Here's What Happened Rick Hoffman After Suits Ended

You likely remember Rick Hoffman for his abrasive yet entertaining character Louis Litt on "Suits." Litt is a corporate attorney with a competitive nature. Throughout the show, he is constantly going head to head with Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht), a senior partner at the law firm, and Mike Ross (played by Patrick J. Adams), the new associate with a suspect resume. But despite his combative nature, Litt won over the hearts of many fans with his occasional softer side and his love for cats. The USA Network show ran for nine seasons, and Louis Litt was a key player in all of them.

And since going off the air, "Suits" has not been forgotten. In fact, "Suits" resurged in popularity when it found its way to streaming platforms such as Netflix. The show attracted both new fans and past viewers who wanted to delve back into the familiar stories and characters. Years after the series ended, "Suits" broke a record for being the top streamed show for 12 weeks consecutively (via The Hollywood Reporter). 

With the series wrapped, the "Suits" cast moved on to other projects. That includes Hoffman, who has continued his acting career on both big and small screens and has had some surprising and meme-worthy moments in the spotlight.

He did a Suits spinoff series

After a successful nine-season run, "Suits" finished its final season in 2019, and Rick Hoffman said goodbye to a career-defining experience. During an interview with Stuff, Hoffman said he loved being on "Suits." Explaining how his character had grown through the series, he said, "Louis has come from such a far place. In the beginning, Louis just had walls all over the place and each year you start to see different cracks and you see through them."

Fortunately, Hoffman didn't have to leave the role he cared about right away. He briefly reprised the character for the spinoff series, "Pearson," which starred his "Suits" costar, Gina Torres, who continues to play Jessica Pearson as the lawyer moves into Chicago politics. The spinoff series ran for one season, featuring Hoffman's character in one episode.

As "Suits" was coming to a close, the creators considered many different spinoff options before landing on "Pearson." According to executive producer Gene Klein, Hoffman almost had a show of his own. "There were numerous ideas for spinoffs that we mostly just sort of fantasized about," Klein told TV Line. "Obviously, there was a Louis Litt-themed one," he added, revealing that they considered giving the lawyer Hoffman played his own spinoff. This idea didn't go anywhere, but Klein kept some of the details to himself, just in case the series comes to fruition one day.

He came on as a recurring character on Billions

After his time on "Suits," Rick Hoffman joined another TV show cast, playing Doctor Swerlow on Showtime's "Billions." The series follows the corporate intrigue of billionaire hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod, played by Damian Lewis, as he continues playing games and bending the law to accumulate more wealth and power. Hoffman's character is a medical doctor with unorthodox methods that he uses to help Chuck Rhoades Sr., played by Jeffrey DeMunn. He joined the cast soon after "Suits" ended, as his recurring character was first featured in 2020 as part of Season 5; He was also on for a few episodes in Seasons 6 and 7 of the Showtime series.

Season 7 was the show's last, airing in 2023. In April 2023, Hoffman commemorated his time on the series and working with the cast with a heartfelt Instagram post featuring a photo of one of the studios. He wrote in the caption, "That's a wrap on a job filled to the brim with talent and professionalism. Thank you Billions!!"

He took a surprising gig with Air New Zealand

Many actors take odd jobs throughout their careers, and one of the more obscure gigs that Rick Hoffman had after his time on "Suits" was in Air New Zealand's safety video. In the comedic clip, Hoffman appears as the airline's lawyer, similar to his character in "Suits." He comes on the screen to advise that they have no rapping or hard-to-follow safety instructions. He continues participating in the safety message, even demonstrating how to put on the life jacket himself.

Discussing how he became involved in Air New Zealand's safety campaign with KTLA 5, Hoffman said he has a good relationship with the country and was shocked to find out that "Suits" is one of the most popular shows in New Zealand. "When I went to do some promotional work for the show, I truly, as a normal, under-the-radar character actor, felt like I was Oprah," he said. "I just had a great relationship with everyone who was there, and I went back, and I thanked the airline who flew me there, which was Air New Zealand." After building that relationship with the airline, they approached him about starring in their safety video, and he obliged.

He went viral after attending the royal wedding

The cast of "Suits" continues to have a strong bond to this day. Even after Meghan Markle left the series, she still invited her former cast members to attend her 2018 royal wedding to Prince Harry, which Hoffman and other co-stars were more than happy to attend. Since they all knew Markle before she became royalty, many of them were aware of her relationship with Harry before it became public knowledge. Hoffman told Today that he found out about their romance while he and Markle were in a trailer on set. He recalled his surprise at the time, saying, "You're dating a prince?" Then he said he advised her to "take it slow" and not let herself get hurt. It seems Markle remembered those early days when creating her wedding guest list.

At first, Hoffman's attendance at Markle's special day gained attention for all the wrong reasons, as he went viral with memes of his "weird" face. In a later deleted Instagram video, Hoffman explained the face by saying someone sitting nearby had bad breath (via BBC). But, regardless of that awkward moment, it's clear his invitation to the royal wedding meant a lot to Hoffman. In an interview that later went viral on TikTok, Hoffman gushed about his time at the wedding, saying, "We had the best weekend you could possibly ... I don't think I could have had a better weekend. We had the most fun weekend."

He has a standout role in horror film Thanksgiving

You can see Rick Hoffman acting on the big screen in the slasher flick "Thanksgiving." The film centers around an axe-wielding villain terrorizing the residents of Plymouth, Massachusetts, during the Thanksgiving holiday. Hoffman stars in the horror as the mustached and greedy store owner Thomas Wright. He acts alongside many well-known cast members, including "Grey's Anatomy's" Patrick Dempsey, TikTok's Addison Rae, and "Showgirls'" Gina Gershon. In a sweet video compilation, Hoffman's young co-stars rave about their experience working with the "Suits" alum. "He's great; we got close real quick," said Nell Verlaque. Addison Rae added, "You guys are going to love him in 'Thanksgiving!'"

The film's director, Eli Roth, is best known for his work on horror movies. Prior to this film, Hoffman had worked with Roth on the 2005 horror film "Hostel," so, the two were old friends coming back together on this project. Hoffman shared his gratitude for his experience working with Roth on his Instagram, writing in the caption of a photo of them together, "17 years ago, and now again with this. Your openness to include an actor's voice, and communication articulating what you need from an actor always makes it a dream job. Thank you @realeliroth for another one of a kind experience! I'll never forget it."

Fatherhood is a top priority

Although Rick Hoffman keeps many aspects of his personal life private, one thing he's very open about is how much being a father means to him. Hoffman has a young son named Cole, who is frequently featured on his Instagram. He often shares throwback photos and videos of when Cole was just a baby or a toddler. In 2021, he shared one such adorable video of himself and his son as a baby. Along with the video of the giggly baby boy, he wrote, "6 years ago ... I'm so proud of my son, there are no words to describe. My love and joy." In a similar post in 2022, he shared a video of a young Cole babbling at the window. His father wrote in the caption, "The love of my life turns 8 today! Still excited when I pull up to the house. Hope it never changes:) Happy, Healthy Birthday Cole!!! I love you more than anything!!!"

He also seems to try to be there for important moments in his son's life. In another video shared with his Instagram followers, Hoffman showed where he was standing at a race's finish line waiting for him. "Rolling myself around to cheer on my 7 year old, and the whole town to support Saugeen Shores Memorial Hospital!" he wrote.

You can see him in Hallmark's holiday lineup

After his foray into the holidays with the horror film, "Thanksgiving," Rick Hoffman was in a Hanukkah movie. But, far from horror, this is a feel-good Hallmark flick called "Round and Round." It stars Vic Michaelis as Rachel, who gets stuck in a time loop, reliving her parents' Hanukkah party over and over again, all while her grandma tries to set her up with Zach, played by Bryan Greenberg of "Bride Wars." Hoffman is featured in the lighthearted holiday film, playing Stan.

After knowing him as the workaholic attorney from "Suits" for so many years, it's fun to see Hoffman tackling a variety of different characters and genres. Stills from the production show a smiley Hoffman in large glasses, with his character apparently hosting the Hanukkah party. The festive film is a part of Hallmark's 2023 holiday lineup, coming to the channel on Sunday, December 10, 2023, 8/7c to ring in the season.