Is A Spoolie The Must-Have Beauty Tool For The Perfect Pouty Lip?

Knowing how to get smooth, beautiful lips is just as important as learning how to properly maintain your brows at home and knowing the best way to clean your eyelash extensions. Whether you're getting lip injections, doing collagen lips masks, or bathing your lips in bag balm, the journey to kissable lips can be frustrating and the results are often short-lived. Your lips may be plump and glossy for a night with a quality lip plumper, but the next morning, you could suffer from flaky dry lips that are begging for moisture. Chapped lips, also known as cheilitis, are super common, and they're usually caused by environmental factors such as wind, cold temperatures, and dry air. With even the weather working against you, getting full-time kissable lips is challenging. 

Cracked or peeling lips, besides being frustrating, are also a sign of health problems in some cases. In fact, your mental state has a direct correlation to how your lips look. If you're under a drastic amount of stress or worry, your lips are more likely to crack. So having plump moisturized lips also makes you look and feel healthier. Using a spoolie from your makeup kit to boost the appearance of your lips is the newest trend making its way into the beauty scene. If you've tried everything else under the sun, and you're still combatting dull dry lips, then grabbing a spoolie should be your next move to get a perfect, plump pout. 

Using a spoolie on your lips

Okay, so if you don't know what a spoolie is, you're probably not the only one. But, you also probably have one and do not even know it. A spoolie comes in most makeup brush kits, and it's designed to shape and fill your eyebrows with product. It looks like a small mascara wand. Using it on your lips may seem weird, but when done right, it's supposed to gently exfoliate lips to loosen dead skin, leaving your lips looking renewed and healthy. 

To effectively use the spoolie for exfoliation, start by applying some vaseline, bag balm, or your favorite chapstick or mask to create a smooth, rich surface. Then, with the balm in place, take the spoolie and gently move it in a circular motion over the lips. After you've taken your time to move the spoolie over the whole surface of your lips, you'll likely notice flakes of dead skin stuck in the balm. Gently take off the balm (and with it the dead skin), and now you can apply another fresh moisturizer. Also, don't forget to wash your spoolie so that you don't have dead skin lingering in your makeup kit.

You'll instantly notice the difference in your lip texture after the exfoliation process and with regular exfoliation, it's easy to keep your lips looking healthy and plump. Exfoliation (on any part of the body) also helps to boost blood flow, which, over time, will help your lips to look not only healthier but fuller. 

Other ways to enhance your lips

Using a spoolie is only one way to get fuller, healthier lips, but there are a lot of other options if you don't have a spoolie on hand, or if you just want to try to combine a few different treatment options to get that kissable look stat. One of the most important aspects of lip health is protection. More specifically, protection from the sun. No matter if you're going outside in the winter or summer, it's important to always wear proper sunscreen. The best way to know if your product of choice will work is to make sure it has the official seal from The Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation.

Aloe vera is a great all-natural way to keep lips moisturized. It also works well to heal cracked lips because of its soothing properties. Vitamin E oil can also help to moisturize lips, as well as the rest of your face to reduce inflammation. Similarly, removing makeup with a cleansing oil fully before you fall asleep at night will aid in the fight against unhealthy-looking lips, and using a highlighter can make them look extra plump

Lifestyle choices can also have an impact on the health of your lips. Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking enough water throughout the day. Get an adequate amount of rest. And stay away from alcohol and smoking as these can make your lips dry and age faster.