Our Favorite Photos Of Virgin River Stars That Sizzle Off-Screen

We tune in to "Virgin River" to watch the romance between our favorite couple Mel and Jack, to see how pregnant Charmaine is, what Doc and Cameron are up to, and in general, how the townsfolk celebrate life and each other. We also tune in for the gorgeous scenery, and, yes, also the gorgeous actors. There is no shortage of handsome and beautiful among the cast members on one of Netflix's top-watched shows.

And while we're happy to watch the characters in sweatshirts and jackets, fishing and camping gear, flannel shirts and knit beanies, and even the occasional dress or Renaissance Fair outfit, it's not the same as seeing what their portrayers are like in real life. 

Thanks to the magic of the world wide web and social media, though (shout out to Instagram), we can catch glimpses of what Alex and Martin and the rest of the "Virgin River" gang get up to when they're not filming in the woods and towns of Canada

Martin Henderson

"Virgin River" character Jack Sheridan comes by his love of the great outdoors naturally — actor Martin Henderson is a big fan. The New Zealand native documents his adventures in the wild on his social media pages, often using the hashtag #getoutside. When not filming for Netflix, he's jaunting about various landscapes, and even makes it back home. "Spring is here in New Zealand!!!" he posted on Instagram. "First post-winter dip and feeling so alive and grateful to be from this magical country." And then he posted this photo. (Insert big, appreciative sigh here.)

Alexandra Breckenridge

We truly love Melinda "Mel" Monroe and her "just keep swimming" attitude on "Virgin River." But it's good to be reminded actor Alexandra Breckenridge has been in a few of our other favorite shows, too. A quick double-take revealed a T-shirt she wore showed a picture of her character Jessie Anderson from "The Walking Dead." And you probably remember her fondly as Sophie Larson, the woman who had Kevin Pearson's heart all along on "This Is Us." Now you know why you love her so much as Mel — Breckenridge does great characters!

Mark Ghanimé

We usually see Dr. Cameron Hayek all buttoned-up on "Virgin River" — white coat or suit jacket, stethoscope or tie around his neck, and neatly groomed with short hair and a clean-shaven face. So when actor Mark Ghanimé posted a photo looking all casual and cute, and definitely not in conservative medical doctor mode, eyes were popping. From the impressive bicep to the tousled hair, from the days-old scruff and impressive mustache, there's not a sizzling inch a "Virgin River" fan can't appreciate. 

Zibby Allen

What's better than a "Virgin River" star? How about one that's posing with her cute and famous friend? You're used to seeing actor Zibby Allen as the blonde when she plays Brie Sheridan on the Netflix series, but in this photo, she's the dark-haired contrast to actor Fiona Gubelmann. Allen and Gubelmann are good pals, and have more than just good selfie-taking skills in common: both have been in Hallmark movies. You'll remember Gubelmann from "Royally Ever After," Allen has appeared in "The Story of Us," and the two of them starred in "The Vows We Keep" together.

Marco Grazzini

It seems "Virgin River" fans might be in the know when they assumed Marco Grazzini was dropped straight from heaven into the role of Mike Valenzuela. During a vacation trip to Bali, the Netflix actor couldn't help but connect with a pair of painted wall wings for an angelic portrait. The only thing capable of overshadowing the giant ethereal feathers? How fantastically well Grazzini wears a tank top. Who knew heavenly angels had such well-defined pecs and biceps?

Sarah Dugdale

It's not only the male cast members who like to spend their free time adventuring. Sarah Dugdale sought out an idyllic spot during a break from playing Connie's niece Lizzie on "Virgin River." The native Canadian showed off her fit figure while standing on the rocky short of Lindeman Lake in British Columbia. Dugdale is from Vancouver, and as such appreciated that the Netflix show was filmed throughout the area. "It was such a treat to be in nature like that," the star shared with Brief Take.

Part 1: Benjamin Hollingsworth

Back when "Virgin River" fans were eagerly waiting for Season 2 of the show to drop on Netflix, Ben Hollingsworth gave the best kind of tease for the return of his character, Dan Brady. "Just a healthy reminder that sit-ups suck and 'Virgin River' season two premieres on @netflix in ONE WEEK..." he captioned a shirtless mirror selfie. "Yep that's this Thanksgiving weekend. Which is also coincidentally when this six pack will magically disappear," he finished. It seems the pic not only enticed fans, but also caught the attention of fellow cast member Colin Lawrence... 

Part 2: Colin Lawrence

When "Virgin River's" Colin Lawrence saw Ben Hollingsworth's selfie, he took it personally. "Challenge accepted @hollingsworthb !!!!" he wrote on Instagram. He accompanied the response with his own mirror selfie, shirt lifted and showing off a defined chest and abs. "Ready for season two......absolutely!!!!" "Virgin River" execs must have noticed the drool coming from fans, because in Season 5, Episode 6 (about 29 minutes into the episode, for those who want to skip to the good part), the duo went shirtless and sweaty while digging a fire ditch. It doesn't get much more sizzling than that.