6 Heartbreaking Moments In Virgin River Season 5

"Virgin River" often delivers swoon-worthy moments and mouth-dropping drama. The fifth season is no exception. "Virgin River" Season 5 brings growth, tragedy, and plenty of tear-inducing moments for these beloved characters and some new faces. Everyone from Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) to Doc (Tim Matheson) to Brie (Zibby Allen) endured some hardship this season. They must figure out how to navigate these life-changing obstacles.

It's one of the most heartbreaking and inspiring seasons yet. For both the fans and the characters, "Virgin Rivers" Season 5 is a rollercoaster of emotions that make the wait for the final two episodes of the season even harder. Some of the drama plaguing this season includes devastating breakups, health issues, a major event that affects everyone in town, and a loss that will shatter fans. There are so many heartbreaking moments from the first ten episodes of "Virgin River" Season 5, but these moments stand out the most.

This article contains "Virgin River" Season 5 Spoilers.

Mel's miscarriage

Mel's struggles with infertility have been a major storyline throughout "Virgin River." Prior to coming to Virgin River, she lost a child due to a stillbirth and faced problems conceiving. Therefore, fans are ecstatic when Mel becomes pregnant with Jack's (Martin Henderson) child. It's a high-risk pregnancy but things go smoothly for a while, and it seems they will become the parents of a happy and healthy girl.

This makes it shocking and unexpected when Mel miscarries during "Virgin River" Season 5. It comes during the height of the Virgin River wildfires. All the new patients because of the fire keep Mel too busy to grieve this loss until later. The devastating miscarriage makes Mel rethink her motherhood dreams.

Breckenridge gives a heartwrenching performance as fans feel Mel's pain. They grieve with her, cry with her, and curse the world (and the "Virgin River" writers) for allowing such another earth-shattering loss for Mel and Jack. It's not only one of the most heartbreaking moments of "Virgin River" Season 5 but one that will stick with viewers for a long time.

The Virgin River Wildfires

During the fourth episode of Season 5, the Virgin River wildfires seem to spring out of nowhere. The town scrambles to save the residents and keep everything from burning to the ground. The fires put a few characters in life-threatening situations. Luckily, everyone survives. However, homes, farms, and possessions aren't as lucky. People find themselves without homes and businesses. The known residents most affected by the fires include Muriel (Teryl Rothery) and Tara (Stacey Farber).

The loss of a home doesn't have the same weight as a death, but it's still a tragedy. The Virgin River wildfire devastation goes beyond personal losses because it affects the entire community. The damages will affect the town for years. The wildfires shake everyone, but they also showcase the town's strength. Everyone works together and makes sacrifices for the best of the town. It shows the Virgin River citizens at their best. The town's recovery adds a riveting element to future seasons.

Doc starts to lose his eyesight

In "Virgin River" Season 3, fans learn of Vernon "Doc" Mullins's age-related macular degeneration. This disease may cause him to lose his eyesight. It's an issue that he only shared with close friends and family, and this inner circle did not include colleague Dr. Cameron Hayek (Mark Ghanimé). However, losing his eyesight during an important surgery forces Mullins to reveal his diagnosis to his coworker.

He also tells Cameron that he eventually wants him to take over the clinic. Doc has dealt with the fear and beginning stages of his disease for several seasons. However, "Virgin River" Season 5 really highlights the repercussions of his illness on his career. He will have to retire soon if his eyesight continues to deteriorate.

However, the season ends with a glimmer of hope as Doc may begin experimental treatment that could save his eyesight. Nevertheless, with his career so crucial to his life, it's devastating to watch it taken away from him, especially in a way beyond his control. Doc also mentions how this will affect his personal life, such as never being able to see Hope's (Annette O'Toole) smile again. Doc still has a loving and supportive family but that doesn't make the potential partial or complete loss of his eyesight any less heartbreaking.

Brie doesn't feel relieved with the trial results

Brie's sexual assault has haunted her for years. "Virgin River" Season 5 finally brings some justice to her life as she takes the witness stand against the man who assaulted her. After a powerful statement, the jury convicts him of all crimes. However, Brie tells Mike (Marco Grazzini) that she doesn't feel a sense of relief. She doesn't feel like it's completely behind her. Brie wants to feel safe, secure, and satisfied with the conviction and chargers. However, she still has the scars and trauma from her assault.

Brie's reaction demonstrates what many victims of sexual assault may feel. The damage done to them won't go away with a guilty verdict. This makes Brie's reaction so heartbreaking because it may be representative of other women who have been through the same or similar difficult ordeals. Brie continues to seek support and help because her scars can't simply heal from convictions.

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Doc confronts Rose Miller

Denny Cutler (Kai Bradbury) enters Virgin River with unexpected ties to Doc. Fans soon learn that he's his grandson. Doc didn't know that one of his previous girlfriends, Rose Miller (Susan Hogan), kept a child from him. Despite some people initially questioning if Denny really was Doc's grandson, he has become a major part of his grandfather's life.

In "Virgin River" Season 5, Denny wants his only two living relatives to at least find some common ground. As expected, things become heated between Rose and Doc because of his anger over her keeping his son from him. Several things make this a heartbreaking moment. The first is that Doc lost out on knowing his son entirely. The second is that Rose really believes she did the right thing at that time. She isn't a villain here, but instead, someone who truly misunderstood the man that she loved.

Rose cannot undo what she did to Doc and her son by depriving them of knowing one another. However, Doc and her must make peace with what happened and move forward for Denny's benefit.

Brie and Brady's breakup

Brie and Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) have already been through a lot during the course of their "Virgin River" relationship. However, it took another major hit in Season 5, maybe even for good this time. After finding out that Brady kept things from her, such as Melissa (Barbara Pollard) threatening Brie, she distances herself from him. Brie even doesn't allow him to come with her to her trial against her rapist. Eventually, she officially ends things with Brady.

The fact that Brie ends things because she no longer feels safe with him, especially after he supported her during her times of need — his reaction to her sexual assault was an important moment in Season 4 — shows just how much his actions this season have hurt her. Brady and Brie find new love interests in "Virgin River" Season 5, but Brady doesn't quite seem over his ex-girlfriend. He may find moving on not that easy.

This heartbreak for Brady may manifest in different ways during the second half of "Virgin Rivers" Season 5 and Season 6.