Jed Duggar Teases Big Baby News Ahead Of Explosive Shiny Happy People Doc

While there may be Duggar grandkids we don't know about, the latest in the series has just been confirmed. On the afternoon of June 1, Jedidiah ("Jed") Duggar, the 10th of the famous TLC "19 Kids & Counting" siblings, teased his latest news on his Instagram Stories: "ITTTTT'SSSS BABY TIME!!" he wrote, with a link to the latest entry on his YouTube channel. Sure enough, the video showed Jed and wife Katey preparing for the imminent birth of their second child.

Duggar followers will recall Jed and Katey were newlyweds when they announced their first pregnancy — a fairly common trend among the family. Then, just seven months after they welcomed son Truett Oliver in May 2022, the couple revealed baby No. 2 was already on the way. Jed's gender reveal was the family's wildest one yet: They commissioned brother James Duggar to paint a junker car pink and send it careening down a hill into a pond on their parents' property. Jed and Katey also chose a name early on, telling the family their daughter would be named Nora Kate. 

Coincidentally, Katey's late May due date was just a day away from that of sister-in-law Joy Duggar Forsyth. So when Joy's son Gunner James made his appearance on May 17, it was only a matter of time before Jed and Katey introduced their new arrival. But considering the dramatic news surrounding the Duggar family recently, the timing of their video might come off as just a shade too convenient.

Was Jed's video part of a family plan?

Jed and Katey Duggar's June 1 birth-story video ends with Katey in the hospital, in the early stages of labor; the scene fades to an end card reading "Part 2 coming tomorrow." This suggests the baby has already been born, likely sometime during the previous week. But why break up the story into two videos and make viewers wait a day?

The calendar suggests a reason: June 2 is also the date when the explosive docu-series "Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets" starts streaming on Amazon Prime. Sneak peeks of the event reveal the unpleasant reality behind the Duggars' faith group. It also uncovers the behind-the-scenes maneuvering by parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to make sure their personal scandal didn't affect their ability to stay on TV and continue promoting their church's controversial principles. 

Dropping a cute birth video might also serve to deflect attention from another family shocker. One day before Jed's post, his sister Jill Duggar Dillard announced she has a tell-all book coming out in early 2024 — and its revelations might top the ones in "Shiny Happy People." Already, Jill has earned applause from supporters who agree she was raised in an unhealthy environment, along with criticism from Duggar loyalists who still consider her family an ideal of clean Christian living. 

So, did Jed plan a two-part birth story all along, or is this an attempt at damage control? We suspect the answer depends on whom you ask.