Victor And Nikki's Best Young And The Restless Weddings Ranked

Victor and Nikki Newman have a captivating love story, one of the most torrid and complicated affairs in "The Young and the Restless." Nikki Reed Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), initially a stripper at Bayou, crossed paths with Victor Christian Newman (Eric Braeden), sparking a romance that has led to four — technically three — marriages. Before meeting Victor, Nikki already had a scandalous past, having been married once and involved in accidental deaths, similar to Adam Newman, who killed a man when he was a child. 

She accidentally killed her father while defending herself against his advances and accidentally killed a childhood friend. Victor, despite his immense wealth, had humble beginnings. He built everything he owned through his cruel wit and had also been previously married before meeting Nikki. The moment Victor and Nikki met, love blossomed at first sight. Captivated by Nikki's beauty, Victor aimed to rescue her from her difficult life. 

However, he hesitated to get involved with her due to their significant age difference. Instead, Victor took her under his wing and financed her transformation into a refined lady through music and educational lessons. Despite the age gap, Nikki was undeterred and pursued Victor relentlessly, determined to make him hers. Eventually, he succumbed to her charms, leading to a sexual encounter.

Victor and Nikki get engaged for the first time

Nikki and Victor had an intense connection, but Victor insisted it was a mistake and set Nikki up with a younger man. He even started seeing another woman to distance himself from Nikki and break up their budding relationship. Nikki married Victor's chosen man and spitefully planned to enjoy her second marriage, forgetting him, but her plans changed when she found out she was pregnant — and not with her new husband's baby. Victoria was born, and although Nikki's interest in Victor was renewed, he remained hesitant about marrying her. 

Nevertheless, Victor consistently rescued Nikki from unsafe situations, showing his care and concern. Nikki's marriage soon crashed and burned, but just as she finally moved on with another man, Victor decided he couldn't deny his feelings for her any longer. Eventually, Nikki's dangerous involvement with a mobster brought them back together, and Victor finally proposed, leading to plans for an extravagant ceremony. 

Unfortunately, their happiness was cut short when Nikki was kidnapped by her vengeful ex. Victor was responsible for rescuing her again, but he suffered a severe groin injury during the mission, rendering him impotent. Feeling insecure and devastated, he called off the wedding. However, after viewing intimate photos of Nikki, he realized he wasn't impotent and wanted to proceed with the marriage. As the news of their mega wedding spread, Eve Howard (Margaret Mason), Victor's ex-lover, became obsessed with killing Nikki and planned her attack for their wedding day.  

The first and best: Victor and Nikki's first wedding

Victor and Nikki's first wedding, in 1984, was undoubtedly a display of their young and wild love for each other. Nikki looked stunning in her elaborate white dress with a crown and veil, while Victor looked dapper in his black tux. The couple exchanged heartfelt vows, and the occasion must have brought them good fortune because Victor found Eve before she could do any harm. However, their marital bliss was short-lived as Victor's attraction to Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson), the sister of his arch-nemesis Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), led him astray from his vows.

Despite being married to Nikki, Victor succumbed to temptation, which drove Nikki into the arms of Jack for comfort. Realizing her mistake, Nikki decided to fight for her relationship with Victor, but it was too late, and he filed for divorce. Shortly after the divorce, Nikki fell seriously ill, which brought Victor back to her side. Seizing this opportunity to keep Victor, Nikki pretended to be unwell even after her recovery.

However, Victor eventually discovered the truth, leading to the finalization of their divorce just four years later. Soon after, Genoa City and "Y&R" fans alike were gifted the news of Victor Newman's marriage to Ashley Abbott. But Victor and Nikki were far from finished. Over the next ten years, they locked themselves into a toxic cycle of attempting relationships with other people but always coming back to each other. 

The invalid wedding: Victor and Nikki's second wedding

The second chapter of Victor and Nikki's story began with turmoil and complexity. Despite their separation, they continued to be involved romantically, and soon, Nicholas Newman was born. However, even being parents to two lovely children couldn't mend their relationship, and Victor went on to marry for the sixth time (Victor has been married a total of 14 times on "The Young and the Restless").

Tragedy struck Nikki just two years after Victor's marriage to Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters), too, when she was shot four times by her ex-husband's vengeful former wife, leaving her life hanging in the balance. Everyone believed Nikki would die, so Victor divorced Diane to fulfill Nikki's dying wish of marrying him beforehand. He assured Diane they would reconcile once Nikki passed away. Miraculously, Nikki survived, but their initial wedding was invalid. Victor disregarded his promise to Diane and proposed to Nikki again, this time to make their marriage legitimate.

However, their relationship encountered significant challenges when Victor declared that he did not want any more children, even though Nikki was desperate to be pregnant again. The final straw was when Victor discovered Nikki's investment in Jabot. The long-standing rivalry between Victor and Jack had worsened over the years, and Victor felt betrayed by Nikki's actions, believing she owed her success to him. In response to the heated situation, Nikki cheated and decided to let go of Victor for good.

The most easily lost marriage: Victor and Nikki's third marriage

The third chapter of Nikki and Victor's relationship began with a slow friendship that blossomed into romance. Victor even went so far as to purchase an engagement ring for Nikki, but his fear of commitment held him back. However, after some soul-searching and personal growth, he finally mustered the courage to propose to Nikki, and she was overjoyed by the gesture. Their wedding took place in 2002, at the exact location of their first one. However, history would repeat itself, and their happiness wouldn't endure.

It started when their son Nick Newman's (Joshua Morrow) shaky marriage to Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) fell apart due to Sharon's infidelity with a stable hand. Tensions were already high as Victor had always doted on Sharon, in sharp contrast to Nikki's distaste for her. Nick married Sharon despite his mother's disapproval and was determined to make it work. He decided to give their marriage another chance but walked in on her kissing Victor, which marked the end of Sharon and Nick Newman's relationship

This betrayal deeply hurt Nick, and Nikki was equally incensed at her husband's involvement with Sharon. Victor, ever the rake, reverted to his old habits, prioritizing his business and rivalries over his family. Nikki was disheartened, especially since she had never approved of Sharon, and Victor's actions lacked remorse. He became verbally abusive, pushing Nikki to her breaking point, and she cheated and walked out on the marriage in 2008.

The fourth and final deal: Victor and Nikki's last marriage

The fourth and final chapter of Victor and Nikki's love story began after a domestic disaster. When the Newman ranch burned down, it became an opportunity for them to reflect on their relationship's checkered history. Victor realized that he had to lose everything to recognize Nikki's true importance. With this newfound clarity, he proposed to her again, vowing that it would be the last time and that they would be together forever.

Victor gave Nikki a beautiful ring to make things official amidst hearty congratulations from their families. They prepared for their wedding, but Nikki hid a secret burden — she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She didn't want Victor to call off the wedding or treat her any differently. However, Jack revealed the truth, and Victor, tearfully, promised to stand by her side. Thankfully, the doctor offered a glimmer of hope, assuring them that the damage was minimal and that Nikki could lead a fulfilling life with proper treatment.

The family rejoiced at this news, but Nikki's fainting spell during dinner caused concern. Eventually, she was released from the hospital, and they proceeded with a romantic wedding surrounded by their loved ones. As of 2023, the couple has reached a remarkable milestone of a decade together in Genoa City. Their journey has been filled with challenges that they've worked through to find stable happiness in each other's arms.