7 Best And 7 Worst Dressed Celebs Of 2023

The year 2023 has been a wild ride for the sartorially obsessed, with a number of long-forgotten trends unexpectedly making comebacks. For instance, the once reviled — and quite possibly cheugy — ballet flat came back into fashion following the balletcore craze. The Y2K revival replaced the nostalgia void that the demise of the '90s aesthetic left in our wardrobes. And, of course, the "Barbie" movie had us all re-enacting our pink childhood fantasies — and also led to unforeseen interest in Kencore.

When it comes to celeb style, 2023 has been the post-pandemic glow-up we've all been waiting for. From the Met Gala to the Oscars, there's been no shortage of impeccably dressed A-listers setting trends and going viral for their epic slays. But the serves haven't been reserved for red-carpet veterans. This year, a whole slew of rising stars have made it into the fashion history books with their bold and daring looks.

However, not everyone has been killing it on the red carpet. Indeed, many celebs did little more than kill the vibes by wearing inappropriate attire or mismatched fits to otherwise glitzy events (or when out and about in public). Who slayed and who didn't? Here's a look at the seven best-dressed and seven worst-dressed celebs of 2023.

Best: Margot Robbie

Barbiecore took over 2023, so there were high hopes for Margot Robbie's red carpet looks. Throughout the press tour for "Barbie," she consistently killed it by wearing outfits inspired by popular vintage versions of the Mattel doll. During the South Korea press junket, for instance, jaws were on the floor when she showcased a pink ensemble inspired by Sparkling Pink Barbie. The darling coordinate featured a three-piece bubblegum pink skirt suit, complete with a matching hair bow and a heart-shaped Moschino purse.

Exemplifying her commitment to the Barbiecore cause, she wore two more eye-grabbing looks — a glittery pink dress and an '80s girlboss fit — when attending the Seoul premiere, inspired by 1984's Day to Night Barbie. The second look was perfected with an oversized kitschy glitter phone. And when attending the London premiere, she turned heads as one of the most elegant Barbies of all time: 1960s Enchanted Evening Barbie.

What's particularly great about Robbie's looks is the respect she exhibited for Barbie stans. "We're finding Barbie references from decades past and just doing it really for the big Barbie fans out there, people who are actually collecting those Barbie," she told People. "We're hoping to get them excited ... It's not subtle, but it's very fun!" Her looks were surely enough to propel even the saddest beige adherents to throw on a fuchsia coord. In the words of Barbie — ahem, we mean Malibu Stacy — aficionado Waylon Smithers, "I want it, I want it, I want it!"

Worst: Bianca Censori

Bianca Censori wed Kanye West at a time when he was spouting pro-Nazi rhetoric (the rapper later claimed that he was cured of his antisemitism after becoming a fan of Jewish actor Jonah Hill). Rather unsurprisingly, the Yeezy exec has consistently worn inappropriate outfits following her problematic relationship with Ye.

When out and about with her husband in the summer of 2023, Censori, who swiftly morphed into a Kim K clone, wore a highly revealing outfit that left little to the imagination. She donned a tight tank top with no bra and a pair of sweats that appeared to be painted onto her body; she also tucked her phone into the front of said pants, which, we must admit, conjured images of a tech-age Al Bundy. During a vacation to Italy, Censori continued with the barely there outfits, causing outrage in the country. On one such outing, she looked practically nude in a sheer, flesh-colored bodysuit. During another, she sported a boob tube that scarcely covered her lady parts. She and her husband were eventually banned from a Venetian boat rental company after allegedly committing an obscene act on a boat.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, body language expert Judi James offered some insight into Censori's bizarre public appearances, arguing that she is apparently becoming less confident the more revealing her attire gets. "As their style statements continue, the loving or fun signals seem to be unraveling," James said. If Censori leaves Ye, her style will likely evolve once again.

Best: Halle Bailey

When promoting "The Little Mermaid," Halle Bailey's outfits have been on point, with the actor and singer serving pure fairytale aesthetic. At the 2023 Academy Awards, she looked every inch the ethereal Disney princess, donning a stunning blue tulle gown by Dolce and Gabbana that certainly wouldn't look out of place on Ariel herself. "I was really excited to wear this beautiful dress to go into the fairytale world and give them a princess for one day," she told E!

At the film's Australian premiere, she turned heads in a strapless pastel blue gown, which made her look as though she really did rise from under the deep blue sea and onto the red carpet. At the Met Gala, she donned a ruffled cape over a sequined gown, another ensemble reminiscent of a Disney princess. Though some suggested that the outfit alluded to jellyfish tendrils, it may have been a subtle nod to Karl Lagerfeld's beloved floofy cat, Choupette (this year's gala was an ode to Lagerfeld).

Contrary to her immaculate fits, Bailey confessed to Cosmopolitan that she's not a natural when it comes to fashion and is still figuring out her personal style. "It's definitely a collaboration," she said of her red carpet looks. "I've worked with some beautiful stylists [who] help me find that vision. I like to find shapes that make me feel good about myself. And because I'm smaller, because I'm petite, I still want to feel like a woman."

Worst: Florence Pugh

Though she's received considerable acclaim for her acting, Florence Pugh's styling hasn't exactly been on point. Appearing at the London Critics' Circle Film Awards in February, she donned a bold red peplum gown, recalling the not-so-glorious days of aughts fashion. While the dress itself wasn't unbefitting of the occasion, Pugh paired it with an oversized cowboy hat, which made the get-up appear rather clumsy.

At the 2023 Oscars, Pugh again showcased mismatched attire. The "Oppenheimer" star wore a historically inspired off-the-shoulder gown over black cycle shorts, awkwardly paired with huge Y2K platforms and a septum ring to give the ensemble a postmodern feel. Following the ceremony, she attended the Vanity Fair afterparty in a black bra and long skirt coordinate, topped with a huge pink coat. Again, the look wasn't quite cutting it, feeling more club night than Oscars night.

Though Pugh's style is unconventional and not exactly red-carpet friendly, she has little concern for critics. Chatting to fellow British actor Jodie Turner-Smith for Elle, the rising star said that she's perfectly happy to not fit into a restrictive Tinseltown mold. "I've always been interested in wearing loud clothing," Pugh explained. "When I was a teenager, I would buy the most outrageous things and sew them together ... I've become more confident in the last few years, and I think that's hugely linked to the clothes I've been wearing." If Pugh is happy with her idiosyncratic lewks, that's all that really matters. 

Best: Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing is famed for her effortless approach to red carpet style. The Chinese actor, whose aesthetic harks back to the glam golden age of Hollywood, has consistently shone at high-profile events this year. A Cannes it-girl, she rocked several stunning looks at the prestigious French film festival. On opening night, she wowed in a Christopher Bu gown emblazoned with a tiger that appeared to be coming to life. Epitomizing the glitz of Cannes, she later sported an ethereal strapless blue gown, complete with a silk sash, tasteful diamonds, and bold red lipstick. She also wore a ravishing bejeweled black dress, looking at once vintage and timeless.

One of her most daring looks, however, came at the Oscars. Fan ensured that jaws were squarely on the floor with an emerald green and silver Tony Ward Couture gown, with the star resembling a young Elizabeth Taylor in her high fashion heyday.

Fan continued to dominate the red carpet throughout the year. At the Giambattista Valli autumn-winter 2023 show during Paris Fashion Week, she turned heads in strikingly opulent regalia, wearing a feathered gold coat over a classic LBD, topped off with matching earrings and a '60s style bouffant. Chatting to Harper's Bazaar prior to the show, Fan discussed the eye-popping outfit. "You can see the craftsmanship shine through in every detail," she said. "The dress is so beautiful and felt like it exuded a feminine power, so it felt perfect for me to wear."

Worst: Katy Perry

Considering that she frequently tops worst dressed lists, it should come as little surprise that Katy Perry didn't ace the red carpet this year. Though she didn't morph into a chandelier or don a hamburger get-up, she did wear a wildly inappropriate outfit to King Charles III's coronation in May 2023.

It's a major no-no to attempt to outshine the man of the hour, i.e. King Charles, at the coronation ceremony. "This is a solemn occasion, a state occasion," royal expert Kinsey Schofield told Marie Claire. "You'd want to look beautiful, respectful, and appropriate. I don't think you'll see a lot of people trying to stand out at a Christian ceremony." Think again. At the seminal British event, Perry donned a lavender Vivienne Westwood skirt suit, accompanied by a huge fascinator. The enormity of the hat led to many viewers accusing Perry of dressing inappropriately and in turn pondering whether the songstress would end up obstructing the view of fellow attendees.

Perry also spawned many a meme when she was seen struggling to find her seat, possibly due to the millinery partially blocking her vision. Looking back on the outfit, she threw shade at those who mocked her over her viral faux pas. "Well, I just want everybody to know, thank you so much for your concern," she quipped to Entertainment Tonight. "I found my seat." She did, however, add that she was game for her memeification following Charles' special day.

Best: Anne Hathaway

Hathahate is dead; long live the Anneaissance. This year, Anne Hathaway has been praised for a huge, trend-setting shift in her style. The actor has consistently killed it on the red carpet and cemented her status as a style icon of the 2020s. At Versace's autumn/winter 2023 show, she was the epitome of chic in a croc mini dress (a fun twist on the classic LBD) and patent platform ankle boots. With the get-up, she also remained fiercely respectful of the iconic Italian fashion house's provocative aesthetic.

At the Met Gala, she took our respective breath away in a '60s-inspired look. She wore a tweed Versace dress that was the perfect balance of old-school glam and edgy fashion (the dress was held together with pearl safety pins). As Donatella Versace perfectly summed it up in a chat with Vogue, "For Anne, I wanted to create a gown to celebrate a conversation between Karl and Versace."

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hathaway discussed her fashion renaissance. Crediting her stylist, Erin Walsh, for helping her to finally embrace her personal style, the actor argued that she had long been restricted by an overly saccharine public persona. "Erin sees my idiosyncrasies as a strength," she explained. "Maybe there was initial confusion with me because I was introduced to the world as a teenaged princess, but I never actually connected to things that are 'sweet' and 'pretty' ... I love the right risk."

Worst: Sam Smith

The Brit Awards has long been a showcase for daring and unconventional style. But unfortunately for Sam Smith, their attempt at the experimental launched a thousand memes. The "Writing's On The Wall" singer turned up to the ceremony in an inflatable black latex catsuit in which they could barely move. While the suit was undoubtedly something different, it looked plain bizarre in motion, with Smith clumsily walking along the red carpet, accompanied by squeaks (well, we assume anyway). One sneaky X user even dubbed footage of the singer with Squidwad's walk from "SpongeBob SquarePants."

While their Brits outfit was a flop, there were high hopes for Smith's appearance at the London "Barbie" premiere. The star contributed to the box office hit's soundtrack with the song "Man I Am," an ode to Kenergy. When waltzing the pink carpet, one would have expected Smith to rock a little rosé. But the singer disappointed fans when they, rather surprisingly, donned a thoroughly anti-Barbiecore fit, consisting of comically oversized jeans and an equally humongous sweater that drowned out their frame.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Smith said that they intended to court contention with the look. "This was my ode to all the pop rebels out there," they explained. "This casual Karbie-core look was inspired by the play on proportions the brilliant Guram has created for the new Vetements collection. What better way to walk a hot-pink carpet?" Well, we beg to differ: We wanted pink, pink, pink, Smith!

Best: Michelle Yeoh

Having won the Oscar for Best Actress in 2023 — the first Asian woman in history to do so — Michelle Yeoh has exhibited her flair for fashion. At the Oscars, she exuded timeless elegance in a majestic white Dior Haute Couture gown, which gave her an elegant swanlike appearance. Even more impressive is the fact that the dress took 200 hours to assemble.

Having nestled into her esteemed status, Yeoh has since worn a number of elegant outfits befitting an Oscar-winner. Making a grand entrance at the Met Gala, she oozed old-school glamour in a tuxedo gown by Karl Lagerfeld Couture. The ensemble was perfect for the occasion and a fitting tribute to the late fashion designer, seeing as Lagerfeld was famed for serving iconic black and white looks. Yeoh relished getting dolled up for the occasion. "It was very interesting what they felt and how they saw as they created something with Karl in mind," she told Vogue regarding the team that styled her.

Elsewhere, she rocked a crystal-embellished Armani Privé dress to the Golden Globes and a gold fringe-accented Schiaparelli number to the SAG Awards. The latter was one of her favorites. "It's so flamboyant ... I tend to be a little low-key, so I dare not be The One," she told People. "And then of course my stylist Jordan [Johnson Chung] will go, 'No, you have to look special. Go out there, so then you know you can wow them.' And I say, 'Okay.'"

Worst: Maya Hawke

The nepo baby discourse has led to considerable contention, but Maya Hawke, daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, is proving a talented actor in her own right. But as gifted as the rising star may be, she isn't exactly acing it when it comes to couture.

Appearing at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, Hawke irked onlookers by dancing with co-star Rupert Friend on the red carpet. But while there was nothing inherently wrong with Hawke letting out her inner manic pixie dream girl, it was her choice of attire that didn't quite match the tone of proceedings. The star debuted a forest green opera gown at the prestigious festival; while the dress itself was striking and complimented her dark blond locks, it was her accessorizing that distracted from what would have been an otherwise grand look. Blue gloves and white 1960s-style go-go boots aren't exactly a look, making this outfit feel clumsy and mismatched overall.

At the premiere of Wes Anderson's "Asteroid City" in June, she rocked a black sequin dress that was marred somewhat by the addition of a matching swimming cap. "I'm a big fan of bonnets ... This just felt very Wes Anderson, very Maya," Hawke's stylist, Harry Lambert, told the Evening Standard. Though undoubtedly a unique spin on the LBD, the 1920s-style accessory felt rather out of place paired with the 1950s silhouette of Hawke's dress.

Best: Hunter Schafer

"Euphoria" star Hunter Schafer has been praised as a style icon in the making. And this year, she cemented that status with a number of spectacular looks. Kicking off 2023 with a viral moment, she was praised for her cool-girl aesthetic at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty, where she wore a single feather as a top, paired with a silky skirt. As one person shadily put it on X, "This is what Julia Fox thinks she's doing." Ouch! But truth be told, sometimes it can be a tough balancing act between the risqué and the refined, so hats off to Schafer for slaying the barely-there look.

At the Berlin premiere of "The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes," Schafer looked like a painting come to life in an abstract Schiaparelli dress. The gown perfectly complemented the star's classic and ethereal look, which was styled in a minimalist manner to allow the couture to really shine through.

She rocked another jaw-dropping fit during the "Hunger Games" press tour, this time donning a gold Prada bra-and-skirt combo that was giving old-school supermodel glam. Chatting to Vogue about the stunning ensemble, stylist and fashion director of Interview magazine, Dara, said that Schafer was the ideal person to pull off the look. "[Mrs] Prada always challenges us, whether it's through silhouette or textile or concept," Dara said. "Hunter wants to take that kind of fashion risk — I think that makes her a perfect match."

Worst: Emily Ratajkowski

From her strange Swiftie stance to her divisive feminist ideals, Emily Ratajkowski is an unexpectedly controversial figure. Subsequently, her wardrobe has also been subject to much discourse and, indeed, discord. Following the Met Gala, she attended two afterparties, wearing extremely revealing dresses on both occasions. For the first soirée, she donned a sheer black number that showed off her matching panties, paired with a 1920s-style fluffy purse and rows of pearls, as well as punky spied accents. While none of the elements in the outfit were bad in and of themselves, they just looked plain messy when they coalesced. For the second party, she wore a tiny purple mini-dress that exposed her buttocks. Although there's nothing wrong with showing some skin, the skimpy number felt rather inappropriate.

Appearing at the VMAs, she donned a bizarre Area Fall/Winter 2023 dress, landing herself on several worst-dressed lists for the ensemble. The dress was a peculiar mismatch of style, featuring a halter neck, cut-out midriff, and diver-print dress, in turn resembling something of a Frankenstein's monster version of Jennifer Lopez's iconic green Versace dress.

Though her style may not be everyone's cup of tea, EmRata told Vogue in a 2023 interview that she's been keenly embracing bolder and more provocative looks since moving to New York. "Because people really dress here, you can wear heels and a miniskirt to breakfast and no one blinks an eye — I really enjoy that about living here," she mused.

Best: Rihanna

Trust Rihanna to make an unforgettable Met Gala entrance. For years now, the singer has been the showstopper of the elite ceremony — from her iconic gold fur-lined train in 2015 to her majestic papal look three years later. And this year she did not disappoint. Waltzing the champagne carpet with her beau A$AP Rocky, who was also dressed to the nines in a kilt and suit combo, Rihanna was a floral dream in a flower-appliqued white coat and equally bridal gown. She topped off the coordinate with some playful eyeshadow-adorned shades and a vintage-style red lip. 

Critics were in agreement that she stole the show, but then, we wouldn't expect anything less from Ri. What makes this look so great is that the singer stayed true to the theme (Lagerfeld was known for his penchant for flower motifs, while camellias are also synonymous with Chanel), albeit with a quintessentially grandiose RiRi twist.

This wasn't the only striking look that Rihanna showcased this year. Performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, she once again stole the spotlight, donning a bright red Loewe boilersuit with a matching leather corset. "I'm so excited to have been part of this unforgettable moment," said Loewe's Jonathan Anderson, per Teen Vogue. "Rihanna is a true icon, and working with her to bring these stage looks to life feels like a wild, wonderful dream." The viral outfit was so beloved by Rihanna stans that Loewe launched a limited edition version of it following the Super Bowl.

Worst: Heidi Klum

When she's not making our skin crawl by dressing up like a terrifyingly realistic worm for Halloween, Heidi Klum is committing all manner of fashion faux pas. This year, Klum has worn a number of inappropriate outfits unbefitting her supermodel status. Her Golden Globes outfit, for instance, was branded one of the worst ever. Klum paired a glittery minidress with a lilac feather shawl; the pieces were majorly mismatched and felt out of place among all the gowns and couture on display at the ceremony. "Heidi Klum continuing her tradition of ONLY understanding the assignment on Halloween," wrote one observer on X. Meanwhile, another less than impressed X user lamented, "Heidi Klum looks great for her audition as a villain in the Barbie movie." Yikes.

Attending the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscars party, Klum raised more than a few eyebrows in an oversized feathered jacket and matching yellow dress. Subsequently, some likened the model to a muppet. "Big Bird, it's so nice you came to the Elton John AIDS Foundation this year," quipped Eric McCormack, per Women's Wear Daily.

Appearing at the Cannes Film Festival, she once again made it onto worst dressed lists. Continuing her evident penchant for yellow, the model donned a canary gown with a huge thigh slit and cut-out cleavage. We can't help but think this dress would have benefitted from a few less cut-out details, with the myriad holes in the fabric conjuring an epic fight between a cat and a canary.