Shoe Colors That Pair Perfectly With White Dresses, No Matter The Style

The little black dress may be a closet staple, but its brighter twin deserves just as much attention. The white dress is a stylish garb that works wonders in casual and formal outfits. It is not limited to weddings or before Labor Day, but it can be intimidating tackling such a stark color. The risk is worth the payoff, though. Cream, eggshell, pearl, and many other shades of white still count as your LWD (little white dress).

Whether sporting a fitted or flowy gown, what's on your feet can make or break your outfit. However, what is amazing about a white dress is that it is a blank canvas. This neutral star of your ensemble lets you play with different colors and styles so you can finish off your outfit with the perfect footwear. Regardless, if you're rocking sneakers, heels, sandals, boots, or flats, opt for the right hue so your LWD makes a big impact.

White shoes complete your monochrome look

One color that undeniably goes with white is white. You'll look like you don't lift a finger, and the purity from head to toe plays into the quiet luxury fashion trend. A monochrome look might seem simple, but you will have a versatile outfit. You can bring in different hues with your accessories for a color blocking effect. Try a combination such as a red silk scarf, lilac purse, and blue necklace to really take advantage of the color wheel.

You can also keep the jewelry neutral with gold and silver pieces. Simple does not have to mean basic, though. Different finishes and textures add depth to your outfit. Head of menswear at ASOS, Nick Eley, told FashionBeans, "There are no set rules when it comes to all-white, but playing with different textures and fabrics is an easy way to soften the edges."

Metallic, leather, feathers, glitter, and sheer accessories all take the blank canvas of a white dress and shoes up a notch. An all-white ensemble will look great whether you pair your dress with a denim jacket or a blazer.

Green is an on-trend pop of color

Kelly green is a trending handbag color, and it's the inspiration for our matching footwear. Green may not be the first color you think to pair with your white dress, but it is what the stark gown needs. Any shade of green will work for the neutral garb. A vibrant lime hue leans in with more yellow, jade is a deep shade with a heavy blue tone, while Kelly green is a pure balance of the two primary colors.

Givenchy embraced mint green for its women's spring/summer campaign, Michael Kors' collection was all about lime, and Fendi brightened things up with neon. From the runways to your closet, green is the standout color, and it will surely do so with your white dress. Take a cue from nature's grass and throw on green footwear, whether it is heels or sneakers. It will be a trendy pop of color against the white gown.

For a stark contrast try black

White and black go hand in hand. The killer whale, cow, penguin, Dalmatian, panda — see, nature has been trying to tell us. But, there is a key to styling the two contrasting shades. Black and white are both dominating colors. Like two alphas, it helps to keep a little space between them. So your mini and midi white dress is the best accompaniment to the dark footwear. You can also go for shoes that have touches of white, like black sneakers with white laces.

Your maxi dress can still join the party, but it will help to bring in black touches elsewhere in your outfit. You can incorporate the dark hue in your beauty routine with black nail polish, eyeliner, or trendy black lip gloss.

Accessories are always an easy way to create cohesion within an outfit. Simply throw on a black pair of sunglasses, a purse, belt, or leather jacket, and you'll give the zebra a run for its money.

Nude footwear is perfect for minimalistic fashion

To have your dress be the centerpiece, nude footwear is the answer. Fashion expert Paula Joye shared with MamaMia, "The best shoe to wear with white is a nude shoe as it extends the leg. Get a shoe the same color as your skin tone and it's going to make your legs look longer. I haven't met any woman who doesn't want that! This will let your white dress do all the talking." It will blend with your skin leaving your bright dress and accessories in the spotlight.

However, if you want your shade of brown or beige footwear to pop, the shoe style will make all the difference. A skin tone pair of cowboy boots couldn't hide if it tried. The same goes for tall platform heels and strappy sandals that climb your calves. Even with the neutral tone, the detailing is too extravagant to miss. Your white dress will still be the main focus, but your nude footwear won't get lost in the background.

Red is a classic choice

Red is a bold color choice that will pop against the clean canvas of your white dress. If you're a fugitive on the run, you might not opt for this attention-grabbing shoe color, but as a law-abiding fashionista, it is a wardrobe must-have. Red is sexy, sultry, and alluring. It is daring to pair with the clean, simple, and pristine look of a white dress. Bloomingdale's fashion director Marissa Galante Frank told Harper's Bazaar, "As we embrace this minimalist cycle, the color red really gives classic, tailored pieces an element of excitement and breathes new life into basics."

You can add red throughout your outfit and in your beauty to amplify the enticement. A classic red lipstick or ruby earrings are a sophisticated touch. Or perhaps go for a lighter red with a little Barbiecore. Since pink and red is the ultimate wardrobe combination, try a pink purse or necklace and finish off the white dress with your favorite red shoes.