Tyler Hynes Vs. Luke Macfarlane: Fans Are Clear Who Their Favorite Hallmark Hunk Is

Prince William vs. Prince HarrySarah Jessica Parker vs. Kim Cattrall. Batman vs. Superman. When it comes to picking a favorite in these feuds — both real and fictional — many people are immensely passionate about their answers. And although Hallmark hunks Tyler Hynes and Luke Macfarlane seem to have no beef, they were playfully pitted against each other, and one actor came out on top as the clear winner.

The List posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages on September 20, 2023, asking fans who they prefer between Macfarlane and Hynes. Many people stated they couldn't pick a favorite between the two and declared both actors the winner. However, most commenters who chose someone to crown the hunkiest went with Hynes. One fan said, "I love them both and Tyler is my favorite." Another confidently said, "Tyler definitely!!!!"

The Hallmark Channel Fans Facebook page posted the same showdown, and it garnered the same results: a lot of people couldn't pick, but of those that did, Hynes came out on top again. One fan even said, "Tyler: I met him last year. The nicest guy."

Hynes absolutely loves meeting and interacting with his fans

The Hallmark love goes both ways: Tyler Hynes has shared what he really thinks of Hallmark movie fans, and it's positive. He enjoys interacting with them at fan conventions and online. Hynes told What to Watch that when he was in Nashville for the RomaDrama convention event, he even visited a fan who invited him to the hospital where she worked.

"And it was just wonderful," Hynes told the outlet. "Here I am in a different place that I've never been, and very shortly after arriving, I'm able to interact with people in such a lovely way." He also described how, at fan conventions, "I just have all the time in the world for these fans." Hynes added that he feels invigorated at those kinds of events.

As for Hallmark star Luke Macfarlane, his true fans know that he had a big-screen role in 2022's "Bros," and for a while, it seemed he was done with the Hallmark movies. However, he starred in the network's fall 2023 film "Notes of Autumn" and told The Hollywood Reporter he also agreed to do another Christmas movie for the network. Hallmark fans may have the chance to debate who's hunkiest once more after Hynes and Macfarlane's next big projects are released.