Inside Prince Hussein's Relationship With Princess Rajwa

Today, we're delving deep into the sweet love story of Jordan's Crown Prince Hussein and the enchanting Princess Rajwa, because in the glittering world of royalty, fairy tales aren't just confined to bedtime stories. Our journey begins with a glance back in time, tracing the steps of the young couple's first introduction, all the way up to their post-wedding life. It's not your typical 'love at first sight' narrative, but a nuanced dance of courtship that unfolded against the backdrop of royalty and tradition.

Of course, we'll go into the opulent royal wedding ceremony that gave Kate and Will's a run for their money. The world witnessed the grand ceremony at Zahran Palace in Amman, sparking major interest in their royal love story and we're exploring all the intricate details. Fortunately for Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa, they've received great advice from Queen Rania who told Fox News in August 2023, "It's sometimes easy to fall into the trap of complacency in a marriage, just as it is to become complacent in other areas of life." She added, "Show up, do your absolute best, and don't forget to have a little fun while you're at it." 

We'll also take a look at the pair's life together including royal engagements (formal visits to places, as well as the ring on Rajwa's finger). We're about to embark on a journey, peeling back the layers of the monarchy to reveal the real, unfiltered love story of Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa.

Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa were introduced by a mutual friend

In the grand tapestry of love, sometimes it takes a well-placed thread to weave destiny together. For Jordan's Crown Prince Hussein and his beloved wife, Princess Rajwa, that thread was none other than an old friend. As revealed by the crown prince himself, the couple owes their initial connection to the thoughtful introduction orchestrated by this mutual confidant.

Prince Hussein made royal watchers swoon when he gushed about his then-future-bride at a forum for the Crown Prince Foundation. According to Vogue Arabia, he told the audience, "I met Rajwa through an old friend from school. I consider myself lucky because it is not every day you meet someone like Rajwa." This mysterious matchmaker, acting as the silent architect of love, saw the potential compatibility between the Crown Prince and the accomplished Saudi Arabian architect.

While the exact identity of this friend remains shrouded in secrecy, their act of introducing the couple became the catalyst for a love story that would capture the world's attention. The specific educational institution that Hussein alludes to remains ambiguous. Both Rajwa and Hussein pursued higher education in the United States. In 2016, Hussein obtained his bachelor's degree in international history from Georgetown University. Simultaneously, Rajwa, in her academic pursuits, earned a bachelor's degree in architecture from Syracuse University in 2017. In a world where royal unions often follow strict traditions, the introduction by a mutual friend injected modernity into the narrative. 

They got engaged at the home of Rajwa's parents in Saudi Arabia in August 2022

Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan and Princess Rajwa got engaged in August 2022 in an intimate affair at the home of her parents, Khalid Al Saif and Azza al-Sudairi in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. King Abdullah II and Queen Rania were there as well, and while the details of the ceremony remain somewhat shrouded in privacy, the cultural significance of the location undoubtedly added a layer of depth to this royal love story. 

In an Instagram post on August 18, 2022, Hussein announced the engagement writing in the caption, "Alhamdullillah. We pray that God grants us His blessings. Grateful to my dear Jordanian family for their heartfelt support and kind wishes." Rajwa looked elegant and understated in a blue silk dress with puffed sleeves and a belted waist, while Hussein matched his future wife in a suit with a blue tie. The newly engaged pair wore big smiles and Rajwa clutched Hussein's arm in the formal photoshoot. 

Per Town & Country, the Jordanian royal palace made a formal announcement in a statement that said, "The Royal Hashemite Court extends its sincere congratulations to Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania Al Abdullah on this occasion, and wishes His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II and Miss Rajwa Khalid Alseif a lifetime of happiness." 

Prince Hussein proudly talks about his wife on social media

After their official engagement announcement, Crown Prince Hussein started featuring Princess Rajwa on his social media channels, particularly Instagram where she often shows up now. He often speaks highly of his wife and in a sweet tribute on April 28, 2022, Hussein wished Rajwa a happy birthday. He wrote in the caption, "Wishing my dearest Rajwa a very happy birthday! Looking forward to a life of love, compassion, and commitment with you." 

The picture was a stunning black-and-white portrait of Rajwa smiling broadly as she held on to the reigns of a horse who stood regally beside her. She wore a simple white button-down shirt and allowed her brunette locks to cascade down her shoulders in a natural way. The next time Rajwa would be featured on Hussein's Instagram would be a picture of the pair on their wedding day, in which they looked at each other adoringly and stood under an arch with white pillars. 

Hussein wrote an absolutely beautiful caption about his wife, calling her the light of his life, and his "lifelong companion." He continued, "May our marriage bring us both peace and warmth. I pray that God continues to bless us." He went on to thank everyone who attended the wedding, as well as those who wished them well. Hussein concluded the romantic post, thanking Rajwa for "everything she is" to him. Swoon!

Princess Rajwa took on on a bigger role in the Jordanian royal family even before the wedding

Even before her grand wedding with Crown Prince Hussein, Rajwa Al Saif began playing a notable role in the Jordanian royal family. Her integration into royal affairs was evident when she attended the wedding of her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Princess Iman, alongside Prince Hussein. This public appearance showcased Rajwa's early involvement in royal events, signifying her growing significance within the royal circle. Princess Iman married Jameel Alexander Thermiotis on March 12, 2023, at Beit Al-Urdon Palace in Amman, Jordan in a lavish ceremony.

Attending Princess Iman's wedding not only marked a familial connection but also highlighted Rajwa's poised and graceful presence in official royal gatherings. Her participation in such events hinted at a seamless integration into the intricate dynamics of the Jordanian monarchy, well before her nuptials took place. This proactive involvement might have been a conscious effort to familiarize Rajwa with the responsibilities and expectations that accompany being a member of the royal family.

According to Town & Country, Rawja wore a yellow Roksanda dress that featured a cape at the top along with a beige clutch, while her hair looked sleek in a straight style parted in the middle. In a nod to her new place within the Jordanian royal family, Rajwa sat in the front row at Princess Iman's wedding along with the rest of the royal family. 

She has a stamp of approval from her mother-in-law Queen Rania of Jordan

Rajwa Al Saif's integration into the Jordanian royal family received a significant endorsement from her mother-in-law, Queen Rania of Jordan. The public affirmation came in the form of a heartfelt congratulations posted by Queen Rania on Instagram following the announcement of Crown Prince Hussein and Rajwa's engagement.

In the world of royalty, public expressions of approval hold considerable weight, and Queen Rania's warm congratulations served as a symbolic stamp of approval for Rajwa. The Instagram post not only conveyed the queen's joy for the couple but also showcased a sense of familial unity and support within the royal household. On August 17, 2022, Queen Rania celebrated Hussein and Rajwa's engagement with a caption that said, "I didn't think it was possible to hold so much joy in my heart! Congratulations to my eldest Prince Hussein and his beautiful bride-to-be, Rajwa." She shared pictures from the engagement in which both sets of parents were there, and Rajwa looked radiant in a white dress with gold detailing. 

The next day, Queen Rania shared a picture of herself, also via Instagram, with Princess Rajwa alongside a sweet and welcoming caption in which she referred to Rajwa as her daughter. She wrote, "Excited to welcome my third daughter, Al Hussein's bride-to-be, Rajwa, to the family! We're so happy for you both." 

They made several public appearances before their June wedding

In the run-up to their big day, Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa took on a number of official engagements which were great practice for her future as a member of the Jordanian royal family. In October 2022, the pair visited the Royal Hashemite Court where Hussein's uncle, Prince Hassan bin Talal, gave them a tour of an exhibit about Jordan's Hashemite history. The prince posted a photo of the trio walking into the exhibit, with Rajwa looking sensational in a white button-down shirt and black knee-length skirt while she left her hair falling down her shoulders. In the Instagram post, Hussein praised his uncle for his knowledge of Jordanian history. 

On January 23, 2023, the loved-up pair visited the Fragrance of Colors an innovative initiative for individuals with visual impairments who are honing their artistic skills by harnessing the power of scent to navigate the world of colors. Prince Hussein and Rajwa engaged in an enlightening session, immersing themselves in the vibrant creations of these talented students. The engagement took place at the residence of the acclaimed plastic artist, Suhail Al-Baqain, at Jabal Al-Weibdeh in Amman. 

Hussein posted images of the day on his Instagram, captioning the post "Rajwa and I were truly privileged today to meet with a group of inspiring young artists who have conquered their visual disability through their exceptional talents and artistic sensitivities." He continued, "It was heartwarming to witness their insightful and immense creativity firsthand." 

Rajwa wore a romantic necklace dedicated to her relationship with Prince Hussein

In a sweet gesture, Princess Rajwa was seen wearing a necklace dedicated to her relationship with Prince Hussein during their pair's tour of the Jordanian exhibit at the Royal Hashemite Court. The silver necklace featured an "H" and an "R" linked together with a heart.

It's unknown if the piece of jewelry was a gift from Hussein or not, but either way, it serves as a tangible symbol of the deep connection shared between Rajwa and her prince. Its unique design, no doubt carefully chosen, reflects the nuances and sentiments of their journey together. Wearing this symbolic piece during a public appearance emphasizes the couple's desire to share their love story with the world. Since then, she doesn't appear to have worn the necklace again, at least in an official capacity.

Along with the endearing necklace, Rajwa accessorized with a Gucci GG Marmont purse in white leather and added her own personal touch with a silk scarf as a strap. She also threw on a pair of Manolo Blahnik Golpeso Linen Slingback Mules, proving she was princess material before she ever put on her wedding dress.

The pair got married in a lavish, fairytale wedding in June 2023

The royal wedding was full of pomp and circumstance, the bride looked like a million bucks, the prince was handsome in uniform and the whole world watched. Nope, we're not talking about William and Catherine, we're talking about another royal wedding that took place in Jordan in June 2023.

Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa married in a lavish ceremony fit for royals. In a spectacular showcase of grace and sophistication, the bride adorned herself in an exquisite custom-made white gown envisioned by the renowned Lebanese designer Elie Saab. The gown, a masterpiece of elegance was long and flowing through the back with long sleeves in a silk material. She walked down the aisle with her new brother-in-law Prince Hashem bin Abdullah and her new sisters-in-law Princess Iman and Princess Salma helped with her veil, proving she is a welcome new member of the royal family. 

The pair married at the Zahran Palace in Amman, echoing the historical significance of the venue where King Abdullah II and Queen Rania celebrated their union in 1993. Being that it was a major royal wedding, several international royals attended, including Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, King Willem-Alexander, and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. What's a major royal wedding without a street procession? The newlyweds rode in an open-top Range Rover to the Al Husseiniya Palace where a banquet was held for 1,700 guests. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton attended the exquisite wedding ceremony

Speaking of royal weddings, the one that usually springs to mind is that of Prince William and Catherine Middleton so to see them attend the wedding of Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa was quite the spectacle. Their attendance certainly added to the grandeur of the occasion and Catherine was sure to look the part. She wore a light pink Elie Saab number for the afternoon ceremony that was long-sleeved, high in the neckline, and adorned with intricate detailing throughout the top. During the evening banquet, she opted for a glittering pink Jenny Packham gown and accessorized with the Lover's Knot Tiara as well as Greville Chandelier earrings that belonged to the late Queen Elizabeth II. It's not every day we see Catherine and William dressed in such regal attire so it's always a treat when the occasion calls for it. 

It was quite a surprise to see the Prince and Princess of Wales as their attendance was not announced beforehand, most likely to keep from taking any attention away from the bride and groom. Also in attendance was Prince William's cousin Princess Beatrice and her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi.

In a hilarious clip, William and Catherine were seen talking to the bride and groom in a receiving line when Catherine got a little chatty. William was seen gesturing for her to hurry, and allegedly said, "chop, chop"' to his wife at one point, telling her to wrap things up. 

The pair visited Washington D.C. in their first joint overseas trip since tying the knot

In their first official overseas trip together as a married couple, Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa visited Washington D.C. in September 2023. Hussein met with the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, as well as other members of the government. He shared several Instagram shots, the first one featuring him talking as his proud wife stood beaming in the background.

Rajwa wore a chic outfit consisting of a Dior ankle-length black skirt, a white blouse by Edeline Lee , and eye-catching pink heels by Fendi with a matching clutch. Hussein captioned the post, "From meetings with Congress members at Capitol Hill today. We discussed the strategic partnership between Jordan and the US, regional developments, and cooperation in cybersecurity." 

He later shared pictures of himself alone having meetings with "senior US administration officials," as well as a slick video. The clips showed Hussein and Rajwa walking into Capitol Hill and shaking hands with several members of government as well as a few shots of the scenery around Washington D.C. He clearly felt the trip was successful, claiming he engaged in "Constructive dialogue that reflected the deep, strategic partnership our countries share."