Trump Reportedly Once Asked Melania To Flaunt Her Figure For His Friends (And She Wasn't Happy)

Melania Trump has borne the title of Donald Trump's arm candy long before they were ever First Lady and President of the United States — a reduction that Melania has silently tolerated over her decades on Donald's arm. However, leaked audio of Australian businessman and Trump donor Anthony Pratt, obtained by "60 Minutes Australia," reveals that the former model is far less hesitant to speak up when it's her husband reducing her to a long-legged prop.

Pratt has been looped into the federal case against Donald Trump's alleged mishandling of classified information while in office. On the audio, Pratt can be heard recounting various conversations he had with and overheard from Trump, including one in which the former president reportedly said, "I asked Melania to walk around the pool in a bikini so all the other guys could get a look at what they were missing."

For Melania's part, Pratt said the publicly demure wife quickly snapped back a fiery retort. "I'll do that when you walk around with me in your bikini," Pratt paraphrased (via YouTube).

Melania Trump is far more outspoken behind closed doors

Former First Lady Melania Trump has long been criticized for her placid demeanor — and, at times, noticeable absences — throughout Trump's campaign and subsequent presidential term. The New York Times dubbed her "The Silent Partner" in 2015, and that's largely how she remained during her husband's time in office. Following Donald Trump's 2020 election loss, she was hardly seen in public, finally re-emerging as Donald's wife for a 2023 Halloween party after almost six months out of the spotlight.

However, friends of Melania's say that Anthony Pratt's recounting of the alleged bikini conversation falls in line with her actual personality — the one she touts out of the public's watchful eye. "She's never shy about speaking her mind and responding to the former president exactly how she feels," R. Couri Hay, an acquaintance of Melania's, told Business Insider. "She'd never just sit silently and be a punchline."

Hay continued, "Melanie is not shy about speaking up, especially to her husband, and he likes her spunky attitude." Donald Trump never responded to his comments about his wife. But he did condemn Pratt's retellings of other conversations he supposedly had with Trump, calling him "a red-haired weirdo from Australia" on his online platform Truth Social.

This wasn't the first time Donald Trump caught Melania's temper

Former President Donald Trump's colorful remark about poolside modeling wasn't the only thing that brought out his wife, Melania Trump's, fierce attitude. In August 2023, RadarOnline reported another tense stand-off between the two after Donald posted a photo of his youngest son, Barron, with the caption, "In an effort to level the playing field, Barron Trump will debate Joe Biden" on Truth Social (via ShowBiz411).

An inside source described the first lady as furious upon seeing the president's post. They said Melania wasn't happy and "has been incredibly protective of Barron and has told Donald she would not stand for him to be exploited by anyone, even his father! He made a promise to protect their son — and he broke it. There's a good chance she won't forgive him."

Melania and her son have been keeping a low profile amid Donald's legal woes. In September 2023, the former first lady revised her nuptial agreement to provide her and her son with more assets and financial support. "Melania is most concerned about maintaining and increasing a substantial trust for their son," a source told Page Six.