The Worst Trump Family Outfits Of 2023

Few families are as ubiquitous in American culture as the Trumps, who captivate the world regardless of whether they're in the political arena, the courtroom, or on social media showcasing the bizarre outfit choices of the rich and famous. Indeed, the Trump family's fashion sense is as much a part of their cultural identity as their politics.

The Trumps use fashion to display their patriotism, make statements, not make statements (looking at you, Melania Trump's infamous "I really don't care, do u?" jacket), and, to put it simply, show off the wealth that allows them to deck out in haute couture — even when it doesn't look that great. Because if some of the outfits the Trump family wore in 2023 show anything, it's that excessive wealth doesn't necessarily beget good taste.

From cringey pattern clashing to awkward Western cosplay, 2023 saw no shortage of less-than-stellar style moments from former President Donald Trump, his wife, Melania, his children, and their spouses. Let's take a stroll through their closets, shall we?

Donald Trump Jr.'s camo and khaki catastrophe

When it comes to fashion sense among Trump men, it's clear the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. One particular outfit worn by the eldest son and namesake of Donald Trump had the entire internet saying the same thing: why?! Indeed, Trump Jr. became an online laughingstock after he was photographed wearing a gray camo sweater, pale blue undershirt, khakis, and a pair of matching gray camo sneakers — because, frankly, one camo item simply wasn't enough.

Kimberly Guilfoyle attends her high school winter formal

Kimberly Guilfoyle, TV personality and fiancée to Donald Trump Jr., rarely shies away from form-fitting outfits in bold prints and colors. And while not every ensemble she wears is a flop, we certainly have mixed feelings about this strapless, white peplum dress she donned in an August 2023 Instagram post. Blame it on the camera angle, the photographer's flash, or lousy judgment: this dress looks like something an eager 10th grader might wear to their first winter formal.

Ivanka's too-cool-for-the-courtroom look

Something about the laid-back, white tee ensemble Ivanka Trump wore to her father's civil trial in November didn't sit well with us, so we reached out to a fashion expert who told us why her court look completely missed the mark. According to executive assistant to the CEO of Hype Creative, Sam Gibson, Ivanka's choice to wear white on the witness stand was just a bit too obvious of a push for her innocence. Moreover, wearing chic designer wear at a trial over financial misdeeds? Well, that's certainly not the humblest option she could've selected.

Lara Trump embodies the crackle polish trend of the early aughts

If you forgot about the crackle nail polish trend that had the world in a chokehold in the early aughts, fear not: Lara Trump is here to jog your memory. Eric Trump's wife visited Mar-a-Lago on her hubby's arm dressed in an asymmetrical white mini-dress with a shattered pattern similar to everyone's manicure in 2012. Or, perhaps, a dried-out riverbed. But credit where credit is due: the nude pumps look great! You win some, and you lose some.

Eric Trump mixing pastels and camo because, why not?

Just like his older brother, Eric Trump certainly loves his camo prints — and pastels, apparently. The second youngest Trump son was photographed at Trump National Doral in Miami in October 2023 wearing a bright lilac golf shirt, off-white trousers, a dark brown belt, and a blue and white camo baseball cap emblazoned with an intensely orange "Trump." Because if you get to wear a hat with your last name on it, do the rules of color theory even apply to you?

Lara's all-American superhero costume, er, cocktail dress

While we're on the subject of Lara Trump, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention this über-patriotic ensemble she wore to a December 2023 Big Dog Ranch Rescue event. As promised in her Instagram caption, she undoubtedly delivered on the all-American dress code. But between the pseudo-cape, flashy color blocking, and garnet choker, one must ask themselves: when is an outfit too on the nose? (Hint: when it's this one.) 

Ivanka's Southwestern Barbie Goes Goth ensemble

Surely, Ivanka Trump saved this all-black Western look for a Halloween party in October 2023, right? Wrong — the former White House advisor rocked these low-rise flares, cropped vest, and chunky silver and turquoise belt months earlier in February 2023. She kept the rest of her look simple with straight hair and minimal makeup, which really let the massive belt around her hips take center stage. Ivanka posted a mirror selfie of her Southwestern get-up on Instagram with a simple caption: two cowboy emojis. Yeehaw, indeed, Ivanka.

Melania Trump's memorial outfit pushed back against the status quo

Wearing all-black to a funeral is so last year. Former First Lady Melania Trump stayed out of the public eye for most of 2023, but she reemerged for the memorial service of fellow former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, causing quite a stir with her outfit choice. Seated next to public figures donned in respectable black attire, Melania Trump's white and gray speckled coat looked almost white on TV footage from the service. Because if you thought wearing white to a wedding would get you noticed, just try wearing it to a funeral.

Any of Trump's suits — no, really, take your pick

Former President Donald Trump's ill-fitting suits are a tale as old as time (or, at the very least, a tale we've been forced to reread over and over since 2015). With his slouchy, too-wide trousers, boxy jackets that extend past his shoulders, and extra-long, extra-wide ties, Trump has stayed consistent with his go-to fashion look, leaving us to wonder why a man that wealthy would willingly look like he's never been to a tailor's shop ... ever.