Body Language Expert Reveals To Us Whether Albert And Charlene Are Really Just For Show

Even before they were married, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene had a relationship that always seemed to be teetering on the edge. The couple met in 2000, and although they didn't make their status as romantic partners official until 2006, they were reported to have been dating on and off for years. In that time, the prince was hit with not one, but two paternity suits that proved he fathered two children with two different women. 

Albert also grieved the death of his father, Prince Rainier III, and inherited the throne as leader of Monaco in 2005. As a responsible monarch, it seemed only fitting that he would stop his wild ways and produce an heir, and Charlene was an obvious choice. She began accompanying the prince to formal occasions — including the wedding of William, Prince of Wales, and Princess Catherine — and the couple announced their engagement in 2010. 

The two were united in a formal royal wedding and in a civil ceremony, both of which took place in 2011 during a multi-day extravaganza. Rumors about trouble in paradise swirled right up to and through the nuptials, and haven't stopped. From their first official kiss as man and wife, the prince and his princess have been emoting potential trouble beneath the surface. In an exclusive interview with The List, body language expert Jess Ponce III, who is also a communication coach and author of "A.W.E.S.O.M.E.", reveals if the royal marriage is true love or just for show.

Their first kiss as a married couple was awkward

The formal royal wedding between Prince Albert and Princess Charlene, complete with a white dress and a 66-foot veil, took place at the Prince's Palace in Monaco on July 2, 2011. The couple, however, were already legally married before walking down the aisle, united in a civil ceremony the day before. Dressed in coordinated blue suits, they shared their first kiss as a married couple on July 1, and it was memorable, to say the least.

"'Awkward' is an understatement," body language expert Jess Ponce III told The List. "Their lips and eyes are out of harmony, lacking a physical connection. While her eyes are closed, his remain open. At the same time, her lips appear to press against his face. The scene resembles two teenagers sharing their first awkward kiss." Overall, the pro noted the kiss does not look like the romantic moment it should be for a newly married couple celebrating the moment.

It might have been a bit of foreshadowing for the honeymoon, which the couple spent in separate hotels. After arriving in South Africa, where Princess Charlene's childhood mostly took place, she stayed at a seaside inn, while he booked a room at a Hilton 10 miles away. The dueling reservations were explained by a Monaco palace official, who shared that Albert was scheduled for important meetings during their honeymoon, and the Hilton was in a better location to help him avoid traffic.

The couple are at ease when parenting together

While their romantic relationship may show signs of awkwardness, there is one area where both Prince Albert and Princess Charlene seem to in sync — being parents to twins Prince Jacque and Princess Gabrielle. Born in December 2014, Jacques is the next in line to the Monaco throne.

While the family took a stroll through Monaco's annual Christmas Village in 2022, they looked to be a happy family enjoying the holidays. "Walking in unison, they take step after step, their faces aligned in the same direction," observed Jess Ponce III. The body language expert also noted their subtle lean toward each other. "The tilt of their heads suggests active listening and engaged conversation, showcasing a true connection between the couple in this moment."

Albert's and Charlene's children are being raised with their parents having the same goal: as normal a childhood as possible. Charlene told Monaco-Mantin, "Above all, my husband and I think it is important that at school and in their daily activities, they live like any other child their age." Meanwhile, Albert noted to People that the couple tries to keep the twins' royal duties to a minimum. "We don't want to put them into the spotlight too much. It's a case-by-case opportunity for now, so it remains special for them."

Reunited after Charlene's absence, Albert shows subtle support

In May 2021, Princess Charlene arrived in South Africa to work with her wildlife protection foundation, traveling without Prince Albert of Monaco or her children. While in her home country, she had issues with a previous procedure involving a sinus lift and bone graft and had surgery to help alleviate the resulting infection. What was supposed to be a quick trip — with a return to Monaco in time for the famed Formula 1 Grand Prix at the end of May — turned into a months-long stay. The princess revealed she was unable to fly due to the infection.

Prince Albert and the twins visited Charlene in South Africa in June and August, but another serious infection in September kept the princess from returning to France until November 2021. Once there, she spent an additional four months outside of Monaco recuperating, finally returning home in March 2022.

After the couple regularly began making appearances together again, they helped celebrate the beginning of the 61st Monte-Carlo Television Festival in June 2022. Body language expert and communication coach Jess Ponce III observed their interaction after the elongated absence, first taking notice of their stiffness and a certain level of uncomfortableness. "Despite this, they are in close proximity, subtly leaning toward each other, an indication of awareness and support," he also observed. "Notably, he has his left hand behind her on the small of her back, reinforcing the connection."

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene excel at formality

While stiffness and awkward-kiss moments don't translate into romance-gone-wild vibes for Prince Albert and Princess Charlene, they do serve well for formal occasions, such as the coronation of Britain's King Charles III. The couple attended the event in May 2023, with Albert dressed in his Monaco naval uniform.

Jess Ponce III, a pro in deciphering body language, called out the prince's regal manner and military background, finding it evident in the high lift of his knee, much like a military march. While Albert takes a slight lead, Charlene matches his step. "Simultaneously, she follows his lead, looking downward as they proceed," Ponce notes. "This displays a connected purpose, fitting for the situation."

The body language expert does offer a caveat, though, about determining the true-love status of Monaco's royal couple based on the formal occasion. "It may not be a showcase of their relationship," he cautions. "It's important to note that this event is not about them."

Albert and Charlene have their own version of PDA

Despite their marriage of over a decade, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene can't seem to escape rumors that their relationship is always on the brink of collapse. In March 2023, tabloids reported the couple was in the throes of a separation, and in August 2023, that the princess had taken up residence in Switzerland. 

The rumors have been repeatedly denied, with Prince Albert himself speaking out to the Italian news outlet "Corriere Della Sera." "Charlene is always by my side," he asserted. "I don't understand all these hurtful rumors, about her living in Switzerland, and us meeting by appointment only. All false." As if to prove his point, the royals have been appearing together more frequently, and showing more affection to each other in public.

At the end of October 2023, they attended the Rugby World Cup, where Charlene's South Africa home team was competing. As the two sat together in the stands, Albert indulged in his own version of a public display of affection by putting his arm around his wife. Body language expert Jess Ponce III explained to The List the prince is in protector mode. "His arm envelops her, not in a mere hug but as a tangible display of support." After her team won, the two celebrated with a warm embrace. "There's a palpable connection between the two," Ponce noted.