Clear Plastic Heels Can Cheapen Your Look - Reach For This Style To Stay Sophisticated

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In 2016, Kim Kardashian stepped out in a pair of Yeezy Lucite Heels. Shoes with a plastic strip over the toes and a clear block heel took the internet by storm and appeared on several runways that year. Seven years later, clear heels are still on trend, rising in popularity during the summer of 2022. With everyone from Kendall Jenner to Chrissy Teigen donning the style, they're certainly a beloved shoe.

After all, they often create the illusion that you're walking on air. They also make you look taller than you actually are, which is a plus for petite girls that like to wear heels. While the style tends to go with many outfits, the plastic has the potential to look cheap at times. Additionally, it's super easy for feet to get sweaty in closed-toed plastic shoes.

After spending all night clubbing or spending an hour outside in the scorching heat, having your toes look like sweaty mini sausages packed together in saran wrap isn't a cute look. While it's easy to match clear heels with any outfit, we think there are better options for summer this year.

Opt for this style instead

If it seems like everyone on your Instagram feed or TikTok FYP is going to Europe, it's not simply your algorithm. Travel to the continent has seen higher numbers recently, and as a result, what we wear seems to be increasingly European-influenced. Instead of plastic shoes, espadrilles are a classic style worn by several Europeans in the summer.

Replace the going out plastic shoe with a wedge or platform espadrille. Although espadrilles were created in 14th-century Spain, platform espadrilles became popular in the late '90s and early '00s, so they pair well with the Y2K revival fashion that's been trending. The added height of the classic braided rope style is comfortable to dance or walk in on a long summer night out while still looking chic.

While tall platform espadrilles make great night out shoes, the style can be worn with a lower heel. Wedge espadrilles are great for day-to-day errands, outings, or traveling. They're easy to slip on and the versatile style goes with shorts, dresses, jeans, and your favorite maxi skirts. The canvas shoes are made with breathable material, so there's no need to worry about your feet being covered by them all day.

Shop our favorite espadrilles for the summer

These Coach Page Wedge Sandals are the perfect way to rebel against the "quiet luxury trend" standard in favor of logomania. The espadrilles have the luxury brand's iconic branding monogrammed all over the organic cotton fabric. It comes in three colors — black, stone, and flower pink — with an open toe and wraparound ankle tie that's perfect for summer outings.

The Zara Lace Up Leather Wedges are the perfect summer night out shoes. With a 4-inch heel and brown leather fabric that ties around the ankle, they go well with every outfit. Another affordable option is the Joyce Wedge Heels from Target retail for only $39.99. Coming in three colors, the 3.75-inch espadrilles have a raffia rope design at the front and a memory foam insole so you can wear them all day long.

The See by Chloé Glyn Espadrille Sandal are platforms, a deviation from the slanted silhouette typically seen with heeled espadrilles. The genuine calfskin sandals have a classic raffia heel and a strip of rubber at the bottom for a pop of white.