How Hallmark's Kimberley Sustad Started Collaborating With Paul Campbell

Kimberley Sustad is one of the most well-loved members of the Hallmark Channel family. After gaining recognition from her Hallmark debut in the cozy Christmas movie "A Bride for Christmas," Sustad went on to star as Marilee White in "Nine Lives of Christmas" and its sequel "Nine Kittens of Christmas." She's also appeared in many other Hallmark movies, such as "Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen" and "Game of Love."

Paul Campbell is also a staple at the Hallmark Channel, making his debut in "Window Wonderland" and going on to star in many others, such as "Surprised By Love" and "Wedding Every Weekend." Campbell and Sustad have also appeared in quite a few Hallmark movies together, their first one being "A Godwink Christmas." While filming that movie, they realized that not only was their chemistry great for acting together, but that they might just work as writing partners as well. Their partnership started behind the scenes of "A Godwink Christmas."

Sustad and Campbell clicked while filming A Godwink Christmas

Although "A Godwink Christmas" was a relatively subdued film, that didn't stop Paul Campbell and Kimberley Sustad from being their authentic, comedic selves. During filming, both actors agreed that they wanted a chance to film a comedy movie together so that they could use the chemistry that they had with each other. Towards the end of the project, Campbell asked Sustad if she was interested in writing a film with him, and while she had some ideas, she ultimately turned him down. However, he managed to convince her to try and write a script with him for a new Hallmark movie, titled "Christmas By Starlight."

The pair pitched the finished script to executives at Hallmark and the network approved, and thus "Christmas By Starlight" was born. Since that first film they penned together, Campbell and Sustad have also written the Hallmark success "Three Wise Men and a Baby," starring Campbell and featuring a cameo by Sustad. In an interview with TV Fanatic, Sustad opened up about what makes her and Campbell such a dynamic duo.

"We have very different skills that work surprisingly well together when making a movie, which I didn't know at the time. I really didn't know a ton about writing, but I did know a ton about story. And then, when we started putting those pieces together, it just sort of was the perfect fit."

Sustad loves working with Campbell and Hallmark

After Paul Campbell and Kimberley Sustad's success with "Christmas By Starlight" and "Three Wise Men and a Baby," it's no wonder that Hallmark wants more films written by the duo. In an interview with TV Fanatic, Sustad revealed that she and Campbell are developing two new movies, one non-Christmas film titled "My Week in Wyoming" and one Christmas film that she was not at liberty to discuss. While her partnership with Campbell is certainly part of what makes working for Hallmark special, Sustad also just loves working for the channel. In an interview with Niagara Frontier Publications, Sustad detailed why she keeps coming back to Hallmark time and time again.

"And they're just one of the most incredible networks, honestly, to work for. They treat you so nice. They are like family; you get to know everybody. You get to work internally on these things — and they bring you back, which is, I think, very rare amongst networks. It's almost like they have a small company of actors that they rotate, and that fans get to know and see them in different parts, and in different pairings ... There's a reason of the quality of programming that they're doing, and then there's just also a reason that they're wonderful people, and actually family to me, as well."