fraud while the audience grew increasingly raucous. There were shots taken at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who Trump called "Ron De-sanctimonious." Trump also took the time to throw dirt on E. Jean Carroll, who successfully sued the former president for sexual abuse and defamation to the tune of $5 million (via CNN). 

While some might consider Trump's brazen, bull-in-a-china-shop technique to benefit the Republican Party, McCain believes otherwise. "This is a recipe for the GOP disaster," she wrote. "Allow me to drag us back to reality. Do not forget what happened in the midterms. If there's anything that makes moderate and swing-voters flee in horror, it is the rigged election myth. Trump may win the nomination, but he will lose the general election."

Meghan McCain thinks the left should be thanking CNN

Indeed, this country has had plenty of practice — with varying degrees of success — sifting through the truths and untruths that Trump touts on his national platform. And for some, allowing Trump to remain on the platform is the problem. But McCain believes that CNN did the country a great service by continuing to let Trump say his piece.

"It is CNN's role as a news organization to provide a platform for presidential candidates. They can't control what they say," she argued in the Daily Mail. "It is for the voters to decide whether or not they like what they hear. And if anyone was hurt by that debacle it was the Republican Party. It's time for the Republicans to see through this. 'Owning the liberals' is not going to fix the inflation problem, the fentanyl crisis, or heal divisions that will destroy our country." 

As the United States prepares to face a potential repeat showdown between Trump and President Joe Biden, McCain believes the divisions that marked Trump's term will successfully isolate him on a private, un-voteable island of his own design. She ends her piece referencing Biden's milquetoast campaign: "Don't compare me to the Almighty. Compare me to the alternative." McCain concluded, "If the Republican 'alternative' is Trump then we'll lose — again. Bigly. Thanks, CNN."