Carly's Most Memorable General Hospital Weddings

Carly Spencer has had many surnames over the years on "General Hospital," and during that time, the character has also been played by quite a few actresses. The character's mother, Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman), gave her up for adoption because she was a teenager when she gave birth, and her adoptive parents named her Caroline Leigh Benson. When the young woman learned of Bobbie's existence, and the fact that she'd become a successful nurse with a doctor husband, she set out to destroy Bobbie's life. "Caroline" took on the name of her presumed-dead friend, Charlotte "Carly" Roberts, and came to Port Charles using that as her alias. 

Although most often known as Carly Corinthos due to her most frequent husband, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), after her divorce in October 2022, Carly took on her mother's maiden name, Spencer, with the intent of changing her ways. However, that last part never happened. She's still the scheming manipulator she's always been, constantly inserting herself into situations she has no business being in, though maybe not as malevolently as she did when she first came to town.

Fans either love or hate Carly, with many putting her in the "love to hate" category as well. She's lied, cheated, embezzled, blackmailed, and has gotten away with several other misdeeds over the years. She's had affairs with many men, starting with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) when they didn't even know each other's names! She's also been married a handful of times, so let's take a look at Carly's most memorable weddings over the years.

5. A.J. Quartermaine

After effectively destroying Bobbie's marriage to Tony Jones (Brad Maule), Carly Roberts (then Sarah Brown) moved in with him, but after a fight, she went to a bar looking for her friend Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). She ended up having a drunken one-night stand with Jason's brother, hapless buffoon A.J. Quartermaine (then Billy Warlock), who blacked out from the alcohol and didn't remember anything. Of course, she got pregnant as a result, and for a time pretended it was Tony's. Then she roped Jason into claiming he was the baby daddy. A.J. eventually learned the truth and worried that the wealthy Quartermaine family would take baby Michael away. Carly ended up marrying him in 1999 so that she could drive him to drink even further, shamelessly preying on his alcoholism.

They had a lavish wedding ceremony at the Quartermaine mansion, but after a while, Carly couldn't stand A.J. anymore. She went to find Jason for a quick roll in the hay and misinterpreted things when she spied him dancing with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). So, she did what Carly always does, and went and slept with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). 

She got pregnant yet again, this time by Sonny, and when A.J. confronted her about having an affair, he accidentally knocked her down a flight of stairs and she sadly lost the baby. Needless to say, they were done, and her marriage to A.J. was one of the shortest on "General Hospital."

4. Lorenzo Alcazar

Ted King played arms dealer Luis Alcazar on "General Hospital," and when he plummeted to his death from his 14th-floor apartment, his twin brother Lorenzo Alcazar — a memorable mobster, also played by King — came to Port Charles seeking revenge. However, when he learned that Luis' killer was Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn), who was not a mobster, he changed his tune and picked up where his brother left off, going to war with kingpin Sonny Corinthos in 2003. 

Sonny's brother, Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst), had kidnapped Carly (then Tamara Braun) and kept her chained up in a panic room. Lorenzo discovered this and found he was attracted to Carly, and after Ric released her, Lorenzo kept her imprisoned on his yacht in order to get Sonny to do what he wanted.

This story got even more bizarre as Lorenzo tried desperately to take Sonny down, but then wanted to work with him, changing allegiances like clothing. At one point, when she was in a coma, he planted suggestions in her mind causing her to dream she was having a wonderful life with him, and she woke up in love with Lorenzo. Eventually, after he was there for Carly when she needed him several times, she was the one who proposed to Lorenzo. They soon eloped, but her mental state was deteriorating and she ended up getting committed. When she finally recovered, she came to her senses, and the two got divorced.

3. Jasper Jacks

Carly (Laura Wright) and Jasper "Jax" Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) had an unusual romance. They'd worked together on a couple of business deals, but didn't start to fall for each other until they conspired to keep the late Courtney Matthews' (Alicia Leigh Willis) child as their own. That scheme eventually went south when Nikolas Cassadine (then Tyler Christopher) claimed his rightful place as the child's father.  After a series of mishaps and miscommunications, Carly and Jax fought against the odds and got married in 2007. She got pregnant with Jax's child but lost it when a warehouse owned by Sonny Corinthos blew up.

In March 2009, after an uphill battle, Carly and Jax decided to renew their vows, and Jax uttered words that, more often than not, are the kiss of death for soap opera couples: "I wanna be married to you for the rest of my life." After the ceremony, they bumped into then-attorney Alexis Davis, who chided them for having a track record as bad as hers in terms of marriages, and hilariously warned them that she wouldn't help them with eventual divorce proceedings. Jax remained positive, telling her that love was probably right around the corner to which she said through gritted teeth: "Please don't wish that on me." She promptly exited, and the couple did stay married long enough to have their daughter, Josslyn, but ended up divorcing in 2013. 

2. Sonny Corinthos

Out of all of Carly Spencer's weddings, she's been married and divorced from Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) a total of six times so far: four actual ceremonies and two vow renewals. To say their relationship is complicated is a vast understatement. But their most memorable wedding was their vow renewal in 2019 for a variety of reasons, including the intimate ceremony with just immediate family at Sonny's house. 

Characters who have since died were in attendance to support Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny, so revisiting the proceedings is bittersweet for fans of the show. Sonny's father Mike Corbin (Max Gail), who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2018, was in attendance, and he gave his son a hug before it started. Also, there was Dev (Ashton Arbab), a teenager from Turkey who'd helped Sonny rescue his son, Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna). Sonny took Dev in and made things appear that they were cousins. Sadly, Dev was later killed when a bomb went off at a restaurant. Furthermore, Carly's mother Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman) was there supporting her daughter, even though she and Sonny often didn't see eye to eye. Tragically, Zeman died in May 2023.

During the ceremony, the most poignant moment was when Carly told Sonny that she'd always love him, adding that she's tried to stop over the years, but can't because, "You're it for me. You are. You have been from the beginning, and you will be to the end." Unfortunately, it was another statement that cast bad karma on the currently divorced couple.

1. Jason Morgan

After an accident caused brain damage resulting in permanent amnesia, Jason Quartermaine separated himself from his high and mighty family and became Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). While the family tried making him into who he used to be, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) was the only one who accepted him for who he was, and before long, Jason became a lethal enforcer for Sonny's criminal organization. When Jason and Carly first met, they had anonymous sex for a time, and soon Carly was embroiled in Sonny's life. Over the years, the two became best friends and Jason got her out of sticky situations many times.

When Sonny was presumed dead in 2021, that created a hole in the mafia world. Jason had previously run the organization for Sonny in 2008, but this time Carly stepped up and met with the five families to instill a sense that nothing would change with Sonny out of the picture. However, they wanted to know who was in charge: Jason or Carly. As a show of strength, Jason and Carly decided to wed, and as the day drew closer they realized they had unrequited feelings for each other. It should come as no surprise then, that shortly after their posh, yet simple, wedding, Sonny turned up alive and just in time to prevent Jason and Carly from consummating their marriage! Despite being bothered by this turn of events, Jason and Carly agreed to go back to the way things were.