The Most Memorable Young And The Restless Weddings Of All Time

No soap loves weddings like CBS's "The Young and the Restless." Older characters, like Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), have tied the knot nine times, and many have lost count of how many times Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) has been married on "Y&R." This love for marriages has definitely seeped into the younger generation as well, with Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) having multiple marriages and Kyle Abbott(Michael Mealor) already on his second separation while possibly eyeing Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) for a third marriage.

"Y&R" weddings are a mix of drama, history, business deals, and sometimes even true love. Admittedly, a weak spot of the show is how impulsive many of these weddings are, but that's just the Genoa City curse. Besides, many of the major Genoa City residents are rich and famous, and we all know how easy it is to find love when both boxes are ticked. While some "Y&R" weddings fade from memory, others are harder to forget. Our favorite "Y&R" weddings showcase more than drama and love. They also include significant events and unforgettable circumstances unique to Genoa City.

Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins Abbott

Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) are by no means a fan-favorite couple, but this doesn't make their relationship any less memorable. What makes their 2023 wedding a big deal is that it finally happened after four decades of trying and failing to end up together. Their love story goes back to the early 1980s, before either of their first marriages. Jack and Diane's affair started because she wanted a job working as a top model for his family's company, Jabot. She soon fell for him, but Jack was deeply in love with his womanizing ways and wasn't ready to settle down. 

Besides, his family wanted him to marry the young and sweet Patty Williams (Lilibet Stern) as a sign that he was mature. Jack pursued and proposed to Patty but ended up late for his wedding with her due to making love to Diane. Similarly, Diane's first marriage to Andy Richards (Steven Ford) in 1984 wasn't a blissful ride due to Jack's obsession with her. He continued to pursue her before successfully tempting her into an affair, leading to the breakdown of her marriage with Andy. In 1997, after her return to Genoa, Jack and Diane tried to get back to each other, but were derailed by Victor Newman offering her marriage first. However, 2023 seems to have been their year so far. We certainly hope that the Genoa City curse stays away from them and that they find marital bliss.

Victoria Newman and Billy Abbott's second marriage

Victoria Newman's relationship with Billy Abbott (Billy Miller) was written at the dramatic peak of "The Young and the Restless." The tension between the Abbotts and the Newmans was prevalent, but this didn't stop them from cultivating a love-hate relationship. Although Victoria is famed for her troubled past with men on "Y&R," her relationship with Billy brought her quite close to true love. Their first wedding was memorable in its own right, given that they had gotten drunk and married on a whim in Jamaica in 2010. However, their second wedding later that same year really took the cake, as Victoria was arrested mid-ceremony.

While she was dragged away, the judge quickly wedded them and made it official, but the Newman heiress still ended up in jail. Ultimately, it turned out that Victor Newman had gotten his daughter arrested due to his hatred for the Abbotts. He tried to get her to leave Billy, but Victoria was in love and resolute, so she turned her scheming father down.

Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter

Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) and Tessa Porter's (Cait Fairbanks) wedding in 2022 was one for the books on "The Young and the Restless." "Teriah," as they have been dubbed, is the first LGBTQ couple to have their wedding on the soap. Although Mariah and Tessa almost didn't marry, their love conquered all hurdles, and they had a truly unique and heartfelt ceremony.

Sharon Collins' (Sharon Case) involvement in the ceremony was a given, considering she is Mariah's mother, but adding Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow) to the mix was an impossibly sweet moment as well. No one can forget that Nick helped rescue Mariah from marrying Ian Ward (Ray Wise) and also hired Tessa to play at The Underground. We also loved Kyle Abbott's role as officiant of their wedding since he set them up after they fell out of each other's graces. Thanks to his eye for compatibility, they gave their relationship another chance and gave us a wedding to remember.

Victor and Nikki Newman's first wedding

Who can forget Victor Newman and Nikki Newman's (Melody Thomas Scott) first wedding? The pair met after Victor visited The Bayou strip club when Nikki was a dancer. For some reason, Victor seemed to be the only one who couldn't see how right they were for each other. When he eventually gave in to his feelings and planned to marry Nikki, Genoa City threw a spanner in the works. Eve Howard (Margaret Mason), Victor's ex, escaped confinement and began planning to kill Nikki.

We remember the heart-pounding fear we endured while the couple got ready for their big day without knowing the danger ahead. Luckily, Nikki's sister Casey Reed (Roberta Leighton) burst in at the last minute before Eve could kill her. Victor eventually found out that Eve had escaped her psychiatric home and found her after the wedding. This first 1984 ceremony was definitely the best of Nikki and Victor's many weddings on "The Young and the Restless."

Nikki Newman's weddings to Dr. Joshua Landers and Victor Newman

While the other marriages on this list are unforgettable for mostly happy moments, these marriages rank for the opposite reason. Nikki Newman's marriage to Dr. Joshua Landers (Heath Kizzier) in 1996 was planned after yet another dismissal from Victor Newman and a failed romance with Brad Carlton (Don Diamont). Clearly, this marriage wouldn't last, but we'd never have been able to guess why. Dr. Landers seemed absolutely besotted with Nikki, and as a widower, was unlikely to be involved in drama ... or so we thought. It turned out that Dr. Landers' wife wasn't dead and actually had a mental illness.

Veronica Landers (Candice Daly) pretended to be a maid and stalked the new couple after their wedding. Her reappearance was enough to nullify their marriage, but that wasn't enough for her, so she shot both Joshua and Nikki. Sadly, Joshua didn't survive, and Nikki wasn't expected to live either. The icing on this wedding was that Victor divorced Diane Jenkins to marry Nikki on her deathbed. Down the line, we found out that this marriage, too, was void, as Victor's divorce from Diane wasn't legal. It was definitely an unforgettable sequence of weddings for Nikki.